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  1. Teromaafan

    Aces v Lions

    But Manilow gives people what they want. When he was at the Co-op he cleverly came up with ‘Have a Co-op, Co-op banana’. People felt a connection. Mind you, the following day he did the same thing in Aldi and people ignored him and just carried on shopping.
  2. Teromaafan

    Aces v Lions

    That’s not true though is it and doesn’t explain why Belle Vue can announce the opposition’s team?
  3. Teromaafan

    Aces v Lions

    Why do I have to look on the Belle Vue website to find the Lions team and riding order? At the time of posting this, there is nothing on the Lions site for a meeting taking place tomorrow.
  4. Teromaafan

    Aces v Lions

    All looking good for the televised Eurosport meeting then! Kelvin needs to dig deep into the bullrubbish vault to convince viewers that we’re in for a great meeting. Bullrubbish? Bloody auto correct again! Insert bull5h1t instead……obviously.
  5. Teromaafan

    Leicester Lions 2024

    This reads like there is something you know but the rest of us don’t.
  6. Teromaafan

    Leicester Lions 2024

    Can’t believe I forgot he already has a Prem spot. Thanks Phil! (Decent bottle of wine this though!).
  7. Teromaafan

    Leicester Lions 2024

    After the mauling at Ipswich, Dickson will leave no stone unturned looking for replacement options. Personally I would get Sedgmen back in. Hardly a gamble, a good trapper and rides smart when in front. Who does he come in for? take your pick on an average of 5.07, well over a point lower than Becker for a start.
  8. Teromaafan

    Ipswich v Leicester June 20th

    You could make that excuse for Becker maybe but the other two have plenty of experience of the Leicester track. ‘The very best and quicker riders ‘ have something in common, being prepared to attack the track and not beaten by its reputation.
  9. Teromaafan

    Ipswich v Leicester June 20th

    As piss poor as the Lions were, I’m not sure what the options are for replacements. As has been said on this thread, only Lawson can hold his head up. The Wolves riders have been a bitter disappointment, considering two of them were Lions previously. Even if (and that’s a big if) they could scrape into the play offs, the only teams that they have the slightest chance of beating over two legs, will not be in the play offs!
  10. Teromaafan

    Ipswich v Leicester June 20th

    Witches to win by 10 or 12.
  11. Agreed. A top four finish is easily achievable, but there is no way the Lions will over turn BelleVue, Sheffield or Ipswich over two legs in the play offs. We have recently faced two of these teams (away) who have fielded the weakest side they will field all season due to injuries and we still couldn’t land a blow. Whilst speedway is a team sport (which is why this is the only motor sport that interests me), the current heat format puts heavy emphasis on having two big hitters that can be called upon at the back end of a meeting. Compare the Lions team with those mentioned above and we are clearly fourth best.
  12. Teromaafan

    Leicester v Oxford 27th May

    I wouldn’t attend Leicester anymore , not even if you paid all my travel expenses, my admission and the cost of having to take a days holiday from work to attend. Think we get the message.....I bet if the club were to throw in a free programme as well you might be tempted though?
  13. Teromaafan

    Brummies 2024...

    We all want to see the best riders over here regardless of which team we follow. Nice one Brum! What average does Freddie come in on?
  14. Teromaafan

    Rip lions

    I’m sure Doug was a nice guy but my lasting memory of him was him taking out his team mate Ray Wilson on the fourth bend at Blackbird Road. Poor Ray ended up on the dog track and then spent some time in hospital. Pretty sure Ray never represented the Lions again after that and then joined Birmingham. I think that Doug remained at Leicester for another season or so but would welcome any comments correcting my memories of events nearly 50 years ago!
  15. Only going by the Updates website, but an average performance from Fricke would have got the Lions over the line. Dickson will be furious.

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