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  1. SlicktrackSandy

    Redcar V Edinburgh 14/6/24

    Fact is it just ain't working for us just now despite some good returns from some. 2 points from 5 matches and 9th out of 9 is getting a bit too squeaky for comfort. Next 2 matches with League leaders now look challenging it would appear. Maybe a couple of tweaks required before we get anchored at #9 ?
  2. Indeed - but only if you are paying attention. Looked the other day and must have missed it I guess. Another senior moment ! Will be on board for this one.
  3. Is the usually very good Bandits TV still with us or has it had technical difficulties ?
  4. Digressing a bit from the wind conversation - the track is looking good apparently so should be a decent contest. Pity there's no stream tonight as would defo have signed up. Difficult to predict this one - either team could win and probably will. Unless its a draw and one will still have to win under the latest new rule. Strange But true !
  5. SlicktrackSandy

    Witches v Brummies 28th March

    Kinda looks that way this year doesn't it ? "This is just another Witch Hunt and everybody knows it"! Sadly, this one at least looks likely to fail.
  6. SlicktrackSandy

    Workington 2024

    Someone said that Jerzy Milik would go down well ! Jerzy Milik.webp
  7. SlicktrackSandy

    Edinburgh Monarchs Academy 2024

    Would agree with that. It would be a real shame if a very young rider like Max was squeezed out of an NDL place for the sake of 0.05 points. Many believe that 36 point limit is too low anyway and the 36.25 or even 36.50 limit would allow more flexibility if required. Second decimal point rejection in a Development League such as this does seem a bit harsh when a young rider's future career prospects rely on at least 10 competitive matches at NDL level to gain valuable track time.
  8. SlicktrackSandy

    Edinburgh Monarchs Academy 2024

    Would be great if Dayle manages to do that. Four heat leaders would be pretty cool in this league. Could be an interesting and entertaining season ahead.
  9. SlicktrackSandy

    Edinburgh Monarchs Academy 2024

    Another factor to take into consideration is that Lee Complin rides for Glasgow most Friday nights.
  10. SlicktrackSandy

    Edinburgh Monarchs Academy 2024

    Fair point but that would be only 5 times - the other 5 would be a fair bit easier at at a guess.
  11. SlicktrackSandy

    Edinburgh Monarchs Academy 2024

    Whatever happened to Jack Kingston ( 6.45 ) no mention of him this year. Thought he looked really good at Armadale in 2022 for Mildenhall. Was heading for a maximum when he slipped off in his last ride. Tom Woolley has already had two stints with the Devils - not sure if he is kind of rider that would fit with this type of team in 2024 but that's just a guess.
  12. SlicktrackSandy

    Edinburgh Monarchs Academy 2024

    Glad he decided to come back this year. Learnt a lot last year and will surely build on that in 2024. Throws the maths out a bit but with 11.63 points left am sure that is well in hand.
  13. SlicktrackSandy

    Edinburgh Monarchs Academy 2024

    Have not read anywhere if Dayle Wood is returning this year. Assuming he is not, the latter would look feasible i.e. Perry & Watson leaving 4.45 points to make up the total.
  14. SlicktrackSandy

    Edinburgh “24 Team

    Not impossible - maybe an "import " 5.00 as the final member ?

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