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  1. Weeyin

    Glasgow Tigers 2024

    No , you have my fave no 1, Craig Cook, who I also sponsor, just ask him, and I am following Celina's progress, no bitterness on my side, I still support the tigers but will always support Cookie as well
  2. Weeyin

    Glasgow Tigers 2024

    So looking at the current greensheets we are rock bottom in the averages along with Redcar and Edinburgh all sitting under 38, this season's team building was a monumental c***k up and we need to live with that, try and win all our home meetings and plan for next season, at least the racing is spectacular, we have been mince in the past, will be character building this year for sure, new fans expect to win at all costs whereas us oldies enjoyed speedway when we were bottom of the league. Good luck to my second team this season Workington, will be interesting following their exploits
  3. Weeyin

    Glasgow Tigers 2024

    Its sorted , £2000 fine and 20 month ban
  4. We didn't ship anyone out last season, we got Tarasenko due to Marcin being recalled by his Polish team as they were fighting for promotion and he felt that they needed him, we would happlily have kept Marcin, he was very popular with the fans. We are now in a position that we need to replace Lee and who knows what management are thinking about that. Losing Lee has cost us big time as he was expected to do well this season but alas his speedway career looks to be finished now. And I actually hope the Comets do very well as you have my number 1 as captain and I am following Celina's progress
  5. Weeyin

    Plymouth v worky

    Well done Comets, definitely dark horses for the season
  6. I hate the win at all costs attitude, we have a great venue and racetrack and yes I enjoy winning but no one will top Poole this season
  7. Great day at Workington, we got beat but got more points than I thought, although we were lucky with a few of them , well done Comets, a team to watch this season for sure, you do have my fave as your number 1, as for the tiggers, I think this is a year to enjoy the racing. I have followed them a long time and remember the days when we celebrated getting 30 away from home
  8. Weeyin

    Belle Vue v Ipswich 22nd April

    Hawkins is a tool, replacing Jenkins with Rew, who hasn't scored a point and their top scorer is Dan Thomson, crazy
  9. Berwick would have won the meeting if it had been Leon instead of Claus, Claus showed us what we were missing
  10. The fan lives in Aberdeen and is doing it with his own money, nothing to do with promotion
  11. Ermolenko hasn't a clue about team tactics
  12. I had one in the gum where my crown was, the most painful thing ever , even worse than shingles, I wanted to smash all my teeth, saw the pic of Lee's and it looks horrendous, no wonder he was taking pain relief.
  13. And it was a very good meeting
  14. Always loved my trips to Berwick and supported them against all other teams apart from against my own, and had great times with the Berwick fans, but this is the first time I have heard Berwick fans boo every Tigers rider during the parade, we all have a rider that we may boo at times but never a whole team, Well done to both teams for a good meeting, I thought after losing Lee we would have lost by more, and as for the accusations of what Lee has taken, we will wait and see what the official outcome is. If it is someting illegal and not a prescribed medication then whatever punishment is meted out would be deserved. I really don't like the football type behaviour that is starting to infiltrate in speedway, I have seen this at a few tracks including my own from some of the newer fans. Lets get back to being able to have a bit of banter between supporters.

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