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  1. Congrats to Jack Holder and partner. leaves us abit bare bones I hope Woffys got a few monster energy’s in tool box to keep him going. prediction with current team line ups 42-48 away win
  2. Manifesto

    Sheffield vs Ipswich 13th May

    And last week against BV him and Holder team rode perfectly.. heat 15 and super heat, can’t always be done im afraid
  3. Manifesto

    Sheffield vs Ipswich 13th May

    Very likely. Could Sheffield tap up Craig Cook since he’s only on a 28 day contract?
  4. Manifesto

    Sheffield vs Ipswich 13th May

    I’d have him in for Howarth 100%
  5. Manifesto

    Sheffield vs Ipswich 13th May

    Well done to Ipswich 100% deserved the win on the night. All 7 riders putting points in the board. Sheffield promotion have a lot to think about, got a great top 3. Pickering riding well and the bigger scores will come. Kyle Howarth absolutely woeful and been perfectly honest he was crap majority of last season they stuck with him due to pure loyalty, I’d be looking at Craig Cook or Lewis Kerr to replace him when Oxford decide which one they’re having. As for the reserves, Dan Gilkes seems to have lost all confidence he’s easily bullied on track. I like Jason Edwards and think he will come good second half of season
  6. Manifesto

    Sheffield vs Ipswich 13th May

    Is steady back from his holidays?
  7. 48-42 away win think the tigers heat leaders will be too much for the stars
  8. Manifesto

    Sheffield vs Ipswich 13th May

    Not hot we’ll do well to score 30 I reckon at Foxhall
  9. Manifesto

    Sheffield vs Ipswich 13th May

    If this wasn’t on box they would get warm up laps in and crack on with it. Possible rain due after 9pm gulp! if it stays dry and 15 heats are raced my prediction is 50-40 home win. Be a good one between Holder and Doyle after the very harsh move in the semi final of the gp. Jack will be out for abit of revenge. if Ipswich reserves turn up it could be very close as Thursday Gilkes and Edwards were well of the pace. Want to see them attack the track more and get out the gates sharper. Kyle Howarth has been average if not poor so far he needs a score tonight
  10. Yes it was pre booked originally there was no meeting planned for last nights date
  11. The racing was far better against Oxford but that’s how it goes some weeks, our reserves and Howarth dreadful were never looking likely to pass any BV riders and Lidsey, Cook, Kurtz and Bewley never going to pass Woffy or Holder
  12. Out of the home meetings so far it was defo the most dull as in passing wise but closest as a contest. Blodorn, Mountain and Bailey were so much better than Gilkes, Edwards and Howarth (heat 8 was embarrassing to watch) which meant BV could easily pack the 2nd and 3rd places. Always thought Tai and Jack could bang 5-1’s in heat 13 and 15 to keep it close and it was very close. Jack Holder rode a brilliant line in the super heat first lap which sealed the deal for the tigers. Onto the semi final I don’t think KL will be as much of a challenge with all due respect!
  13. Manifesto

    Brummies 2024...

    Hancock?! Nilsson, Wolbert, Rene Bach someone like that more likely
  14. Gate 3 hasn’t been terrible surprisingly first couple of meetings but could soon change. Kurtz and Lidsey go well at owlerton and Bewley could score 13 or 3 so he needs a good showing to keep it close i reckon. I hope Pickering misses gate a couple of times again as he was brilliant to watch last week 4 points didn’t do him justice. prediction 52-38 home win
  15. Manifesto

    Sheffield v Oxford 02/05/24

    Heat 3 he didn’t do a lot wrong Pickering rode a great line to pass him on last bend. He was on the pace but you let Woffy, Chris or Jack in front round Sheffield it’s very rare someone passes them

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