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  1. I see it was always down to be streamed, I’d forgotten. I only subscribe to the Championship, so sometimes the information gets lost in all the emails etc which tends to cover both Leagues, ☺️
  2. I see this match is now being streamed on BSN. Quite looking forward to watching, should be an entertaining contest.
  3. Yep, looking at the two teams and how they have preformed this season, it could be 50-40, it could be 40-50 or possibly something in-between, but the one thing I fully expect is close exciting contest, and at the end of the night, may the best team win.
  4. Teams to be confirmed:- Redcar Agilia Bears. 1- Charles Wright (c) 2- Jonas Knudsen 3- Connor Bailey 4- Jason Edwards 5- Ben Barker (G) 6- Jake Mulford 7- Ben Trigger Berwick Bandits 1 Tom Brennan (G) 2 Danyon Hume 3 Jye Etheridge 4 Drew Kemp 5 Rory Schlein (c) 6 Freddy Hodder 7 Bastian Borke Well a Friday night and it’s not Scunthorpe or Workington so that should draw the crowds in. Redcar have an ex Bear in Ben Barker as a Guest, Whilst the Bandits bring in a revitalised Tom Brennan.Should make for an interesting contest, and like most matches at the Ecco Arena it could go either way.
  5. Teams to be confirmed, Redcar “Bears” 1, Charles Wright; 2, Jonas Knudsen; 3, Conner Bailey; 4, Jason Edwards; 5, Erik Riss (guest); 6, Jake Mulford; 7, Ben Trigger. Scunthorpe “Scorpions “ 1, Kyle Howarth; 2, Conner Mountain; 3, Simon Lambert; 4, Michael Palm-Toft; 5, Jake Allen; 6, Ashton Boughen (guest); 7, Luke Harrison. Well the Cab Direct League finally gets underway at the ECCO arena, having had a warm-up against the Scorpions a few weeks ago, both teams should be familiar with the track, so expect a close run match. I think having Erik back as a guest should just tip the balance in to Redcar’s favour, but who knows.
  6. Seeing as nobody has started a thread yet, Line ups to be confirmed:- Redcar “Bears” 1, Danny King; 2, Jonas Knudsen; 3, Connor Bailey; 4, Jason Edwards; 5, Charles Wright; 6, Jake Mulford; 7, Ben Trigger. Workington “Comets” 1, Craig Cook; 2, Tate Zischke; 3, Antti Vuolas; 4, Claus Vissing; 5, Troy Batchelor; 6, Sam McGurk; 7, Celina Liebmann. After the home defeat in the BSN series, I would expect an improvement from the Bears, but who knows what will happen, both teams appear to be evenly matched, could be a home win, could be an away win or even a Golden heat.
  7. pvm


