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  1. speedway riders of any ability have probably got more "bottle" in their little finger than you(indeed most if us) would have in your entire body
  2. yep pay at the gate mike,sorry should have read previous posts doh
  3. poole keith

    Poole Pirates 2021

    note to skidder "dont bite re comment about matts b&b" ha ha
  4. poole keith

    Poole Pirates 2021

    take a bit of funding to put out a competitive premier league team even at the current reduced standard,i hope poole can have some mega crowds through this summer( cant see why not) stay in the championship for 2/3yrs then look at the situation then,who knows what league structures etc will be by then also should have a clear picture re the stadium. plus i would imagine matts little french b&b will need to be earning a few quid as well !!
  5. poole keith

    Poole Pirates 2021

  6. by far the best commentary pairing,kelvin 10 times better when not trying to make stupid jokes with an equally unfunny pearson,stick with kelvin and chris, and also scrap the studio analysis,pearson probably on the biggest wage so bt think also of the money you could save!!!
  7. poole keith

    Moto Gp, 2 And 3

    some of these racersfind it so hard to stop and adjust to a "normal quiet life" but retirement has now got to be the right call for one of the greats
  8. christ dont give him any ideas hes a loose cannon and crazy enough to do anything
  9. poole keith

    Swindon Robins 2020

    i know you post in jest mike but in essence you are very correct sportsonly covenants can be got around pretty easy
  10. nothing those landlords do would ever surprise me but what on earth is there angle(and they will have one) in making life so difficult for the speedway???
  11. good options there fozzie, though they might gamble on a comfortable home win and go for a cheaper option
  12. poole keith

    Poole Pirates 2021

    ray surely if gaming international wanted "out" of the lease they would sell it themselves and not give it back to the council for them to sell(clarke osborne hasnt got where he is today by giving things away!!!) Its my opinion for what its worth that they have no intention of offloading the stadium,too many possibilities in the pipeline over the next few years
  13. poole keith

    Poole Pirates 2021

    lewy the information was sent to me by txt from a significant poole sponsor, it does however appear to have been wrong,and i regret posting said information on the forum
  14. poole keith

    Poole Pirates 2021

    heard plymouth cant get a team together on the 2nd !
  15. poole keith

    Poole Pirates 2021

    fully understand all your points re online ticket sales only and if each match is a "sell out" then its best way to go,however if all tickets are not sold then you need "walk up"" on the day sales.The occasional follower or holidaymaker is not going to bother with online purchase but the promotion cant afford to lose these customers(supermarkets have happily taken our money at the checkout). On another note i just hope the bcp council plays ball and is not to awkward,think the old poole council would have been right behind the speedway but not sure about the bournemouth and christchurch mob!!

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