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  1. RoundTheBoards

    Speedway Betting 2024

    You're betting on a team breaking the rules?
  2. From the laws of Football: "A person can be sent off from the time the referee goes onto the pitch for the pre-match inspection until the referee leaves the pitch after the end of the game, including during half-time, the break before extra time, extra time, half-time of extra time and penalties." So pretty much the same as speedway where the referee takes charge from the moment he arrives. The referee was within his rights to exclude Complin from the meeting
  3. Surely football's equivalent of being excluded from a speedway meeting is a red card? So yes, a football team would be forced to play with 10 players. They could make a substitution to change formation, but they'd still only have 10 players. Just the same as Glasgow could cover Complin's rides with a reserve, whilst still only having 6 riders.
  4. RoundTheBoards

    Redcar 24

    Reading the press release and believing the press release are very different things....
  5. RoundTheBoards

    Redcar 24

    Jake Mulford replaces Archie Freeman, with Elliot Kelly kicked out to make the averages fit. Middlesbrough needing another 3.00 rider now.
  6. RoundTheBoards

    Berwick VS Workington - Border Trophy - 30/03

    Any news how Craig Cook is with his injury? Looks like Workington used IRR, so he must've been signed out of the meeting injured?
  7. RoundTheBoards

    Leicester Lion Cubs 2024

    Bit dubious using a guest for a rider missing an official fixture to go to a practice day, but within the rules I guess. Anything goes these days.
  8. RoundTheBoards

    Plymouth Gladiators 2024

    Because the meeting has been postponed!!!!! They have to declare the team 72 hours before a fixture. That would have been 7pm tonight, but the meeting has been postponed. It's now a deadline of 7.30pm on 7 April
  9. RoundTheBoards

    Plymouth Gladiators 2024

    But like I said Saturday's meeting is now postponed.
  10. RoundTheBoards

    Plymouth Gladiators 2024

    Plymouth have now cancelled their first 2 meetings. They don't race until 10 April now, so at least that gives them another 10 days or so breathing space to find a new rider.
  11. RoundTheBoards

    Plymouth Gladiators 2024

    What a bizarre take.
  12. RoundTheBoards

    Plymouth Gladiators 2024

    That's OK then Are you suggesting that a drug dealer like Courtney, couriering tens of thousands of pounds worth of drugs, is not as bad as (say) Richie Worrall snorting a line of coke at a party? Seems a strange take!
  13. RoundTheBoards

    Plymouth Gladiators 2024

    Someone who has become free and will cause about 50 pages of discussion on here.
  14. RoundTheBoards

    Plymouth Gladiators 2024

  15. RoundTheBoards

    Premiership Media Day

    Spot on. He had a good point, that a certain level of handbags and a bit of stage-managed fisticuffs is good for business as it causes controversy and excitement and publicity. But Woffinden's foul mouth meant that the point was lost. He just comes across as an unprofessional moron. Surely Phil Morris has something in the contracts that anyone swearing in interviews is heavily fined just as professional footballers are. Woffinden was the low point on what was otherwise a good media day.

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