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  1. le sorcier

    Speedway Promoter Game?

    Have now got an old laptop with Windows XP. Could anyone send me a copy? Thanks
  2. le sorcier

    Speedway Promoter Game?

    Have now tried this on 3 different laptops and all have the same problem? Anyone any ideas?
  3. le sorcier

    Speedway Promoter Game?

    Nope. Tried this loads of times. Still not working? Frustrating as its almost there. Hopefully its solvable?
  4. le sorcier

    Speedway Promoter Game?

    Amazed at the work put in on this thread. Excellent stuff. I feel I'm almost there now but still having the same problem as SWhitton above? The white screen and every subsequent screen overlaps the previous one rendering it unplayable? Seems like its within touching distance but still agonizingly out of reach!!
  5. ....on talksport this afternoon. Inviting suggestions on which sport Barry can take on next!! Maybe we should bombard them with emails/calls etc!!
  6. ....on talksport this afternoon. Inviting suggestions on which sport Barry can take on next!! Maybe we should bombard them with emails/calls etc!!
  7. le sorcier

    Milton Keynes

    Don't think there ever was one to be honest? There was one story released in the local news about supposed plans for a track, but the current MDL Knights knew nothing about it and as far as I know there hasn't been a single word since? Not sure why the people connected announced anything really?? A shame as I think a team in MK could really work nowadays
  8. Apologies if this is covered elsewhere but can anyone tell me why Jason Garrity is now a fully fledged rider in the 1-5 and Kyle Newman is still allowed to race as a reserve? Is it just to do with age/experience? And could Garrity drop down to reserve if his average dipped and will Kyle Newman go in the top 5 once the GSA's change? Thanks
  9. le sorcier

    Quick Question?

    I'm afraid this topic seems to have descended into bickering and oneupmanship, as so many posts seem to? How sad I only used Newman as an example because he is of a similar standard to Garrity (average wise). No other reason. Never mind.
  10. le sorcier

    Quick Question?

    Well that's what I would have thought yes. It seems to be only detrimental to Coventry to track him in the 1-5 if you don't need to straight away? Strange, but then this is Speedway so....
  11. le sorcier

    Quick Question?

    Ah. That would give some reasoning to it then.
  12. le sorcier

    Quick Question?

    But if Garrity was guaranteed to stay at Coventry, what would be the point in him going in the 1-5 if they could initially track him as a reserve? (albeit until the averages changed?) That makes no sense whatsoever? And is only detrimental to Coventry's teambuilding process? Am I missing something?
  13. le sorcier

    Poole Vs The Aces For The Title

    Well I just hope Belle Vue win by around 12. Should set it up perfect for the 2nd leg?
  14. le sorcier

    Betting For Whole Season

    I'll take that. Gonna put any more up?
  15. le sorcier

    Betting For Whole Season

  16. le sorcier

    Betting For Whole Season

    No, you are just betting on what is called a 50-30-20-10 Index. It is 50pts for the winner, 30pts for 2nd, 20pts for 3rd and 10pts for 4th. This is regardless of what event you are betting on. eg you will have Horse races that are 50-30-20-10, even the Big Brother index is 50-30-20-10. If you have a credit limit, of say £500, you wouldn't need to pay a penny in before your bet. You would just settle up fortnightly/monthly if you lost.
  17. le sorcier

    Betting For Whole Season

    Not really. Most accounts will have a credit limit. If you don't want/have a credit limit then you would need at least the maximum downside in your account. £70 in the above case.
  18. le sorcier

    Betting For Whole Season

    Just to clarify as there seems to be a bit of confusion after the original post. A £5 per point spread buy on Greg @ 14 would return (max risk £70).... 1st +£180 2nd +£80 3rd +£30 4th -£20 Anything else -£70 The equivalent fixed odds bet (max risk £70) £35 each way would return.... 1st +£306.25 2nd +£26.25 3rd +£26.25 4th -£70 Anything else -£70
  19. Poole Pirates = 47 (92) 1. Troy Batchelor (Guest) 2. Edward Kennett (Guest) 4. Danny King (Guest) 5. Maciej Janowski 6. Brendan Johnson (Guest) 7. Kyle Newman King's Lynn Stars = 43 (87) 1. Kenneth Bjerre 2. Robert Lambert 3. Chris Harris (Guest) 4. Stuart Robson (Guest) 5. Rory Schlein 6. Jason Garrity (Guest) 7. Simon Lambert I'm sure this has already been touched on many times but 7 Guests!! Nobody in the industry can be overjoyed at this conclusion to the season? Surely squads MUST be the way to go. With maybe 1 Guest max in extreme circumstances? As a neutral, the final is just a non event. What has it got to do with the rest of the season?
  20. le sorcier

    New Track For Milton Keynes

    Still nothing.... Makes you wonder why they bothered making an announcement in the first place?
  21. le sorcier

    New Track For Milton Keynes

    A whole month has gone by and what have we heard? Precisely nothing. Not unexpected but still mightily disappointing.
  22. le sorcier

    The Decline Of British Speedway

    But Speedway can be a fantastic sport to watch also. But we cannot try and make matches more interesting/competitive by chopping and changing rules every season. For me, as a casual fan with no club of my own, the tactical double points rule has made matches farcical on occasions. It definitely HAS put me off Speedway. What is needed is a competitive league with some sort of squad system. Then the fantastic racing will take care of itself without having to artificially make meetings closer. How this is achieved though is anyone's guess?
  23. le sorcier

    Play Offs Decided

    Why do SKY insist on both matches simultaneously? Why can't we just have one on the Monday and one on the Tuesday? Or is that impractical?
  24. le sorcier

    Once Your Team Has Closed Down

    I am still lost in the wilderness and find it virtually impossible to attend matches these days Not a track within about an hour away and with racing on a week night, there is no chance of getting anywhere. I still hope this MK thing will get off the ground but I still think there is next to no chance of it happening
  25. le sorcier

    Flying Shale/roo Games

    I had a copy, must have a look in the loft!! I'm still looking for a copy of Speedway Promoter.

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