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  1. BacktrackBandit

    Berwick v Glasgow CL 22/06/24 7-00pm

    Another toothless Bandits performance.
  2. BacktrackBandit

    Glasgow v Berwick CL , 21/6/24@19-30

    Could he not have put Garrad in heat 13 or did he have to start 3 of his programmed rides?
  3. BacktrackBandit

    Glasgow v Berwick CL , 21/6/24@19-30

    Managed to fight off tough competition at the beginning of the year to keep Etheridge, I heard.
  4. BacktrackBandit

    Oxford Cheetahs 2024

    Horrendous refereeing in the Super Heat, spoiled a good meeting. Feel for Nicholls, can understand Schroeks anger, referee should be embarrassed.
  5. BacktrackBandit

    Glasgow v Berwick CL , 21/6/24@19-30

    Very poor management from Dickson again, for all the good he’s done at Berwick this season he’s made some very strange decisions, especially in recent weeks, and they haven’t paid off.
  6. BacktrackBandit

    Berwick 2024

    Another horrendous result for the Bandits in a meeting which was probably our last opportunity to get pts on the board this season Who would pick Paul Starke as a guest once, never mind twice? Awful rider. No riders available to improve the main body which is a shame as Schlein won’t ride again this season and Etheridge and Hume are both very poor riders. As for Freddy Hodder, surely it’s time to give Mason Watson or a local lad a go, after all they can’t possibly score any worse.
  7. BacktrackBandit

    Scunthorpe vs Berwick - Championship - 7/6/24

    Speedy recovery to Rory. As for the rest of them, absolutely pathetic and embarrassing. Changes needed!
  8. Well this should be another fairly comfortable home win for the Scorpion’s against a Berwick team which are probably boosted by having Dan Gilkes guesting at number 3. Paul Starke guests at 7 for the Bandits and Scunthorpe are running RR for the injured MPT. predictions? I’ll go 58-32
  9. BacktrackBandit

    Poole Pirates Vs Redcar Bears 5th June

    Been the same at Berwick this year aswell to be honest, however the racing has actually been decent in quite a few meetings. Lots of fans go up and down the country just to see good racing and that’s not happening with such little dirt on very dry tracks.
  10. BacktrackBandit

    Poole Pirates Vs Redcar Bears 5th June

    What a waste of money that was on the BSN. Must be nice winning every week for Poole fans but that was awful entertainment for the neutral. Get some water on it!
  11. BacktrackBandit

    Berwick 2024

    Who replaces him? Nobody is available, however I agree he’s awful and has been for years
  12. BacktrackBandit

    Poole Pirates Vs Berwick Bandits 29th May

    Safe journey to the Bandit supporters making the trip down to Poole. Hopefully it’s another away win but I’m expecting a fairly tough match. I’ll go 43-47.
  13. BacktrackBandit

    Scunny v Berwick KOC 17.05.24

    Happiness will be you picking up Kenny Tait on your way to Redcar. Not to be for the battling Bandits tonight, looking forward to tomorrow now!
  14. BacktrackBandit

    Lee Complin

    Not night nurse then?
  15. BacktrackBandit

    Berwick v Redcar 11/05/24 Championship

    Great win for the Bandits, never in doubt, Redcar lucky Jonas pretended he had polish commitments

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