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  1. Speedway fan

    Brummies Season Halted |

    refunds have been set up and you should get an email tonight from trybooking .
  2. Birmingham have successfully appealed allowing walk up entries at Perry Barr with Birmingham City Council as long as masks worn and socially distancing is maintained. Only the zones with remaining capacity will be offered so fans wanting their favourite spot are advised to use the on line ticketing at Trybooking.com Birmingham EDWARDS Plumbing Brummies1. Chris Harris c. 8.702. Valentin Grobauer 5.383. James Shanes 5.354. Ashley Morris 5.465. Erik Riss 8.416. Paco Castagna 4.937. Jack Thomas 2*TM : LAURENCE ROGERSRedcar Agilia bears.1. Charles Wright 9.35 (Captain)2. Anders Rowe 4.273. Michael Palm Toft 8.184. Jordan Stewart 5.745. Jake Allen 7.266. James Sarjeant. 3.907. Jordan Jenkins. 2*TM Jade MudgwayMSDL CHALL :BULLS1. ARRAN BUTCHER r/r (broken elbow)2. TIM COLLEY3. LUKE MUFF4. JACOB FELLOWSTM : LAURENCE ROGERSDRAGONS1. STEPHEN WHITEHOUSE2. BAILEY FELLOWS3. BEN PHILLIPS4. RYAN ASHCROFTTM : LAWRENCE FIELDING125cc DEMOS AFTER HTS 2,4,6BILLY BUDD , SETH NORMAN , HARRY FLETCHER
  3. not as yet but there will be soon
  4. same one as Eastbourne, Plymouth and Newcastle . Try Booking --very good company and very helpful
  5. system for programmes will be announced . as for smoking -- will ask the stadium what the rule will be . I believe the station is closed but will check on masks --it is down to each council and their rules plus the stadium owners . Reading the T+C's at other tracks there are some with and some without ,I know Eastbourne have had to add it or they would be closed down.
  6. thank you Neil .... other than the name there are no other details showing !! How many Mr Jones , Mr Preece are there etc and their information is protected , Only Try Booking and Birmingham Speedway have access to any sensitive data and as holders of an ICO data protection licence are bound by this . If someone doesn't want to book like the person above then they will not get in to watch their speedway .... that is their choice if they actually come to speedway or not .
  7. tables in bar now on the ticketing site ..only the BLUE ones are currently in use and available until restrictions are relaxed
  8. that is a council / stadium ruling ... several other tracks have the same restriction at the moment but hopefully that will be relaxed soon. Eastbourne have had to add this to their T+C's this week after their council imposed the ruling .
  9. really? so have you looked at every track's system then... every track has to use on line ticketing ..... can you let us know where people's names and booking information is being splashed please as this will be looked at . Most events nowadays have on line ticketing whether it be football, cricket, entertainment etc . So far everyone has says how easy a system this is to use . If your criticism of the system is in any way correct we will sort it but I am sceptical of your claims . Taking cash at the door is down to each local council and the majority have said it can't be done under current situations .
  10. Birmingham have opened their on-line ticket sales for their first three meetings : Weds June 2 v Redcar ; June 9 v Glasgow ; June 16th v Poole BIRMINGHAM v REDCAR (Championship KO Cup)Wednesday June 2, 2021https://www.trybooking.co.uk/BBXIBIRMINGHAM v GLASGOW (Championship)Wednesday June 9, 2021https://www.trybooking.co.uk/BBYDBIRMINGHAM v POOLE (Championship)Wednesday June 16, 2021https://www.trybooking.co.uk/BBYE
  11. Speedway fan

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    Col sent you a PM about this
  12. Speedway fan

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    need your full name and season ticket number as everyone on the list Peter sent me has been contacted ! can you message me please Col
  13. Speedway fan

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    hopefully going on sale next week as all season ticket holders have now been contacted to reserve their zone they watch from so numbers are now known in each zone to be sold as maximum numbers allowed in each zone
  14. Speedway fan

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    depends on the council and stadium restrictions ----not all will be the same . Masks will be required at some venues
  15. Speedway fan


    Virgin package gives BT Sport, Eurosport, Sky Sports and FreeSports .

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