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    Football 2019/20

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    Poole Pirates 2020

    Thanks for confirming that
  3. RedRock18

    Poole Pirates 2020

    I assume by Holder you mean Chris? If so, didn't he ride for IOW for two (+?) seasons before moving up with Poole. Although if my memory is right, there was a grey area that Poole paid the flight costs etc. so IOW could train him up first Darcy was purchased from Kings Lynn having had a successful spell with them in the lower division So neither literally landed in UK and went straight into the Poole side, they gained experience elsewhere first. Whereas Tony Langdon, Leigh Adams and Craig Boyce all started at Poole in what was then the National League back in the 1980s Please feel free to correct me on any of the above or add further info (on the off-chance it was all a strange dream!)
  4. RedRock18

    Poole 2020

    Time travel? At least we know now that speedway will still be going in 90yrs time
  5. RedRock18

    workington ..

    Ok, I'll bite Why would it wind up Poole fans? I can't recall there being any bad feelings between the two clubs I for one am sad when any track has to close
  6. RedRock18

    Poole 2020

    Leigh Adams rode for Poole in the then National League back in 1989. Poole remained in that League for 1990 season. Over the 89/90 winter, Leigh moved up to the British League by joining Swindon
  7. RedRock18

    Poole 2020

    Don't think Trees will be sending you a Christmas card
  8. Thanks I just remember when the 1987 film he did alongside John Malkovich "Empire of the Sun" came out, that the Evening Echo (Bmth) became obsessed with the Bournemouth boy making it big in Hollywood
  9. BiB: I'm sure Christian Bale spent his early yrs in UK Born in Havorfordwest, and attended Bournemouth School (the boys Grammar School)
  10. Thank you so much for providing this service allowing us to stay in touch with speedway around the land
  11. I remember JC (and Mark Lemon) racing post main meeting for Reserve League team or whatever it was calling itself. Apart from a few tape exclusions, he was clearly destined for greatness
  12. RedRock18

    Football 2019/20

    If that was home supporters, it relates to events on and off the pitch during May Bank Holiday weekend 1990
  13. Jason Crump advised Chris to do another season at IOW before moving up Anyway, apologies for deviating, back to thread topic...
  14. Czech - Lukas and Ales Dryml

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