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    MDL 2024 MDL SEASON STARTS WITH SHARED HONOURS The 2024 Midland Development League opening fixture at Leicester saw the honours shared as the Lion Cubs drew 18 apiece with the Birmingham Buffaloes. The Lions were forced into a late swap to a three man team using rider replacement for Ben Phillips when his machine failed the machine examination. Cubs captain Sonny Springer suffered an engine failure in heat 1 whilst having a battle with the opposition skipper Eli Meadows then reeled off three fine wins. 15 year old Jamie Etherington , who had made his National League debut for Middlesborough in the main meeting , had a troubled meeting after getting a 5-1 with Springer in heat 2 with two falls. Debutant rookie Harrison Rogers rode steadily with three second places to finish with 7 points. For the Birmingham SUPPORTERS CLUB Buffaloes skipper Eli Meadows lost his maximum chances in his last ride when Sonny Springer defeated him in heat 5. Debutant Max Broadhurst got better with every ride and secured his first race win in his final ride to finish on 6 . Another first time Will Boraston had three third places whilst Jake Breeze was beset by carburettor problems. Leicester Lion Cubs 18 ( Sonny Springer 4r 9 ; Harrison Rogers 4r 7, Jamie Etherington 3r 2+1) Birmingham SUPPORTERS CLUB Buffaloes 18 ( Eli Meadows 3r 8; Max Broadhurst 3r 6, Will Boraston 3r 3, Jake Breeze 3r 1+1)
  2. Speedway fan

    Brummies 2024...

    Leon had a night to forget .. puncture before his first ride , two chain breaks on the line then a fall ..... all part of the joys of speedway ! Steve had paid 6 from 3 rides but then fell in the same spot that had caught several riders out inc Emil !
  3. Speedway fan

    Brummies v Tigers 25/3

    forecast changing all the time ..... now shows a few morning showers which saves early watering .
  4. MIDLAND DEVELOPMENT LEAGUE 2024 The MDL 2024 will be contested by three clubs .. Birmingham DUCTAIR Bulls, Birmingham SUPPORTERS CLUB Buffaloes and the Leicester Cubs. It was hoped that a few other clubs would contest the league but unfortunately they are not committing to it despite interest from them. Some may be offering some challenge second halves later in the season so the three teams in the MDL should get additional fixtures. Last year the two Birmingham sides dominated the MDL finishing joint top but a planned play off was lost to the weather and the two sides are having a decider early season at Perry Barr to claim bragging rights for the new campaign! Birmingham will run MDL strength second halves all season with individuals and challenges for their expanding squads with several newcomers joining the ranks at Perry Barr with recruits from the local grass track scene where the club have a tie up with the Formula Grass Association . Additionally the club have a new recruit from moto cross joining their ranks having been tempted to give speedway a try. The teams will meet home and away twice. Under a change to the rules clubs can use a National League rider up to a 5 point average but will give chances to young riders aiming to put themselves in the shop window for the NL. League co-ordinator Laurence Rogers is looking forward to giving as many young riders important track time as possible, “ It would have been good to have had a few more clubs joining our ranks but some have decided to just do their own thing. The league is a stepping stone for young riders and the more track time they get the better and thank you to Leicester for coming on board to ensure this league survived . There are lots of young riders out there and at Birmingham we do what we can to develop them and give them the opportunity to ride in a team. We will be running two teams again with separate squads and continue the friendly rivalry we have between the Bulls and the Buffaloes and look forward to the clashes with the Leicester Cubs.” MDL FIXTURES 2024 MDL FIXTURES 2024 MON 1 APRIL FGA INDIVIDUAL MON 15 APRIL BIRMINGHAM BULLS V LEICESTER CUBS A FIXTURE SUN 21 APRIL LEICESTER CUBS V BIRMINGHAM BUFFALOES A FIXTURE SUN 12 MAY LEICESTER CUBSV BIRMINGHAM BULLS A FIXTURE MON 13 MAY BIRMINGHAM BUFFALOES V BIRMINGHAM BULLS A FIXTURE SUN 19 MAY LEICESTER CUBS V BIRMINGHAM BUFFALOES B FIXTURE MON 27 MAY BIRMINGHAM BULLS V BIRMINGHAM BUFFALOES A FIXTURE MON 3 JUNE BIRMINGHAM BUFFALOES V LEICESTER CUBS A FIXTURE SUN 23 JUNE LEICESTER CUBS V BIRMINGHAM BULLS B FIXTURE MON 24 JUNE BIRMINGHAM BULLS V BIRMINGHAM BUFFALOES B FIXTURE MON 8 JULY BIRMINGHAM BUFFALOES V BIRMINGHAM BULLS B FIXTURE MON 22 JULY BIRMINGHAM BULLS V LEICESTER CUBS B FIXTURE MON 12 AUG BIRMINGHAM BUFFALOES V LEICESTER CUBS B FIXTURE
  5. Speedway fan

    Premiership 2024 Confirmed Signings

    Lampart is 6.00 not 5
  6. Speedway fan

    New Speedway Books.

