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  1. Technik

    'They Retired Too Soon'

    Another American Josh Larsen. He was in the UK for a couple of seasons & I felt he was making good progress then he was gone
  2. Yes I agree he is a former Russian national by birth that is beyond doubt. The point I made is that his adopted Polish nation was made prior to the conflict & he represented Poland in that time. The suspension of Russian riders was made after the conflict started & it was at this time that other Russians moved to Poland where they have since taken Polish national status.
  3. The last NDL fixture at Oxford teams were slammed for using older riders (Hutt/Mudgeway) & now todays teams are using unattached youngsters or guests to fill the gaps rather than R/R giving young British riders a chance to race
  4. He became a Polish National prior to the conflict so at the time was not Russian.
  5. I think you may need to revise your views. The FIM suspended the Russian riders from all events that much is correct. Laguta as Sayfutinov took off to Poland & both now hold Polish passports & race on Polish licences. No former Russians have been used in the Polish National teams or the Polish Championship. Your arguement should be with the PZM & not the FIM
  6. Nick Barber is the biggest daeler in speedway badges or go on ebay
  7. Technik

    SGP 2

    Doe's anyone have a result. I have been working & can't find the result anywhere
  8. Technik

    SGP 2

    It suprises me that some of these riders have the same number as SGP riders that are still operating. Przyjemski using 505 is Lamberts number Nagel 108 Woffinden. What would happen if they were to qualify for the SGP whilst the original riders were still in
  9. Technik

    SGP 2

    I would think Villads Nagel (Den) could have a strong case, He missed a qualification after run off but he defeated 2 of the riders that were in the top 4 through the heats. Slater Lightcap (US) is another that scored well but just fell short & it would be another flag on parade which always makes the FIM happy. The third spot is a little harder Bedner (CZ) would be another flag but his scores were disappointing. Blordon (Ger) or Rew (Aus) would also be in the mix.
  10. Technik

    Riders' First Names

    He was a swinger for Deon Lynd after his own partner was injured in a crash at Western Springs.
  11. Technik

    Riders' First Names

    One of the international tours in New Zealand had a sidecar passenger Rory Dingo & then to use the middle name David Rosco Steen
  12. Technik

    Oxford v Scunthorpe 05.06

    If a team is opperating R/R can they also use IRR & if a rider has taken an R/R ride can they still take an IRR as well? I think a home win by 14 points
  13. Dan Thompson is the form rider, Leon Flint is struggling & I find it hard to place him in the top 3 as he has been very inconsistent. Ashton Boughen & Sam Hagon have been putting some scores together. Then a whole bunch of kids that can take points of each other & trip up the stars. I'll pick Boughen, D.Thompson & Hagon
  14. Technik

    Czech GP Prague

    Prince Andrew would have been there as his mechanic but was stuck in trafficing
  15. Quite right the still picture taken from the inside doe's not even show Fredriksen's right leg & if your on the outside you would need to be able to see through 3 bikes to see what your saying The young Norwegian was lifting from the start all the way to the turn all night long. I believe his machine was set up to strong & did not suit him or the track as it pulled him past the turns most evident on the exit of turn 4 where he kept going wide & had to loose speed to set up for the home straight. It's one thing to be able to set up a bike to pull hard but another to be able to control it.

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