    Any objection should focus on the fact that it is a “retrospective “ application, and that if it is allowed, then in effect the planning department is rendered redundant, as anybody can build what they like and then apply for “retrospective “ planning.
  8. Line ups not confirmed :- Redcar “Bears” 1, Danny King; 2, Jason Edwards; 3, Connor Bailey; 4, Jonas Knudsen; 5, Charles Wright; 6, Jake Mulford; 7, Ben Trigger. Scunthorpe “ Scorpions “ 1. Kyle Howarth, 2. Connor Mountain, 3. Simon Lambert (captain), 4. Michael Palm Toft, 5. Jake Allen, 6. TBC , 7. Luke Harrison. With a a 52-38 home victory, Scunthorpe will be confident of gaining the bonus point, and possibly more, especially after Workington Comets win at the ECCO arena last week, but this is Speedway where anything can happen. A 53-37 victory to Redcar on Friday followed by a victory at Workington on Saturday and it would still be all to play for (glass half-full). All should be clear over the next few days or will it?
  9. Probable teams:- Redcar “Bears” 1, Danny King; 2, Jason Edwards; 3, Connor Bailey; 4, Jonas Knudsen; 5, Charles Wright; 6, Jake Mulford; 7, Ben Trigger. Workington “Comets” 1, Craig Cook; 2, Tate Zischke; 3, Antti Vuolas; 4, Troy Batchelor; 5, Claus Vissing; 6, Sam McGurk; 7, Celina Liebmann. The BSN camera’s are due to be at the ECCO arena for this one. Should be an entertaining contest. Let just hope the weather gods are looking down favourably.
  10. Well that turned out to be an interesting night. I left home ( about 10 mins from the track) at about 6.30. It had been a glorious day, none of the predicted showers had appeared thus far. A minute or so into the journey, the rain started to spot on the windscreen. Looking at the sky, most of it was clear, but off to the south the sky looked black and was slowly approaching. Within seconds it was torrential, ever the optimist, I continued on, there was always the chance the rain could miss, and sure enough by the time I passed the Riverside stadium I was in clear skies and the road was bone dry, although off to the right there was a clear dividing line between clear sky and torrential rain. As I got nearer to the Ecco arena, I started to see all the cars parked on the main road, and then I realised it was a Bank holiday weekend. Fridays on a bank holiday weekend. can be chaotic, especially if there are other events taking place at Moto X or Kart tracks as well. With yesterday also being a bank holiday as , it was even worse, most of the car park was taken up by large vans & motor homes etc. Being of limited mobility, parking on the main road is not an option, so I made my way to the car park entrance, and was informed that parking was limited, but there might be an odd space. I made my way through the car park just as the rain was reaching the arena, by the time I found a parking spot the rain had got heavier. Not wishing to get wet I decided to wait in the car in the hope the rain would pass over quickly. It didn’t pass over quickly, it got worse. I could see that everyone in the stadium had made their way to any available cover. I sat in the car waiting more in hope than anything else. Eventually, it dawned on me, the chances of the meeting taking place was fast diminishing so I decided to cut my losses and go home. When I got home just after 7.30 I checked the updates site to see the meeting start had been put back to 8.00pm, followed by a further update a few minutes later to say the meeting was Off. Decision vindicated. Normally, when I go to the Speedway, the wife and daughter settle down and watch a movie, so yesterday I had the double whammy of not getting to meet up with two friends who only get to Redcar a few times a year, and having to put up watching the last hour of a s*** movie called Black Adam, so not a “Good” Friday for me. The trials and tribulations of being a speedway fan, eh. but I still love the sport.
  11. Well it’s a bright sunny day here on Teesside, the wind is starting to pick-up a little. There is the possibility of intermittent showers later today, could hit the arena, could miss the arena, who knows, (who’d be a track curator on a day like today) either way, I’m looking forward to seeing tonight’s match. Hope all rider have a safe, injury free night. Tonight's teams:- REDCAR: Danny King, Jason Edwards, Connor Bailey, Jonas Knudsen, Charles Wright, Jake Mulford, Ben Trigger.NEWCASTLE SELECT: Steve Worrall, Alfie Bowtell, Ben Barker, Paul Starke, Lewis Kerr, Max Clegg, Danny Phillips.
  12. pvm

    Swindon Stadium

    If, and it’s a big If, you believe that statement, then no doubt these “various legal and planning actions necessary “ will include a significant number of houses on the “potential” site as part of the planning application. I can see it now, the applicant will build “xxx homes with the consent for a further xxx homes subject to completion and operating of said stadium” xxx homes get built whilst the land for the stadium lays dormant, just like Wallyford stadium.
  13. FOR INFORMATION Just in case anybody uses public transport, there is an issue with the railway bridge over the River Derwent, which means there are no trains from the Carlisle direction. Rail Replacement Buses expected to used, so add an extra 30+ minutes to your journey time, trains from the Barrow in Furness direction are unaffected.
  14. pvm


    There was a short sharp shower forecast for 2.00pm, with the rest of the day forecast to brighten up and stay dry. It’ll just save having to send the bowser out. Plenty of time to sort things out.

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