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  1. Ray Stadia

    Break in at worky

    Sorry.......I meant Northside.
  2. Ray Stadia

    Break in at worky

    If you like!
  3. Ray Stadia

    Break in at worky

    I thought, when they were constructing the track, they said they had security in place! Northfield was turned over, before the new set-up. I'm sure it was suggested then, it was the scourge of our nation, whose description begins with G and ends in s!
  4. Ray Stadia

    Graham Reeve

    Thank you Rusky. Condolences to Graham's family.
  5. Ray Stadia

    Graham Reeve

    RIP Graham, however, maybe someone could put up a bit of information on Graham's connection to speedway, as I didn't know him, but would like to hear about the chap.
  6. Ray Stadia

    US national championships 20s + 30s

    Wasn't there a Mexican speedway rider called Speedy Gonzales?
  7. Ray Stadia

    Jason Garrity

    What is p***k...Plonk? 'Plonk' is slang for wine, I believe!
  8. Ray Stadia

    Mildenhall 2023

    I hope it does happen for 2025, but the guy is already talking about 'pulling the plug'!
  9. Ray Stadia

    Jason Garrity

    So, some speedway riders definitely aren't holier than thou! For a professional sport, that's unprofessional behaviour! (and mean).
  10. Ray Stadia

    Jason Garrity

    I agree, it is possible the tabloids could get create a negative story, if Jason was allowed back into the sport, but Oscar Wilde said 'there's only one thing worse than being talked about and that's not being talked about'. Is it likely a planning officer/committee would have it brought to their attention that 'speedway employs convicted criminals'? They seem to worry about how the surrounding public are going to be affected, such as: Will the roads be able to take the extra traffic, will the stadium have adequate parking, will the environment be affected, will the greasy motor bike types cause trouble in the area, the noise polution, etc etc
  11. Ray Stadia

    Jason Garrity

    Was Jason a good 'spares van' customer then?
  12. Ray Stadia

    Jason Garrity

    I don't see why speedway riders must be holier than thou, to be riders. I'm pretty sure many riders have a 'back catalogue' or skeletons in their cupboard. Many boxers have skeletons and back catalogues. I do understand speedway promoters getting worried about the affect on their gates. On the other hand, he might be a draw. 'Come and see the bad boy come good'!
  13. Ray Stadia

    Jason Garrity

    I did get that, I mean if he can prove he can behave in other aspects of the sport, it could open a door or two for him in Speedway?
  14. Ray Stadia

    Jason Garrity

    He could start off in Grass Track to prove himself and maybe a promoter may give him a chance at a later stage? Also, there is the Isle of Wight?
  15. Ray Stadia


    Because you have to travel hundreds of miles to find a speedway track these days!

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