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  1. Noticed on the official FIM results that "Russia" was omitted alongside Sayfutdinov and Lagutas names.
  2. andout

    'the Donald' Trump

    They're just tourists!
  3. I feel sorry for anyone who gets your sperm......
  4. andout

    'the Donald' Trump

    You do dig up some crap......this is a few years old but if it suits your stupidity enjoy!
  5. I knew it.....I knew they shared a keyboard....the "Likes" were too quick from each other!
  6. andout

    Jack Geran

    It is with great sadness that I share with you Jack Geran’s peaceful passing. The family were with him Father’s Day and yesterday his daughter Sarah and granddaughter (me) were with him all day. Just as in speedway he was a favourite and much loved part of Ivydene residential home. Under the circumstances we have decided not to have a service for Dad. Instead we will hold a memorial in the future. Which we will keep you informed. Jack would want you all to enjoy the sunshine today and a cold beer. Thank you for all you support over these past few years. From the Geran family. SOURCE: World Speedway Riders Assoc....Facebook.
  7. andout

    Oldest Surviving World Finalists

    Sadly another drops off the list, Jack Geran died today.
  8. Where did I argue that Bluey's figures for annual deaths in Canada are wrong? I don't know whether they are right or wrong (he did not post his source). I attacked his post which read "Where are the dead bodies from this global scamdemic ?" 26,000 deaths in Canada from COVID will make hardly a dent in all the monthly figures he quotes over a year.
  9. Please tell Bluey that........ But seeing as you asked nicely.....here is what I have been following since there were 400,000 cases in the world. I'm sure you can and will pull it all apart but go ahead. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/ I have found it to be fairly accurate.
  10. Yet another stupid comment from you or is it Bluey.....
  11. I would imaging that is supposed to be an insult.......Try to grow up!
  12. I think you can do your own research as Bluey suggests!
  13. Already have done, I don't post without doing that. That is how I know its 26,000 deaths , not to mention of course I LIVE in Canada. People would like to know on here what your source is when you post crap!
  14. More BS propaganda from the local idiot......There has only been 26,000 deaths in Canada from COVID over the entire pandemic, so you would hardly see large fluctuations. Please cite your source.
  15. Thank You very much.....I really appreciate that.

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