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    The first area of coaching as far as British riders is concerned is making starts. This is something which has plagued us over numerous years. It is not just a matter of reaction to the tapes going up but getting to the first turn ahead of the opposition, driving out the second bend then completing the move at bend three which, quite often than not, is where the race is won. Just look at Nicki Pedersen. Comentators are telling you that this gate and that gate are not working but he can make every gate work. Often, he doesn't make the start from the gate but is there at the first bend and beyond.
  2. tocha

    2 Leagues Next Year

    This sort of arrangement was introduced in 1995 whereby divisions 1 and 2 were combined into one league. This didn't work as all that happened was that the former top division teams finished at the top and the lower at the bottom end. In fact Middlesborough dropped out altogether mid-season because they couldn't compete. Therefore I don't believe that combining the two leagues would work. However I can visualise a situation whereby a two-league system could operate between the Premier and Conference Leagues. At present there are 10 clubs competing in the Conference League but all, but three, are 'stand-alone' clubs. Scunthorpe have already applied to join the Premier League next year. It is clear that the clubs which are not part of promotions running in higher leagues have a different agenda form those which are. Their primary aim is to win the league etc. instead of being an outlet to train youngsters and create a feed to the parent team. The Elite League in its current format cannot support ten teams who can run at a competitive level. Oxford having to withdraw then problems experienced by Belle Vue, Ipswich and, more recently, Reading have demonstrated this. With the resources available, meaning the number of overseas riders prepared to commit themselves to a full season, our Elite League can only run to eight teams. We have been in this situation before, of course, but it doesn't provide a great deal of variety of opposition. Also, I am not sure Sty TV would be happy with this arrangement. A squad system could be considered as, I believe, that a few riders who we don't see in the UK would be prepared to ride here as long as they could restrict their meetings. I have no idea how the system works in Sweden but the top two riders in our Elite League clubs could be shared positions in some cases. For example, Ipswich could bring in both Hampel and Gollob but not both at the same time. In situations where neither was available RR would be the alternative option. In summary I realise this is all a fudge but when we are in a situation where their are too few riders and not enough money there has to be a compromise.
  3. Good performance from Scott who has come on strongly over the last three GPs and should now finish comfortably in the top eight. Chris was unlucky as he was leading when Hans went down but Hans is not an round -the-outside rider. Sam summed it up by saying Chris did not have a plan for the re-run by trying to close in on the first bend rather than stick to the outside. Pity because he could have reached the semis then who knows what. He will have to put in some solid performances for the rest of the series. He has lost touch with the top five and is in danger of being sucked into the chasing group. Can't make out what is wrong with Greg, although we saw the true rider at last in his final heat. No-one seems to know his reasons for parting company with Reading and he has not been the same rider since. It is a shame that Leigh appears to have left it too late this year. He will need Nicki to have a disasterous meeting if he is to win the title. I was at the Lakeside-Swindon match the other week and couldn't recall anyone sweeping to such an effortless maximum there before.
  4. tocha


    Jason is a wonderful rider but in his heyday in the GPs he was often under the shadow of Tony Rickardsson. Now he is coming up against an even more determined opponent - Nicki Pedersen. Nicki, I believe is the natural successor to Trick and could become the most accomplished rider the world has seen.
  5. tocha

    Swc Final

    Summed up very well. Bearing in mind that GB is supposed to be the 4th richest nation in the world it is staggering how poorly we perform in all aspects of sport, along with, just about everything else. Speedway, merely, slots into the norm. If you want to create a series of competitions in which we excel then select from:- teenage pregnancies obesity alcoholism divorce illiteracy political correctness texting We could do quite well in these as long as it does not become too competitive!
  6. Yes the line-up is poor. It looks like Jonsson won't be in the team now and, in any case, Sweden do not have many riders of quality to choose from anyway. As for the USA - why isn't Hamill riding as I haven't heard that he is injured. If Team GB can't dominate this lot then it is a sad day for British Speedway. Watch out for the Ruskies though. A couple of their riders looked very impressive in the Under 21 quarter final qualifier at Rye House last month. Let's face it if they can get round that tight circuit they can certainly spring a few surprises at Brandon.
  7. Middlo should have a pretty good idea of his five riders for the opening world cup qualifier at Coventry. Harris, Nicholls, Howe and Kennett look certainties. Because of home track advantage I would go for Olly Allen for the fifth spot. At long last Messrs Screen, Louis, Havelock and the relatively young Richardson demonstated that they are past it.
  8. The best thing about this meeting is that we have reached an era when the older established riders were at last put in their place. Perhaps we are at a time similar to the early 70's whereby stalwarts like the Boococks, Wilson etc. were suceeded by fresh young riders and world beaters such as Collins, Jessup, Morton, Davis and Lee. Is Chris Harris the new Peter Collins? Incidentally, did anyone see the golf tournamount which followed the speedway tonight featuring Dave Jessup
  9. To begin with, apart from having the 'wizard of oz' on his kevlars, has Tai declared publicly his allegiance? The fact he is competing in the GB rounds and that Rye House have him declared as a British rider must have some bearing. However if it is perceived that there is any doubt in his mind all stops must be pulled to ensure he remains so. This lad is one of the most exciting talents seen in recent years from anywhere in the World. To my mind he ranks alongside Peter Collins, Dave Jessup, Billy Sanders, Michael Lee and Jason Crump from the point of view of progress made at such a young age.

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