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  1. The first visit to Manchester from an Oxford team in nearly two decades. The first chance for Oxford fans to see their team race at the National Stadium A first appearance of the year for Jake Mulford. https://www.bellevue-speedway.com/news/preview-colts-oxford-june3
  2. SpeedyOne

    Birmingham Brummies 2022

    To answer my own question, Sedgmen has signed to replace Ellis. The guests are for Auty.
  3. SpeedyOne

    Birmingham Brummies 2022

    I can't keep up with the Birmingham goings on. Who has Sedgmen signed to replace? Auty or Ellis? I presumed he'd replaced Auty, but if so, why is Ellis also missing?
  4. SpeedyOne

    Belle Vue 2022

    Just shows how badly the rules are written. Regarding the "Transfer Window" it says "This permits changes to the team on 2 occasions, except for proven long term injury." So if you read that as written, it says you can change the team on 2 occasions... but not if you've got a proven long term injury. If you've got a proven long term injury you can't change the team at all! Also what is meant by 2 occasions? Can you change all 7 riders, and then change all 7 riders again on the second occasion? Or can you only change 1 rider on each of the two occasions? can you combine the two occasions and make a double change? It's not clear. If transfers are banned during the first 25% of league fixtures and during the last 25% of league fixtures, then surely BV are in the right to change the declaration before embarking on their first league match? If the League Cup matches are included in the tranfer ban, why aren't they included in the 25% count? The fact that the League Cup is not included in the 25% suggests they are not included in the transfer ban. When is the start of the season for NDL teams to declare? Because at the moment Leicester only have 6 riders. It's widely known that they will be adding Max Perry this Friday when he turns 15, and becomes eligible...(In fact the BSPL website currently has him listed illegally) but at the moment they only have 6 riders. Should they have declared a 7th rider before March 15th only to kick him out without turning a wheel when Max Perry is 15?
  5. Why? The number 8 isn't going to turn up for a meeting where he isn't riding! If he's replacing the No.7 in that meeting he's going to have rides. If he's in the PJL match he's going to have rides. If he's not replacing the No.7 and there's no PJL match, then there's no need for him to be there, unless he's mechanicing or spectating. Would imagine the Premiership would pull rank over the NDL. But I don't think there's many NDL matches scheduled for a Monday or Thursday, so it's not going to be a common thing.
  6. Could this be the Peter Craven Memorial trophy line-up? Best book your tickets as soon as they go on sale.... Dan Bewley Bartosz Zmarzlik Tai Woffinden Maciej Janowski Robert Lambert Max Fricke Jason Doyle Brady Kurtz Kenneth Bjerre Charles Wright Rohan Tungate Jake Allen Phillip Hellstrom-Bangs Norick Blodorn Tom Brennan Jordan Palin
  7. SpeedyOne

    Oxford Cheetah Cubs 2022

    Seem to be called The Saints http://www.oxfordsaints.com
  8. SpeedyOne


    I saw this stupid comment a few pages ago. Now, no one responded, and that's probably the best way to treat a posting of such amazing stupidity. But I thought I'd have a look into this claim "The NL is full of riders who started riding in the 1990s" So how full? How many of the 56 riders (8 teams 1-7s) were riding in the 90s? Most? A half? A quarter of them? 10%? Well..... The answer is...... Rob Ledwith. OK then..... How many of these riders are old enough to have been riding on 31 October 1999 (the last possible day of the 90s)? It's still just Rob Ledwith . In fact 25 riders from the class of 2019 weren't even born until the 2000s! Let's skip forward 10 years... How many were riding prior to 2010? Well it's just 10 (and 4 of those just scraped in in 2009). And, exactly one half of the 56 riders in the final 1-7 of 2019, didn't make their NL debut until 2017 or later. Seems the NL is doing a great job and is full of youngsters.
  9. SpeedyOne

    Poole 2020

    When Poole claimed to be the Manchester United of Speedway they were only about 10 miles out. It turns out that the skint Pirates are the Bury FC of Speedway.
  10. SpeedyOne

    Belle Vue Aces 2020

    Doubt it was Poles who stole it.... but you never know!
  11. SpeedyOne

    Belle Vue Aces 2020

    Workington. And it was the good old NHS who performed and paid for all the operations. No doubt the Poles helped towards his rehabilitation, as did Belle Vue who raised over £4,000, Workington who raised a similar large amount, and of course the Ben Fund.
  12. SpeedyOne

    Belle Vue Aces 2020

    So basically it says the president of Rybnik saw Dan Bewley performing well in Britain so he moved to sign him for Rybnik. But for this year Bewley has transferred to Wroclaw, and now Rybnik think they will have a poor team because they're in trouble and can't afford to sign a good replacement? Diddums. Put your dummy back in son. If you can't afford to compete with Wroclaw, that's your problem.
  13. SpeedyOne

    Speedway's future IMO

    It's possible because they're building the new ground on spare land at the side of their existing stadium, and selling their existing stadium for housing. The small space they're building in, and the close proximity of houses would presumably rule Speedway out.
  14. SpeedyOne

    My Top 20 Riders

    Just wondered, who is highest in your list? Baby Spice or Ginger Spice?
  15. What's wrong with 16 year old Palin riding in the 2nd division. 16-year-old Peter Collins, Chris Morton, Michael Lee, Kenny Carter, Andy Smith, are just a few riders I remember riding in the 1st division.

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