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  1. Derrickn

    British League:West Ham 1965, Halifax 1966?

    In 1966,Halifax also won the KO cup,and the Northern trophy.
  2. Derrickn

    Workington 2024

    They used to do it at Halifax,I was friends with the guy who dished it out.Mind,that's a few years ago now.
  3. Derrickn

    Keighley Speedway

    The Greenfield track was usually described as "having a bit of dirt on it" which could be why it was referred to as rough.You are right about the team,mostly old stagers like Reg Duval,Wal Morton,Geoff Pymar and Jack Winstanley,but it did include a young lad on his way up,Tommy Roper,who went on to have a good career in the sport.Towards the end of the 62 season,they did strengthen by bringing in a couple of riders from Belle Vue,but by then it was too late,and the track closed at the end of the season.Ironic that just a few years later,Halifax,which is only about 6 miles from Bradford, re-opened to huge crowds.
  4. Derrickn


    It's the lease that is up for sale,currently leased to the rugby league.The stadium is owned by Bradford council,who are practically bankrupt,and have no money at all to spend on Odsal.
  5. Derrickn

    Keighley Speedway

    If I remember correctly,when Bradford rode in the provincial league,they rode at the Greenfield greyhound stadium in Dudley Hill,less than a mile from Odsal.It was a typical stadium of its time,and now long demolished.
  6. Derrickn

    Oxford Spires 2024

    Against the likes of Sheffield,that is not a competitive side.
  7. Derrickn

    Oxford Cheetahs 2024

    They could run the ndl fixtures as double headers with the championship fixtures.
  8. Derrickn

    Oxford Spires 2024

    Clubs used to run every week with a 16 club British league,and still have spare dates for cup and individual meetings.
  9. Derrickn

    Promoters Conference

    So which are the six clubs who have said they will run in the NDL.?.
  10. Derrickn

    Jubilee final!!!!!

    If I were the Leicester management,I would be inclined to say to Poole,take the bloody trophy,we can't raise a competitive team,and to be honest,we don't give a monkey's about it.
  11. No stage on any grand tour race is 200 miles.You must be thinking of kilometers.Also,drug testing in cycling is more stringent than it has ever been.
  12. Derrickn

    Dennis Gavros RIP

    When Halifax 're-opened in1965,Long Eaton were the first visitors,and on a rainy night in front of 11.000 fans ran out victors by 41-37.Rim must have been riding that night,but it was a young Ray Wilson who caught the eye.I still remember that night,if only we could turn the speedway clock back to those great days.
  13. Derrickn

    Dennis Gavros RIP

    He had a second hand car dealership in Denholme,not far from Halifax.I think Dennis was possibly the second man in British speedway to use the ESO/Jawa speedway bike.I think Rim Malskeitis,and i have probably spelt that wrong,at Long Eaton was the first,although i stand to be corrected.
  14. Derrickn

    Peterborough Panthers 2023

    So with Kinsley scoring nil,Buster would have had to pay somebody more money anyway.
  15. Derrickn

    Peterborough Panthers 2023

    But as owner of both clubs,Buster would have had to pay points money for 90 points,irrespective of who scored them.

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