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  1. andout

    Oldest Surviving World Finalists

    Oh dear....10 for me!
  2. andout

    Oldest Surviving World Finalists

    And another one gone as John Louis is no more.....very sad.
  3. andout


    Great to have it back up and up-to-date.....
  4. andout

    Un-official World Finals

    My post was three years ago.....I still have the programmes in my collection.
  5. andout

    Playoff Final

    Speedway Live updates.... https://speedwayupdates.proboards.com/thread/22223/oxford-leicester-ndl-final-2023?page=1&scrollTo=453234
  6. andout

    Programmes wanted

    I may just have a couple lying around.....I do have ALL the programmes you want but in my own collection except Teterow 2023.....Give me a little time and I'll go on a search for you.
  7. andout

    Programmes wanted

    Sorry, by your comment I thought you lived somewhere other than Europe / UK and I live in Canada. However the cost of postage from Canada is prohibitively expensive so sending you stuff from here is just not on.
  8. andout

    Programmes wanted

    Where are you located?
  9. andout

    SGP wild cards 2024

    Not being picky here but Doyle didn't "make the cut" he won the GP Challenge so will be rightfully there.
  10. Anyone know if a programme was already printed for this?
  11. andout

    R.i.p. Tom Farndon

    No idea... OK I got it.......
  12. andout

    R.i.p. Tom Farndon

    Well, my mother talked of Farndon often....her favourite rider in those days, my mother incidentally used to go to Speedway six times a week ALL in London! And yes, I did hear people talking about him at NX in the '60s.
  13. Friday 11/8 is the SON2 U21 Speedway of Nations, Poland are, of course, the reigning champs.
  14. andout

    Sounds interesting

    I assume you mean Speed - Fight - Excitement!
  15. That is not really the way it worked, GB had the the last choice....Zmarzlik and Madsen were already in heat 19......could have been any GB rider in that heat. It was manager's choice.

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