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  1. paulboy

    King's Lynn v Ipswich 05/07/21

    You think turning the sound on would give you an answer?
  2. paulboy

    Somerset 2020

    What a ridiculous statement, I could easily name half a dozen world class riders who didn't "stay fit", there's a lot of luck with any motor sport.
  3. paulboy

    Knockout Cup Draw

    From a financial point of view I would have thought the first round should have been regionalised? Poole v Somerset and Glasgow v Edinburgh would draw big crowds and much less travel, but maybe it's just the way the draw has worked out that highlights that to me!
  4. paulboy

    TV new deal?

    I'd rather have decent commentators but guess I'm in the minority.
  5. There's a lot of sense to that, got to be better than the current situation with loads of blank dates mid summer then lots of action on the cold/dark/wet nights! Loads of logistical problems though.
  6. Well not signing him didn't exactly work for the Pirates lol
  7. paulboy

    League Finals - new dates

    But they’ll probably ride the semi before the final, then again this is British Speedway......
  8. paulboy

    Torun 2019..

    The subject’s been done to death, each to their own, I think they’re dreadful!
  9. paulboy

    Torun 2019..

    They really are a painful listen!
  10. And they say Middlo’s not a good team manager lol
  11. That was the strangest meeting, Ipswich in control then seemed to totally forget how to gate as the track slickened off, but well done to the Pirates who suddenly remembered how to get out the traps. And he might have his critics but well done to Chris Harris for some sensational riding.
  12. I think you could say Pearson’s rather pleased with that result!
  13. Quoting a song title doesn’t really work if you get it wrong, unusual for the Chuckle Brothers lol
  14. Was that the B side of Holding back the Years?

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