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  1. Great entertainment tonight, well done to both teams. Redcar's track providing great stuff again.
  2. Monarchs2468

    Scunthorpe 2024

    This comment needs addressing.
  3. Very much in agreement.
  4. Roynon is terrible but at least he's off commentary now. Much easier to mute.
  5. I'm all for home advantage usually but this was pretty dangerous and I'm really surprised it wasn't fixed earlier.
  6. Agreed. Pretty poor that they didn't address this earlier but they appear to have got very lucky.
  7. Fortunately there aren't many like you out there. What an embarrassment.
  8. If people have issues over an additional £3 then they really shouldn't be spending £20 on going to speedway anyway as there are real life priorities to be taken care of. I would hope nobody would spend money on any sporting event over food, heating, bills and essential clothing.
  9. What a wonderful performance from Chris Harris, fantastic to watch.
  10. Superb comeback from the Tigers. Hopefully a cracking final awaits.
  11. Monarchs2468

    Warsaw GP Saturday 11th May 2024

    As always thank you so much for the info.
  12. Monarchs2468

    Edinburgh Team 2024

    His instagram account is Joshie, as is his merchandise.
  13. Monarchs2468

    Edinburgh 2023

    The dreaded brown envelope finally made it through. Fortunately for the Monarchs rising costs and ridiculous estimates mean we'll get another season.
  14. You've tried too hard there it doesn't make sense, but fair play for effort. Considering yourself a 'big boy' is quite incredible. You really are quite the show, as always. See you in court....no, wait
  15. Maybe have him up with Tai, Edinburgh Speedway and the many others you've pissed your pants about. Such a drama all the time with you.

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