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  1. Yes 5.30 pm start but now been brought forward 8 days to 4th May
  2. Thanks Pitstop, setting off around 9am, keep us informed if possible
  3. Weather updates appreciated, many thanks
  4. Seems a few of the riders who were due at Sheffield suddenly managed to race at Brum tonite
  5. Bikes for Sale Junior Grasstrack bikes x 2 1 Nutrak monoshock frame, leading link forks, Kawasaki KX100 engine with spares, good reliable bike £850 ono 1 Nutrak twinshock frame, leading link forks, Honda CR100 engine, good bike, recent club championship winner £850 ono 50cc auto bike Rivaro engine, very quick bike, former British Championship winning Bike £300 ono 160cc Speedway Bike Antig Full size frame, new guards & spoiler, good bike to learn on, suitable for youth or adult £575 ono Willing to listen to offers for all bikes Tel 07563500409 or pm for more details
  6. Ash Birks booked in as guest at Buxton and on Wednesday
  7. darren37

    Speedway Track?

    Gonna have a look tomorrow as it's just up the road from me, i know the guy who owns the garage in front of it races stock cars so it could be something to do with him, ideal place for my sons to practice!! The second track to the other side of the moterway is an autograss track, Brampton raceway, a guy i used to work with lives near and used to race there, they still have a couple of meetings every month i think
  8. darren37

    Buxton Hitmen 2011

    Bring back Buzz Burrows, worth 20 points for his experience!
  9. BRITISH YOUTH CHAMPIONSHIP SCHEDULE 1. Newport – Sunday May 15, 3pm 2. Buxton – Sunday June 12, 3pm 3. Plymouth – Saturday August 6, 1pm 4. Isle of Wight – Thursday August 18, 7pm 5. Sittingbourne – Sunday September 11, 3pm 6. Stoke – Sunday September 25, 3pm
  10. I'd like to say well done to Phil Morris and the Under 16 lads, great racing, also Kevin Teager and the vintage bike lads - who needs silencers!!
  11. darren37

    Mark Buzz Burrows

    He does now Jules, gave him my spare laptop to use last nite Big D
  12. darren37

    Mark Buzz Burrows

    Don't think he will be, he is still having problems with the ankle he broke at the end of last season,also needs new machinery so unless he gets big sponsorship for this season he will retire - not sure for how long knowing Buzz. Would be nice to see a farewell meeting or even a Testimonial for him though

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