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  1. RogerM22

    Glasgow Tigers 2024

    As long as you say so
  2. RogerM22

    Glasgow Tigers 2024

    As you were, about what I'd expect from someone such as yourself. I've no skin in this game and admire what Glasgow have achieved as a club, it's just a shame the decent fans (including your bro) are stuck with the likes of you. Can't be helped. Let them know what? Like I say, they've had more recent success than Glasgow even when not in existence. No need to use them closing down as ammunition though is there? Fair enough on the Facennas, they've spent a lot of money, nothing wrong with that, and your club is a million miles better off than before they arrived. They do a lot of things right on and off track, other clubs could learn a lot. Absolutely, nothing wrong with defending your club. It's the likes of the poster above who will jump on any mention of money as if it's a bad thing. They've spent a fortune, good for them. Why deny it?
  3. RogerM22

    Glasgow Tigers 2024

    Straight on again, you must be on the payroll yourself the way you jump to their defence every time money is mentioned. Or maybe just a brown nose.
  4. RogerM22

    Glasgow Tigers 2024

    Ah yeah, course, they went bust, lost their stadium and ceased to exist, so they couldn't finish anywhere in the league. Hilarious. Glasgow fans have got short memories, dear me. You were one generous family away from ceasing to exist yourselves.
  5. RogerM22

    Scuntffield 2024

    I remember it being said on here a few years ago that riders only get free practice/amateur meetings when they show a bit of promise along with a commitment to Scunthorpe. If I remember right it was when Howarth and Ashley Morris were starting out there. I suppose it does tie in with the above postings though.
  6. RogerM22

    Glasgow Tigers 2024

    Workington have won more team honours than Glasgow since 2018 and their club literally didn't exist for 4 years.
  7. RogerM22

    Leicester Lions 2024

    Video announcements are certainly more on trend than most methods, particularly on Twitter. Nothing is on trend in Facebook though, that's in the past. I do agree with you on the general content, same for 99% of speedway club posts. Very little interaction with fans or engaging with 'trends', and some of the posts are frankly odd.
  8. RogerM22

    Leicester Lions 2024

    It's way better than announcing it in the local paper at 6am on a Thursday morning. Fair enough the videos could be a bit more interesting or creative, but they're far more on trend than a boring article.
  9. RogerM22

    Brummies 2024...

    It's awfully sad that Wolves have closed, but let's not rewrite history, it was a poor racing track. "Raved about on Sky" - Nigel Pearson would've raved about speedway in someone's back garden, it was his job. "Hosted British Finals" - so did Kirkmanshulme Lane, it was still a crap track. God knows how crowd size comes into the track argument, I suppose you had nothing else.
  10. RogerM22

    Oxford Spires 2024

    Same guy also said it was an honour to have Tarasenko in this country. Madness. If you look at each rider in isolation then it's a decent side, but there's a reason Wright/Klindt/Tungate are 6-7 point riders, they will always have a few duff meetings. Harris is only getting older and Janowski was poor last year, he wouldn't be in the UK otherwise. It's not the worst side you'll ever see but it's certainly not brilliant!
  11. RogerM22


    How is it in any way similar? If you're too old then you're too old, that is an objective fact. Creating a limit of what makes someone too good is completely arbitrary. I totally support the rule to limit these riders btw, the league should be purely about development and nothing else, and who is genuinely going to bother challenging this rule anyway?
  12. RogerM22

    Oxford Cheetahs 2024

    Packed with potential? Boughen and possibly Killeen (if he can stop crashing), yes, not sure about the rest. Jenkins and Atkins are slowly improving but aren't overnight sensations and the other 3 aren't improving much, if at all. As has been said elsewhere, it looks quite weak compared to this year, but then all teams will.
  13. RogerM22

    Peterborough Panthers 2023

    Anything stopping him from coming out and supporting the cause in that case? If he's such a shrewd businessman then surely he's aware that the sooner he kicks AEPG into touch, the sooner the value increases, and the sooner he gets his money. Chapman coming out and throwing his weight behind the campaign will show he cares about keeping Peterborough alive (even if for his own benefit) and he's not just rolling over.
  14. RogerM22

    Brummies 2024...

    I think we've been so starved of top youngsters in this country that we go a bit OTT when one is linked. As you say, Lampart isn't going anywhere particularly fast right now, i he was then he wouldn't be coming to the UK. Just like the majority of other top young riders don't.
  15. RogerM22

    Peterborough Panthers 2023

    It's not just about this though, is it? Chapman is a piece of work and has been for many years. Is he in bed with AEPG? Maybe, maybe not, but given his history it's a lot more likely than not. You actually seem like you're struggling internally in this post to carry on defending him, which begs the question of why you still do.

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