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  1. 4BM

    Redcar 2024

    So it’s Dan Gilkes, might help him with with more bike time
  2. They should be able to utilise the whole 2 minutes, don’t think some of the start marshals quite understand that at the moment, maybe another one for Morris’ to do list
  3. He might have had a good night at Owlerton (how I don’t know) but I’d be brining Kerr back in for Cook, you know what you’re getting with Lewi week in week out where’s as Cook continues to be an enigma and with already having one of those in Janowski in the team you can’t have two of them. Is it true also that Wrocław have advised Janowski that he can’t make any changes to his kit from what he has in Poland i.e. it works in Poland make it work in UK? Heard from a mate who mechanics for a GP rider over in Poland that the other week Wrocław stopped him getting an engine looked at over here with a well established UK tuner and that they wanted him to us Kowalski direct in Poland only as that’s who they as a team have a relationship with.
  4. Definitely does override on occasions but I’d rather see that than someone just tootle around at the back not giving it their all like we saw with Batchelor and Cook once they’d missed the start
  5. Tai Woffinden had a front puncture in the ht11, that’s why he purposely touched the tapes. Quick thinking but unfortunately the track wasn’t conducive to overtaking last night, think Kyle Howarth made five passes (two in one race) that were after lap 1 bend 2 apart from that can’t really remember any others apart from that. By the way great to see Kyle back on it last night, he’s tried absolutely everything to get his season on track including arranging a practice session on Tuesday this week to try get a set up working at Owlerton, by the way if there’s a video of ht15 with his battle with Lawson including the hairy moment off bend 4 into the home straight I’d love to see that
  6. If this one does indeed managed beat the weather and spin king’s rain dance then Woffinden maybe having 7 rides tonight as can see Leicester having a lead after Ht8
  7. R/R for Jack Holder tonight as his partner has given birth to their first child, congrats to them both. With Jack being number 1 in the Sheffield average all remaining 6 riders eligible to take one of his rides
  8. Battle of the big cats. Ultimately the winner here though might be the weather if it continues like this into tomorrow, as we know that back straight at Owlerton floods pretty easy. If the meeting is on will the Lions turn over the Tigers like last season at Owlerton? The Lions definitely have riders who can go good around Owlerton in Fricke, Lawson, Masters, and Douglas (all been frequent guests at Sheffield for home and away teams) in the past couple of seasons, Becker can be hit and miss at Owlerton but the trump card could be Kemp at reserve. Sheffield will be hoping that Edwards is back racing, with Pickering (shoulder injury seeing specialist in Poland) and Gilkes (9 day concussion rule) both on the sidelines they’ll definitely needs a Rising Star guest and with only Birmingham not riding there’s not a lot to choose from guest wise for Pickering, so can only see the choice of an out of form Worrall or R/R (C Holder, Howarth and reserves eligible). The powerhouse three of the Holder’s and Woffinden will need to be firing and Sheffield will be hoping that Howarth has managed to solve his speed issues out with good performance for Scunthorpe last Friday and Edwards can get in the points at home as struggled to date around Owlerton this season if they are to have a chance getting back to securing home wins. Tight one again going for a home win 48-42 ** UPDATED** Schlien for Pickering and Mulford for Gilkes
  9. Kyle seemed to have more speed on Friday for Scunthorpe, hopefully he’s managed to get to the bottom of his lack of speed so far this season. Sounds like someone been having a spin at Owlerton tonight, or might be my ears playing tricks on me!!
  10. No chance Sheffield will take Cook on again after his previous stint there it didn’t end very well from what I know. Also his ‘special’ set up from his Oxford visit earlier this season has run out of that F&F juice if we’re going on his scores since then
  11. Jason said on BSN that he’d be back riding for Sheffield this Thursday 23rd (Leicester at home). Dan had concussion on Wednesday last week 15th with the 9 day rule he should be out until Saturday 25th.
  12. 4BM

    Glasgow Tigers 2024

    Bastian Pedersen would come in on a 4.00 wouldn’t he? He’s a very exciting young prospect from when I’ve seen him, just another one with the added cost of travel to/from UK
  13. So Jason Edwards out with his fractured cheekbone with Jack Smith coming in to replace him and Sportowefakty reported that Dan Giles crashed into his own teammate in Poland yesterday and has concussion so that would be him out for what the period of time for his age group is mandated in British Speedway, so Sheffield promotion will be on look out for another guest rider. Can a RS with a Premiership club guest for another RS or does it have to be an unsigned RS??
  14. Howarth has had two meetings where he rode under his 5 point average (the last two home meetings) it’s not like he’s been scoring 1’s and 2’s in every meeting. The testimonial is a stand alone event, plenty of riders have had testimonials attacks where they no longer ride at, hopefully the promotion stick with him and give him the chance to ride into form
  15. 4BM

    Sheffield vs Ipswich 13th May

    No, only got around 8.45 points for two riders if you take out Howarth and Edwards as the team average for May bang on the 40.00 point marker, Kerr and Howarth’s averages very similar but Etheridge over Edwards’ 3.00 points average.

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