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  1. The Patterson collection auction catalogue now on line memorabillia An Extraordinary Private Collection of Over 100 Speedwa... (05 Jul 24) (hjpugh.com) Bikes An Extraordinary Private Collection of Over 100 Speedwa... (05 Jul 24) (hjpugh.com)
  2. Makes as much sense as swapping Tate Zische for Carl Stonehewer
  3. some would have come on here and said he doesnt know what he is doing putting Matt Perry in the race. I wouldn't put Matt Perry in any race ! David Scwimmer might be a better bet, at least he is still alive
  4. piston197

    Plymouth v worky

    Some H & S things were a good move, ball end levers, dirt deflectors, folding footrests/kickstarts ( MX). throttle cut-outs , ambulance cover, drug tests to name but a few .
  5. piston197

    Jason Garrity

    "Thanks for your opinion. Now clear off you absolute nonce" Joey Barton v Jeremy Vine case springs to mind ?
  6. piston197

    Plymouth v Oxford.

    That will be the oole track then
  7. piston197

    Speedway Memorabilia

    I have just come back from HJ Pugh's auction house in Ledbury, they have a sale on the 5th July from one collection which features over 100+ museum quality speedway/grasstrack bikes including 2 James V twins, 2 Alloy Pinfolds Pinfold Alloy Special Speedway (cybermotorcycle.com), OEC, Norton ,Erskine, Rotrax, Cotton ,Excelsior, Rudge Indian etc etc as well as over 100 speedway bibs, push bikes and speedway memorabillia, the stuff is already at their auction house ,but will not be on line for a while OLD TIME SPEEDWAY | Sad to read that Ian Paterson's Speedway Collection | Facebook
  8. piston197

    Brummies v Tigers 25/3

    My bad. thought it was a lot different to what was broadcast this morning, which was basically a moaning piece NT doing a Steve Mallet doom and gloom piece, along the lines of "use it or you lose it "
  9. piston197

    Brummies v Tigers 25/3

    BBC midlands news this morning, small piece about Birmingham speedway, it could have been a good advert for the club and to let people know about it with some enthusiasm for the sport ? No! it was a warning by Nigel Tolley if the crowds do not turn up, then speedway will not be sustainable and will disappear from Birmingham , this before a home match has even been staged, pessimistically expecting a poor turn out it would seem ? Full article from last night was a bit better BBC One - Midlands Today, Evening News, 24/03/2022, Brummies banking on speedway fans' backing
  10. piston197

    Brummies 2024...

    Heard it all before ,Rogers/Mallet/Newport, how did all that end, spent a fortune on super team ( Doyle/Gjedde etc.) won KO cup, over spent, expected crowds to increase, they did not, how did that end ? Steve Mallett “To have only 401 for a meeting with our nearest rivals was a huge disappointment and people must realise that we, and I include all my family, cannot go on losing any more money.” 16th September Steve Mallett “We have been advised time and again that speedway fans will only turn up en-mass to follow a winning side, so we dug deep into our financial pot and produced one which has won 13 and drawn another in its last 17 league and cup fixtures. But crowd sizes remain below what they should be and we really have reached the stage now that it’s make or break for local speedway followers. I really am urging fans who occasionally to come to watch to unite in a show of strength for Saturday night, without doubt the biggest meeting in our time here.”
  11. piston197

    First Time Triumphs & Disasters

    Yes perhaps he made a habit of it, deffo went over at Newport as well. some of the worst looking crashes miraculously end up with no one hurt, and the most simple slide offs can be life changing ,I remember seeing Marek Mroz straighten up on turn 3/ 4 at Haley Meadows and hit the pit gate head on at full throttle, hard enough to burst it open, and yet walk away from it ! and Will Beveridge attacking Emil Lindqvist after Sean Courtney came to grief in a heat , putting Emil out of the heat with a broken collarbone Speedway: Not guilty says Tigers star in punch-up row. - Free Online Library (thefreelibrary.com)
  12. piston197

    First Time Triumphs & Disasters

    He cleared the fence on bend 2 at Newport, minus the bike, looked to be an horrendous accident as he flew through the air and disappeared out of sight,1Minute later he popped back over the fence like nothing had happened !
  13. piston197

    Your First World Final

    I was there too in 1975, my first world final and did the British riders championship at Bellvue same year, both on the Newport supporters bus with the Phil Crump fans
  14. piston197

    27 years on

    Can't even spell Documentary correct in the title, let alone make one ?
  15. piston197

    Interval Attractions

    Can't remember Hardy riding for Bristol ? Dave Hardy | Speedway riders, history and results (proboards.com) but Olle did in 1953 Olle Nygren | Speedway riders, history and results (proboards.com)

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