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  1. But....the so called progress, hasn't translated into more fans and more tracks.
  2. My first grass bike was a BSA Gold Star 350 cc (B32)! Running on methanol.
  3. If there was a switch to battery, surely you would get the explosive instant power, similar to a current methanol burning engine, but you wouldn't get the braking effect from an electric motor, but maybe that can be overcome. On the other hand, 4 bikes going round without the distinctive noise and, although reducing these days, due to riders using synthetic oil, the smell, will be the final nail!
  4. I believe methanol was the chosen fuel, due to the additional power you get from methanol and the use of high compression pistons. When you take the head off a speedway engine, there is virtually no carbon deposits on the piston, the head or valves. And the ports are clean. Methanol used to be more expensive to buy, but I think it might be the same as petrol or even a bit cheaper now. As for the environment, it wouldn't surprise me if methanol is cleaner. It's used in power boat racing and speedway engines (2 valve Jawas and JAPs) used in pre 65 scrambles, they can and many do, use methanol.
  5. Ray Stadia

    Rye House

    Sent my objection, together with my comments.
  6. Ray Stadia

    Why speedway is failing

    Definitely another thought/angle?
  7. Ray Stadia

    Why speedway is failing

    Not many could sustain a loss of 84k, without some kind of quid pro quoi! i.e. another business which is tied in with the same set up, that makes a profit and allows the loss to be offset against profits.
  8. Ray Stadia

    Why speedway is failing

    I think John Louis started late in speedway, after a switch from scrambles/moto X, but soon picked it up!
  9. Looking at the Metro online today, they have a headline 'Speedway spectator, 57, killed by shrapnel after driver crashed into wall', but of course it's in America and relates to one of their car race meetings. Probably won't help our version of 'Speedway'!
  10. Ray Stadia

    Is anyone losing interest

    I think the thing is, speedway teams have this person who runs the show, who is called 'the promoter'. The title sounds like he is the man/woman who holds the purse strings, is cash rich, is an expert in marketing and media marketing and an expert organiser. The reality, is the promoter is a speedway enthusiast, probably has a business to run, so has limited time, makes no money from the sport, probably loses money, but hey, he/she is an enthusiast. Perhaps the name promoter should be scrapped. The name promoter is normally given to someone who is organising a one off event, such as a pop/rock concert, who would likely be cash rich, as he/she will be running a promotion company. Team manager is probably a more accurate title.
  11. Ray Stadia

    Is anyone losing interest

    Doesn't cost money to who? The fans, the riders or the promoters? To put on a decent presentation and to promote the sport properly will definitely cost money, a lot of money which isn't in the sport, maybe never was, probably not for many many years. For speedway (or for 4 riders going round an oval shale track to survive), in my opinion, it needs to go back to grass roots and build from the bottom. The sport needs more tracks and more homegrown riders. The sport needs to be far cheaper for everyone, the riders the fans and the promoters/organisers. It needs to be an amateur sport, similar to grass track. More tracks will probably mean 'tracks in a field', but does that matter? If a rider wants to ride, they will ride for free or even pay to ride, as grass track riders do. The sport needs to get back to everyone loving the sport, i.e. the riders, organisers and the fans. At the moment, everyone is gathered around the patients bed watching the patient slowly die and everyone feeling depressed. However, there are a minority who feel all is well and are ignoring the fact, the emperor is wearing no clothes!
  12. Ray Stadia

    Wolves Closure

    There have been tracks over the years, who have operated during the week and successfully. What holds back many of us, from travelling outside our local areas, is the diabolical traffic congestion we have to contend with in this country. Of course, that also affects the riders and especially those who want to work and ride. It's a bit late now, as so many tracks have gone, but over the years, people have said the teams should be put in leagues based on where the track is located, i.e. Northern League, Eastern League etc, but for reasons best known to others, it never happened. For speedway to survive, there needs to be a complete overhaul, but 'limping on' seems to be the way it is presently.
  13. Ray Stadia

    Pride Month

    I don't think so, that flies in the face of the very point I and others on here are suggesting!
  14. Ray Stadia

    Pride Month

    The trouble is, you end up with positive discrimination and that doesn't help anyone. Everyone should want to be recognised for their own talents and efforts, not for the colour of their skin. sexual orientation or ethnicity. I think, in some areas and not only the media, positive discrimination does exist.
  15. Ray Stadia

    Pride Month

    There are disadvantaged people throughout society, whatever their racial background is. The gay community, for goodness sake, has been fully recognised over the years, including marriage, what else can the community want? TV and radio is well and truly represented by the gay community, probably on a percentage basis over 'straights', over represented. It's as though, if you are white, straight, middle-class you are now society's 'nouveau freaks'!

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