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  1. Technik

    Jason Garrity

    It has been the same for everyone for many years. The sentence handed down is the maximum an individual will serve. But the term is only set for half & parole can be applied for at that point. With the time served & the offender demonstrates good behavior whilst incarcerated, shows remorse for their previous actions with a plan to improve in society & follow a set plan with a registered probation office. The sitting panel will consider all aspects & decide if the applicant is safe for release.
  2. Technik

    Jason Garrity

    He did wrong & was punished in a court of law. His sentence was to serve 7 years in prison, due to good behavior he was released early only serving half his time. He now wants to return to normal life & that includes racing speedway. I'm not Judge or Jury but I am willing to give him time & space to prove he can be a valid member of the speedway community
  3. Technik

    Oxford Spires 2024

    In the home meetings Klindt has been far from his best & I think that come the end of the month the averages would put him at reserve. weather thats good or bad I don't know but if he was employed to score points at home & he ain't doing it then change it up if you can. Points win prizes & with such a small league thats what it's all about
  4. Technik

    Ipswich vs Oxford 18th April

    I think the home team will shade it in the bigger races but I suspect it will be a close one.
  5. I understand the frustration about the testing procedure but what if the rider be allowed to participate in the meeting after providing a non-negative result & then is involved in a track crash with the other rider receiving injuries that mean he must miss a few events. How then would the insurers look at our procedure if we knowingly allow a test failure to race in the event. how would the 13 other riders feel about taking to the track with a possible drug user. i understand that as a paying spectator you expect the perfect event each time but what of the others involved within the sport that work hard to produce the product you come to watch. The rules may not be perfect but if we are call bound by the same rules then it must work.
  6. Prior to the test the selected party will be asked if they have taken any drugs within the last 48 hours, after their reply usually "No" they will be asked again but now they will be promted ti include perscription or over the counter drugs the reply again is usually "No" they will then be asked if they remember the last time they took any drugs & again prompted with for a headache or muscle strain or anything at all. So in all reality it matters not how professional or amateur the sport looks on the outside or what business the riders are in away from their racing. If it turns out to be an over the counter drug or perscribed then a severe slapped wrist is the likley outcome but if recreational drugs or alcohol are the cause then a ban is the result. I know the Glasgow promotion are not short of finances but are they willing to defend a 39 year old reserve through a case that will tarnish anybody involved.
  7. You can't really change the rules for a failed drug/alcohol test. It is written that a failure will mean exclusion from the event & no replacement is permitted. the team manager has to sign the meeting certificate to confirm all his riders are in a fit condition to compete. This issue happens every once in a while & currently we are not aware as to why the rider has supplied a non-negative sample nor weather it is for drugs or alcohol.
  8. Maybe he was selected so as to give an option of senior rider in Ht13. with Harris already used & Tungate already in 13 it means the only rider left or the reserve in the hardest race. It might be a stroke of genius or you maybe right eithr way we're not paid to make the decision.
  9. This could go either way, Oxford of course with R/R at #1 is a big cross to bare. Milik showed good form in the SEC event at the weekend & with Nicholls at reserve it might just tip in Birmingham's favour. All things considered home win by 4 points
  10. Technik

    Swindon Stadium

    It is the sad case that Mr O is holding all the aces, As he has in previous cases (Milton Keynes, Reading, & Torquay among others) Whilst supporters have passion & desire to see their beloved club & sport continue at the venue adopted by GI with Osbourne at the helm they have never had the finances to oppose him or the local councils that are required to provide land for housing projects as our country is so over populated & growing year on year.
  11. Technik

    NL Fantasy Team for Fun 2024

    Max Perry EDI 7.75 Luke Killeen OXF 7.73 Ace Pijper S/S 5.81 Luke Muff BVC 4.83 Chad Wirtzfield BVC 3.81 William Hocaniuk MID 3.00 Ashton Vale OXF 3.00 Total 35.93
  12. Looking at the teams & the fact that Poole have a much changed line up I believe Oxford could upset the apple cart & come away with a narrow victory.
  13. Technik


    I know guest's & rider replacement are at times annoying within the British leagues. But we cannot be compared to other nations league system where they opperate a squad of upto 20 riders but can only track 7 just the same as our programme. In both cases if a rider is injured or unable to start then of course a full 7 rider team must be arranged. With a squad this is done as in football by rotation of the squad members. Our system means each team has a nominated 7 rider team & should one be missing we track a full team using guests or R/R. At the end of the day it amounts to the same thing two teams of seven racing against each other. Weather you love or hate our system it's better to see two full sides of seven than a five man team
  14. Technik

    NL Fantasy Team 2023

    I hope we will be selecting our 2024 teams soon

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