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  1. Dodger Blue

    King’s Lynn vs Ipswich - Thurs 23rd May

    First of all best wishes to Jason, I was amazed to see him get up from what was a terrible looking crash. Highlight of the evening was stand in team manager Buster thanking the weather for holding off so he could get the meeting on! If it continues to hold off they will soon be able to issue a programme that relates to the meeting that's actually on , three inserts out of three so far. Overall a good meeting run at a reasonable pace with a few excellent races
  2. That wasn't my point. I was questioning the statement ' I would just rather watch a full strength team other than guests ' It was a case of it you support KL decision would you expect KL to call off a meeting against weakened opposition.
  3. So on the restaging date if Leicester are 2 riders out you would expect it to be called off ??
  4. The whole situation at Lynn is getting ridiculous, following the joke postponement with Busters awful weather forecast we now have this !! I appreciate that his stand is against the Polish authorities but this call off doesn't bother them at all. This only bothers Speedway supporters who were intending to attend the meeting. Over the years is there any club that hasn't risen a meeting with 2 riders missing ?? R/R and a guest usually covers it!! Its up to the BSPA to challenge Poland, Busters actions here won't be noticed across Europe A pathetic action !!
  5. Dodger Blue

    Peterborough Panthers 2023

    The crowd was roughly the same for the last few meetings, all of which had delayed starts and for a change this year, for those meetings the whole grandstand was opened to enable people to get a seat.
  6. Dodger Blue

    Panthers Vs Witches Prem 7th August 2023

    That's true but Tarasenko would probably have equalled that score and left Rob Lyon more flexibility with his reserve replacements.
  7. We will agree to disagree on what constitutes an overtake then.
  8. Lambert certainly tried and got alongside but with Worrall on the inside he could never get by
  9. Absolutely!! You can understand why spectator numbers are dropping, £25 to witness an evening of that !!
  10. As happy as I was with a Panthers win that was the worst meeting race wise I have seen !! In 50 years of watching speedway that was the first meeting without one single overtake. Made the World Cup and GP meetings look brilliant !!
  11. Dodger Blue

    Pboro vs kings Lynn

    Good advice ... It's off
  12. Yep, toolbox on his head ! Always a good one to keep in the locker (or on the shelf)
  13. Dodger Blue

    Kings Lynn 2023

    Riders or management ...... Welcome to the world of Peterborough!!!
  14. Dodger Blue

    German GP Teterow Saturday June 10th

    Tried the free with Amazon Prime and you still need to upgrade for sport
  15. Dodger Blue

    Oxford Chargers 2023

    Thank you

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