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  1. RoundTheBoards

    New NDL Rules

    I'd say zero chance of it not being staged, since it is Belle Vue v Edinburgh. Belle Vue always complete their fixtures at the NSS, and as BV and Edinburgh are 2 of the stronger NDL teams, there's a good chance that one of them will be in with a chance of winning the league.
  2. RoundTheBoards

    27 years on

    The original Sky deal was £5M over 5 years. Terry Russell took 20% finders fee. So a cool £1M over the 5 years. The remaining £4M (£800k per season) was split with each team getting £55k-ish each (which basically they used to pay for their No.1 rider) and then a couple of grand for staging each match. Some went to BSPA running costs. The current TV deal is worth very little to the clubs.
  3. RoundTheBoards

    BBC The Apprentice

    It's still one of the top rated TV programmes, still pulls in the viewing figures, and gets tens of thousands of applicants to go on each series, so full respect to Paul Bowen for what he's done in getting there. But the programme is now a parody of its former self. It used to be a semi-serious attempt to find a business brain, in the days of contestants like Tim Campbell and Ruth Badger. Alas now it's purely played for laughs and scripted and edited to make the candidates look like idiots. (And clearly some are chosen because they are idiots, like the one who clapped when told they'd had to give away 52% of their turnover in refunds). But you can guarantee that when other team used crumble mix instead of breadcrumbs, it was because that had been set up by the producers. It's definitely pre-produced and played for laughs these days and not to be taken seriously.
  4. RoundTheBoards

    Brandon Update

    No harm in dropping him a line and asking him to investigate the goings on at Swindon. Oliver.Holt@dailymail.co.uk
  5. RoundTheBoards

    Brummies 2024...

    Lindgen, Kylmakorpi, Fricke etc. all lived in Andorra. Not sure how many of them still do.
  6. Yes. Unless you're a Non-Dom.
  7. And how many British riders do you think are on a £500k deal with a Polish club?
  8. Why would anyone choose to be a limited company and pay 25% corporation tax when they only pay 20% income tax as a sole trader? Like I said, you'd have to be making serious profits to gain anything, and how many riders finish a season with profits way over £50k? (probably would need to be profits approaching £100k to get any worthwhile benefit)
  9. To what benefit? How many riders end the season having made a profit seriously in excess of £50k?
  10. Not worth the extra hassle unless you're earning big and then the benefits aren't massive. I think it's only this year that Woffinden and Bewley started limited companies.
  11. I doubt many riders are limited companies (I know Tai Woffinden, Rob Lambert and Dan Bewley are) but that's irrelevant anyway. Even as self-employed sole-traders they can still claim 45p per mile for business miles.
  12. RoundTheBoards

    Scuntffield 2024

    I'm hearing Mickie Simpson as the next name set to be announced by Scunthorpe/Sheffield
  13. RoundTheBoards

    Oxford Chargers 2024

    I don't get this point. Development and winning are not mutually exclusive. To a large extent they go hand in hand. Speedway is about winning. Being the first past the chequered flag. And development is learning to win. The league is about development and the league is about winning. I bet there's no one in the Polish U-24 league who thinks it's not about winning.
  14. RoundTheBoards

    Leicester Lion Cubs 2024

    Because you can only have 7 rides in a team, and since everyone expects Will Cairns to come in once he turns 15, someone would have to make way.
  15. RoundTheBoards

    Leicester Lion Cubs 2024

    Curious move. Will Sonny get the boot when Will Cairns turns 15? Thought Springer might have gone somewhere with a more secure team place.

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