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  1. chunky

    Knutsson v. Fundin 1961-65

    Years ago on here, there was a discussion on here about "the greatest of all-time", and it was amazing how many people just went for riders they'd seen. I made the point about Jack Young specifically. He retired before I was born, so no, I didn't get to see him, but I did state that it wouldn't prevent me from including him with the very best. Same with Farndon, Huxley, and Duggan...
  2. I just did a comparison... In 1981, it cost me £10 for a seat at the Wembley World Final. A tenner then is the equivalent of £56 today - so yes, those ARE ridiculous prices...
  3. Ooh, cynical, cynical...
  4. chunky

    Knutsson v. Fundin 1961-65

    Okay, just had a quick run-through of their clashes (only on their home tracks) from 1960 to 1964. This is what I found: 1960 Norwich - Fundin 9 - Knutson 1 1960 Soton - Fundin 3 - Knutson 1 1961 Norwich - Fundin 5 - Knutson 2 1961 Soton - Fundin 4 - Knutson 4 1962 Norwich - Fundin 5 - Knutson 1 1962 Soton - Fundin 6 - Knutson 8 1963 Norwich - Fundin 7 - Knutson 2 1963 Soton - Fundin 3 - Knutson 4 1964 Norwich - Fundin 4 - Knutson 3 1964 West Ham - Fundin 10 - Knutson 5 Overall - Fundin 56 - Knutson 31
  5. chunky

    Knutsson v. Fundin 1961-65

    But were either of them as good as your boy, Tom?
  6. chunky

    Only Three Scorers

    Happened more than once...
  7. chunky

    Only Three Scorers

    I don't think we can actually start an actual section; we would have to ask Phil if he could set it up in the "Years Gone By" section. However, it would be easy just to start a stats thread, which obviously, knowing the weird stuff people post/ask, would remain active.
  8. chunky

    Only Three Scorers

    I would LOVE that!
  9. Nowt new wi' these idiots, eh?
  10. Rather a sense of humor bypass than an intelligence bypass... Strange how I've continually debunked your crazy myths, isn't it?
  11. Rant? Dear me, you really don't have a clue, do you? Why don't you go back to your "General Discussions" thread, where you post the rest of you egotistical pigswill?
  12. Trust me, there is... I assume you have mirrors in your swamp? Spelling is important - particularly when it comes to names. It's all about respect, but of course, you would know nothing about that...
  13. Which can be said about a number of riders over the years, most notably Lee and Carter. As you say, Zmarzlik turned it on when it mattered.
  14. Who is "Woffendon"? The irony of embarrassment...
  15. You will never know. Talent is nowhere near as important as dedication and bloody hard work...
  16. Sorry, you'll never convince the idiots on here of that...
  17. chunky

    YOUR Hackney

    Um, that would be the Fray Bentos factory I mentioned...
  18. God, this forum is full of bloody miserable f*ckers, eh?
  19. Why don't you just copy and paste the same response after every GP? It would save time... Better still, you could go and watch Corrie instead, and leave us the hell alone...
  20. At least it wasn't won by a gating tart...
  21. What "attacks"? I clearly said that I am wrong, didn't I? Bloody United fans...
  22. Nah, you're imagining things...
  23. Nah, I'm sitting down, so I'm good!
  24. You really have to stop talking sense on here. The haters and idiots will be all over you...

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