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  1. You get plenty of football matches that are shocking, i`m sure we have all been to enough speedway meetings to know we were never going to be in for a classic last night after hrs of rain. I thought £20 was an ok price, you pay £16 for a regular meeting for 15 heats. Last night was 22 heats with a high quality field.
  2. Was a long old night... But after a few months of no speedway i was just happy to hear and smell speedway bikes again Thank god they didnt mess about with the rider introductions and got on with heat 1 otherwise it could have been a midnight finish. Maybe they should go for a Sunday lunchtime start next season. FTM did great to even get the meeting on after all the rain, it was always going to be a meeting where the outside of the track was going to be a bit of a "no go" area and who wants to risk it this early on. I wasn't so sure over Mr Pedersens performance , if he wasn't first or second then he didnt want to know and pulled into the centre green, then after the race managed to ride the bike back to the pits.maybe there is more to it but personlly i doubt it and from last night i think Jason is on for another world title. The final was a farce and you would never see Harris fall on his own like that but the delay in getting the riders out and the drizzle made the track really tricky to ride. Not a meeting that will be remembered by many, but the weather really did the damage. I`m sure the riders just enjoyed getting a few races in.
  3. Great to see Scotty in action at Brandon so early in the season.
  4. To be fair though its only £5 more than normal and if its a world class field then i don't think people will mind paying up a few extra pounds for it. The sooner they start putting a few names our way the better.
  5. Does anybody know the date that they give the line up for next seasons gp's?
  6. Ross

    Coventry V Hull 13th October 1979

    Does anybody have any pictures of this meeting.
  7. Ross

    Ole Olsen Youtube Clip

    I was just saying what ole said on the clip that he owed so much to england, This was true in terms of his riding days and you can't knock him for the way the GP series has developed and we all love going to Cardiff but in terms of domestic speedway the gp`s have hit us hard. In no way is this though all down to Ole, the way the sport is run over here is at times mindblowing. He wants the GP competition to be as good as it can be just the way he did himself to become the rider he was.
  8. Ross

    Ole Olsen Youtube Clip

    Did he not suggest shutting down British Speedway for a season or to a while back
  9. Ross

    Ole Olsen Youtube Clip

    I know 26 years is along time but the bit at 6.38 into the clip about how he owes so much to England !! The gp`s have shafted England big time.
  10. Ross

    Bees 87 & 88 Video/dvd

    Hi, Does anybody know where i can get the Bees 87 & 88 season review on dvd/video? Thanks in advance Ross
  11. Ross

    Ole Olsen Youtube Clip

    Whats more shocking is that it is nearly 26 years since this meeting. I feel old now
  12. Ross

    British Riders

    In all honesty i think its the best thing that could happen for Scott, The gp's are just a financial drain from what they say unless you are in the top few. You can count on 1 hand the top guys for the next few seasons. Emil has showed that age isnt a problem and it may bring Tai on a bit. The problem i have with the gp's is that you know its going to be Crump and Pedersen and maybe 1 or 2 will get close to them, after that its just a competition to try and finish in the top 8 so you can try again the following season ....to get in the top 8 There are far to many average riders and the wild cards are stupid (apart from Scotty fopr cardiff next season). So i say Harris and Tai for 2010
  13. Ross

    Scott Nicholls

    “I'm disappointed about not being picked, but more importantly I think it is pretty bad management that I haven't even had the decency of a call from Rob,” Nicholls said. “When I originally met Rob, I said I wanted to race for my country, but he phoned me and said I was having a tough time right now and perhaps it was best I didn't. “OK, so he was giving the youngsters the chance, that's fine by me. But I never said I didn't want to be part of the team that rode in the Race-Off. “So imagine my surprise when I don't even get a call from him, not a word. He hasn't spoken to me since the phone call to say I wouldn't be in the original five that started at Peterborough. http://www.british-speedway.co.uk/news.php?extend.2576.13 http://www.british-speedway.co.uk/gbsquad.html As part of the squad, being told that not being in the side for the Peterborough meeting, does Scott prepare for the race-off meeting or not then? A lack of communication has played a big part in this problem. I can see why Scott has reason to be annoyed, he is named captain of the squad in March, then not only to be considered for the starting line up for the 1st meeting isnt a big enough kick in the teeth but then not a word about the race-off when Lee Richardson was very aware that he was going to be in the line up for the Thursday meeting, otherwise i am not so sure we would have seen him in the pits that night , but then again i could be wrong. Is seems it was made clear scott wasnt needed around by the sounds of it for the peterborough meeting, He isnt going to invite himself really after show of faith and support like that. Following on Chris Harris`s comments in the star this week seem to sum up the mood, you can see why he has said it as he wants to remain captain now(well, the 2 or 3 meetings a season). " if we can keep this team together and the boys keep getting more experience, we could have a bright future. People have there own views on Scott but as a Speedway rider he is one of the best we have, this season has been poor but it will be intresting to see where he finishes up compared to the other british riders. Next season what happens if Scott has a storming start, it can't be as poor as this season. What does Rob Lyon do then?, Scott Nicholls Isn't finished by a long shot, the next generation of riders are few seasons away from being anywhere near to Scotts level.
  14. I think you should get a warning paulco You missed Scott Nicholls, Pearson & Tatum just shout, out of it You are right though, the once mighty BSF is no more. Be even worse now the schools are on the summer holidays.

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