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  1. AlanF

    Belle Vue 2018

  2. AlanF

    Belle Vue 2018

  3. AlanF

    Terror Attack, Las Vegas

    Politicians are there to represent the people. The people want their guns! In the office I work in, one of the managers even has his ammunition delivered to the office. I know of several people who keep a gun in their desk at work. The Brit in me thinks it is ridiculous and wants to ban guns. American's don't think that way and no politician would get away with banning them, so they don't try. You may as well have a British politician running on a platform of abolishing the NHS. You will get a majority who want stricter background checks over who is able to buy a gun, but not over what they are able to buy.
  4. AlanF

    Eu Snub Catalonia Referendum

    I think that this is never going to happen. Both sides have too much to lose if Catalonia became independent. They will negotiate and the end result will be more devolved power and Catalonia keeps more of its tax revenue. Catalonia saves face because it got a better deal and Spain saves face because it kept Catalonia in Spain. Hopefully the negotiations take long enough that the Spanish football team implode at the World Cup! Not sure what the whole thing has to do with EU in the slightest.
  5. AlanF


    How do you define a "perfectly good Championship league". The current system is unsustainable. Glasgow have to run this week with four guests and rider replacement. Something has to change.
  6. AlanF

    Terror Attack, Las Vegas

    From 2008 to 2010 all three branches of government were in Democrat hands and nothing got done. The Nevada state Senate and House are both Democrat and haven't done anything. It's too easy to blame NRA and Republicans. I know plenty of Democrats who own multiple guns.
  7. AlanF

    Terror Attack, Las Vegas

    Totally agree. If i was a relative of a victim, I would also be suing the hotel. How you can let somebody check in with all that weaponry defies logic.
  8. AlanF

    Terror Attack, Las Vegas

    He was using modified semi automatic which is illegal. Want to stress again, I would love all guns to be banned, so not defending the gun laws at all.
  9. AlanF

    Terror Attack, Las Vegas

    I hate guns and wish they would be eliminated altogether, but you can't really pin this one on Trump. Obama had 8 years an couldn't get anything done. At the end of the day Americans are fiercely protective of their right to bear arms, both Republican and Democrat leaning. Incidentally, the weapon used by the shooter in Las Vegas is already illegal in all 50 states.
  10. AlanF

    Football 2017-18

    Fabulous opening day for Atlanta United's new stadium last night. I've been to many stadiums across the world but I have never seen anything like it. The 360 degrees video screens are amazing. $2 for a hot dog and $4 for a coke with free refills. Crucial point when you are going with your human dustbin 14 year old son. Day capped off nicely by winning 3-0. Nice to have a great day before getting hit by the edges of Hurricane Irma today. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8qoGP1NNJwY
  11. AlanF

    Nfl Season 2017/2018

    Looking forward to the new Falcons stadium. Hopefully they don't have a hangover from last year. Will be at the new stadium this weekend to watch Atlanta Utd.
  12. You have to treat them as individuals rather than lumping all Aussiea in the same bucket. We have freedom of speech but that does not absolve you from reprisals for exercising that freedom. I support the riders rights to criticize British speedway and i equally support British speedway's right to take action against them for doing it. I know for certain that if I post negative comments about my employer on social media, then I am subject to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.
  13. AlanF

    Radicalized On Internet

    People who are not curious about finding information and do not educate themselves are susceptible to radicalization, regardless of whether they are suffering from depression. The internet makes smart people smarter and dumb people dumber. My wife is s psychiatric nurse practitioner and mental illness is s huge issue. Prisons are ful of people who wouldn't be there if they had been properly diagnosed and treated earlier in life.
  14. AlanF

    Time To Crack Down On The Aussies?

    In football terms, the UK is the Championship and Poland is the Premier League. My local team Oxford Utd, may bring in some young foreign player that turns out to be very good. I am under no illusions that he will not move to a Premier League team if they make an offer. That doesn't mean that I didn't enjoy the time that he played for Oxford. In every sport, he who pays the most money calls the tune. At the moment, the UK is a training ground for riders to get good enough to chase the big money. It will continue to be so until UK speedway's fortunes improve or the Polish bubble bursts. Banning Aussies because they will eventually leave is just cutting off our nose to spite our face.
  15. Going from other posts on the various threads it would appear that riders got 200 for riding at Peterborough and Jack Holder got 900 a point for riding in Poland. If that is the case then there is only ever going to be one winner. Seems a bit pointless British Speedway even trying to compete head on with that kind of money. Surely it is time for the UK to accept that weekends are a no go for British Speedway above the NL level. Combined with all the doubling up, fixed race nights across the leagues are essential. Monday and Wednesday for Premier League and Tuesday, Thursday, Friday for Championship. We simply have to get to the point where we run on nights where the riders are available. Given the discrepancy in the money, expecting riders to be committed to the UK when there is a clash is not very realistic. We can talk about they have a contract, but the contract doesn't seem to matter when a Promoter wants to make a change to the team.

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