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  1. I’d like to suggest Vissing’s home scores haven’t really hurt Workington, but his away scores have been valuable - 11 at Plymouth was a great contribution to a tight road win.
  2. Noelinho

    Poole 2024

    I really liked the look of him in the Under 21s at Glasgow.
  3. Oh, Bomber would've been excluded, no doubt about that. It was a hard move, and not one he usually pulls. He knew how important it was to make the move. And yes, Jim McGregor is a tool. He excluded Jack Smith before the two minutes expired! Not that Jack would've made them anyway.
  4. As a nation, we are not good at things that require clarity and conciseness. We like to think we are, but we are hopelessly wrong. It’s not a speedway thing, it’s a cultural feature.
  5. He's been better than people like to give him credit for all season, he's just a bit unloved because he's a bit dull, combined with replacing Basso. Not really his fault.
  6. Well, the rules aren't completely in agreement on this, just as they aren't on protected heats, because in both cases, the rule is stated twice, but differently. In this case, it says: But it also says: Garrad's ride was not programmed (but the second mention of this rule says that's irrelevant, it resulted in disqualification, and he was not replaced. The rule does not specify this ride should be treated on account of the rider already replacing a disqualified rider. The second mention of the rule doesn't mention RS rides, so although it doesn't specifically include them, it also doesn't preclude them.
  7. My thoughts are he's put nearly a point on his average, so he's not doing badly. But he is particularly handy around Ashfield and we'd be delighted to have him back next year.
  8. Noelinho

    Glasgow Tigers 2024

    Plymouth can barely be bothered to run home matches half the time, so I wouldn't worry too much about them.
  9. Noelinho

    Glasgow Tigers 2024

    Exactly this.
  10. The standard refund is pretty rubbish. I also suspect the league had a word with promoters who were more generous and told them not to, but I might be wrong. It's also a great reason for fans who can, to get a season ticket. It's possibly the best reason to get one, not having to worry about this kind of thing!
  11. Noelinho

    King's Lynn v Oxford 17/06/24

    He did in the Championship Pairs last year, although it would've been better if he'd not bothered because he nearly put him in the fence every time! It's probably best to say, it's not a skill that comes naturally to him.
  12. I was going to say we might have a chance to win on Friday, until you floated that idea. He is in Workington on the Saturday so it would make sense, although Berwick might prefer to seem if they can get a guest who could cover both meetings?
  13. Noelinho

    Redcar V Edinburgh 14/6/24

    Paco's shooting almost two points above his starting average this year, nice to see him delivering more consistent performances.
  14. Noelinho

    Workington 2024

    One person got the joke
  15. Noelinho

    Workington 2024

    I've heard they've already signed Bradley Wilson-Dean for next season.

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