    There has been the Bernie Persson Story-- THE BLACK COUNTRY SWEDE out this year and still available
  7. efforts were made but no dates were suitable when all the riders were not riding elsewhere
  8. Speedway fan


    no ...NOT a junior meeting although the 2nd half has the MDL play off final DUCTAIR Bulls v SUPPORTERS CLUB Buffaloes . Teams due to be announced later
  9. ON LINE TICKETS ,.........https://www.trybooking.co.uk/CLFI
  10. The 2023 British Under 19 Final, which was cancelled after heat 4 on the 28th June due to rain, has been rearranged to be again be hosted at Official Birmingham Speedway on Wednesday 25th October. The revised line up is as follows (in draw order) 1. Nathan Ablitt 2. Luke Killeen 3. Ben Trigger 4. Max Perry 5. Jake Mulford (TBC) 6. Max James 7. Dan Thompson (TBC) 8. Ace Pijper 9. Luke Harrison 10. Jody Scott 11. Joe Thompson 12. Sam McGurk 13. Mickie Simpson 14. Vinnie Foord 15. Ashton Boughen 16. Freddy Hodder Reserves 17) Ashton Vale 18) Mark Parker The Young Lions would like to thank the Birmingham Promotion for their determination to host this event and the BSP Ltd for their support, along with the support of our sponsors and the Birmingham supporters. We would also like to give credit to all the riders for their keenness to ride in such a big event in the last week of the 2023 season. #BackTheBrits
  11. Speedway fan


  12. 2 guests ?? Billy Budd was a guest. Ashton Vale is eligible for MDL and not in any other side ? Jake Breeze has been riding for Buffaloes . This fixture could have been run when Birmingham were at Redcar a few weeks before but there was a NJL match and on that occasion the Buffaloes had a full side available . This was a one off when the squad were not able to travel
  13. There will be a one off play off final ... there will be a toss of a coin to decide who is the "home " team in red and blue and the "away" team in white and yellow and which side of the pits they get!!
  14. BIRMINGHAM BUFFALOES WIN AT REDCAR TIES UP TOP OF TABLE WITH BIRMINHAM BULLS ,… TITLE TO BE DECIDED AS PLAY OFF FINAL The two Birmingham MDL sides will meet in a play off final at the Alan Grahame Memorial meeting against Cradley after the SUPPORTERS CLUB BUFFALOES took victory at Redcar 21-15 to finish level in the table with the DUCTAIR BULLS. The final fixture at Redcar saw the Buffaloes without the majority of their squad for various reasons and they ended up with a 3 man team when Jack Shimelt was unavailable due to work commitments. The trio included 15 year old Ashton Vale making his MDL debut and the Kent Royals recruit notched up 11 points defeated only by Redcar debutant Senna Summers, son of former rider Aaron Summers. Bulls skipper 16 year old Billy Budd guested for the Buffaloes with 9+2 with Summers spoiling his maximum chances in heat 6. But amazingly this was the Redcar’s first competitive speedway rides and the youngster looks to be a good prospect. Jake Breeze , a newcomer to speedway this year and recruited through the club’s tie up with the Formula Grass Association (FGA) , got better with each ride getting his confidence back after a bad crash on the grass . He claimed his first points in heat 6 and is another one for the future. REDCAR GALLAGER CUBS 15 ( Senna Summers 3r 7, Katie Gordon 3r 3+1, Edward Davison 3r 3+1, Dan McTeer 3r 2) BIRMINGHAM SUPPORTERS CLUB BUFFALOES 21 ( Ashton Vale 4r 11, Billy Budd 4r 9+2, Jake Breeze 4r 1+1, Jack Shimelt R/R) TABLE : M W D L F A PTS =1. BIRMINGHAM BULLS 4 3 0 1 76 59 6 =1. BIRMINGHAM BUFFALOES 4 3 0 1 80 64 6 3. REDCAR BEAR CUBS 4 0 0 4 51 84 0

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