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  1. scarletrider

    Vic harding

    Forever remembered by all of Sunderland Speedway. "That lovely Lad" . R.I.P. Vic. Bob and Molly
  2. scarletrider

    Rider Rivalries

    You are dead right Steve, great days!! "The Mackem"
  3. Only in Speedway can a team scoring the most points end up as second best. And they wonder why the sport is on it's knees!!! Aside from that, some great racing. "The Mackem"
  4. Ref. Lindgren. 15 meetings rode - 7 homes, 8 away. Apart from four big double figure scores (all at home = 58 pts) Leaving 19 pts from remaining home meetings. Rode 8 away meetings for 29 pts, giving an average of 3.62 pts per meeting. Facts, not opinions. "The Mackem"
  5. scarletrider

    Ivan R.I.P.

    A sad, sad loss to the whole speedway world. R I P Ivan. Bob Ferry
  6. One particular Newcastle rider has an annoying habit of completely ignoring the crowd, instead he seems to prefer to gaze at the empty back straight during the riders introductions. Much prefer the two teams walking out together and acknowledging the fans who pay their wages, walking out as a team, not as individuals. Please do away with the currant intro's and back to the old style parades......come out as a team lads - and give the fans a wave. "The Mackem"
  7. scarletrider

    Sunderland Reunion 2017

    Another highly successful Reunion. Many thanks to all those who attended and contributed in making it a night to remember. Hope to see you all again next year when Brian and Sue will be back to organising the event. Bob "The Mackem"
  8. scarletrider

    Sunderland Reunion 2017

    Many thanks Gustix, we live in hope! "The Mackem"
  9. scarletrider

    Sunderland Reunion 2017

    Sunderland are to host another pre-Xmas reunion on Saturday the 28th October. Tickets are £20 each and include a sit down three course meal. There will also be a giant raffle, memorabilia and a chance to meet and talk with the riders past and present. Tickets are available now. Contact myself or "The White Knight" for further details. "The Mackem"
  10. scarletrider

    Your Memories Of Kiwis In The Uk (1970-90)

    Thank's Steve. Bob
  11. scarletrider

    Your Memories Of Kiwis In The Uk (1970-90)

    Hi Tony. In my two books about Jack Millen, "Crazy Jack" and "Both Sides Of The Track", you will find plenty of interesting tales of Jack and his pal Jim Wells. You are welcome to using any material from these books. Cheers Bob Ferry Hi
  12. scarletrider

    Newcastle 2017

    With regard to wikipedia, ref Sunderland Speedway. In 1971- 1974, Sunderland Stars/ Gladiators raced in the British League Division 2, not the National League as stated. 71 - 73 they rode as the "Stars", then in 74 as the "Gladiators". Among the notable riders were Russ Dent, George Barclay and Jack Millen. "The Mackem"
  13. scarletrider

    Sunderland Speedway Memories

    The foreign writing is still dotted around the sight Ian, and photographs part covering some text. Shame our hard work is made to look "Mickey Mouse". I suspect the person who has done this is known to us, and I hope they are shame faced - have some decency man! "The Mackem"
  14. I vividly remember my first, and my last visits to see speedway at my local track, Boldon Stadium, Sunderland. The first was Sunderland v Newcastle in 1964. I remember the stadium was packed to the gunnals, we had to fight for a viewing space. One rider dominated the meeting - Ivan Mauger, Mr 100% record around the Boldon track in three meetings. My last visit was a very sad day, we all knew the track was closing down. Brian Havelock won the last race at Sunderland - and then I stood, in a trance as the stadium emptied, and the silence took over. No more roaring engines - just silence. And it's that silence that really gets to me after all these years. I've visited the Stadium many times since, I just gaze at the Stadium searching for memories, all I hear is the silence and the ghosts of the past. I stand where I stood all those years ago selling raffle tickets, shouting "Raffle tickets, two for a bob". Was it all a dream? Great memories, we never had a great team - but they were our team, and we loved them all. "The Mackem"
  15. I was told years ago by a well respected rider - "Part of a speedway riders job, is to learn how to ride under all track conditions, wet, dry, deep or slick". Something it would seem, that not all of the Diamonds were prepared to do last night! "The Mackem"

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