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  1. Technik


    Brilliant news for all those Oxford fans who never stopped believing plus Coventry, Swindon, Reading, Rye House, & Arena fans will be able to see some racing closer to home
  2. Technik

    Football 2020/21

    Maybe you did'nt misunderstand my post, I'm not sure you have even read it just the words you want then jump on the keyboard. If you take the time to read & understand rather than ramble on like an absolute fool my issue is with the need to keep passing all the way back to the goalkeeper then he hoofs the ball up in the air to an area just past the centre circle & then the battle is on to recover the ball & the pressure is off our oppositions defence. Don't reply now have the common deacency to watch the game against Scotland & count how many times the ball is played back to the England keeper from an advanced position whilst not under pressure
  3. Technik

    Football 2020/21

    I'm sorry you seem to have misunderstood my comment. The issue is the continued need to play the ball all the way back to our own goalkeeper from an advanced position. Whilst not every ball needs to go forward we do need to keep the opposition under pressure & the smaller the area they have to defend in the more pressure they are under. To many times we pass the ball back & across the field in our own half without even looking for a positive option. A lot of nations play the ball back & forth to force a mistake & find an opening & the higher up this is done the more pressue the defending team is under. Harry Kane is labeled as one of the best strikers in the world & he was coming into his own half to get a touch of the ball, if this is what he has to do then we are not using his best ability which is to score goals within the box.
  4. Technik

    Football 2020/21

    Not in my mind to be the best attacking team. But if England have any plans to progress in this tournament they need to win & the only way to do that is by attacking & scoring goals. It frustrates me when we work hard to get a shooting chance that is diverted for a corner. Then from the corner two or three passes later & the ball is safely at the feet of our goalkeeper who launch's a fly ball into an area where players from both sides fight for the ball. We need to play a more positive style with more movement we have a very fast front line but we are not making the best use of those pace players. Kicking the ball around the defenders & goalkeeper in our own half is achieving nothing other than it's a successful pass in the stats.
  5. Technik

    Football 2020/21

    However this is a league within the tournament & qualification is via points. England won & got 3 points but moving forward they have not impressed in the last 3 games. They must show a more positive attitude with movement off the ball if progress past the round of 16 is their aim
  6. You have a strong contender in George Rothery who I see has started really well in the NDL team at Armadale
  7. There is a simple way to avoid track & trace. Don't download the App.
  8. I think Eddies only problem is the long lay off, he's stiff & his reactions are not yet at their prime, but I'm sure it's all going to come back soon. I expected the Eagles to be dominate at reserve this season. The injury to Kerr is a blow but it can be covered by R/R at home but I think a guest away would be the best option. Masters has a wealth of experience & rides the tight Monmore track each week so I don't think there's much to scare him at Arlington. It will be tight but I'll take a 4 point home win
  9. Technik

    Swindon Stadium

    It's not even close. Bristol, Milton Keynes, Reading & Torquay United are all awaiting a new stadium from Mr Osbourne as promised. At least the new Swindon stadium is built & safe in storage at a Unicorn farm in Wales
  10. I know over the years the R/R facility has been deployed at #2 for the most times. I have never been a fan of this as it is my belief that it cuts down the teams tactical options where a TS can only be used once but it can mean a rider can be used as the R/R & also as a TS if required for the facility. Kennett is the only one who can't take an R/R but if needed he could take a TS in place of Kerr (R/R). So using the facility at #3 or #4 offers better options later in the meeting than #2 who is packing up at the interval.
  11. I'd use R/R at 4. You have more options later in the meeting than 2 who is finished at Ht 10 at home & if the name an 8 I think Nathan Ablitt will get a shot
  12. You leave Len alone, he's had that shale since 1976..... all 3 pieces
  13. Technik


    Such a shame that a surprise greyhound meeting should cause the track preperation to be delayed. They only had 5 hours & the last 15 months to work on the track. The 12 race greyhound meeting programmed 6 dogs in each race that all turned up ready to race, each race has a designated start time. It's all televised into all the bookmakers across the country & details are in the national press. First race 10:15 last race 12:59. Where's the surprise? Then Speedway wants to be refered to as an Elite Sport........... Maybe somewhere after dog racing
  14. Primary cause of the stoppage should cover it
  15. Technik

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    Darren Hartley will go down in history as Newcastle's most successful Manager, Unbeaten in 15 months

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