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  1. Sir Sidney

    Tigers /Aces

    Poland and Sweden not started yet so more options maybe?
  2. Sir Sidney

    Aces v Sheffield 01/04/24

    Yes, but only light rain until 1pm. With a dry day yesterday I'm sure the track can take s substantial amount of rain I can't see it being cancelled because of the forecast - a different matter if the rain on site is heavier than forecast
  3. Sir Sidney

    Aces v Sheffield 01/04/24

    As ever, depends which forecast you look at. Met Office one isn't too bad currently. I guess we just have to wait and see
  4. Sir Sidney

    Birmingham v Oxford Mon 1st April PL

    It's used as a qualifying round for the Grand Prix rather than just an open meeting I think, so reasonable justification for him to ride in it
  5. Sir Sidney

    Plymouth Gladiators 2024

    Is it only me that feels a tad sympathetic towards Plymouth? They sign a 7 MSN team and through no fault of their own the number 1 is injured pre season. As a result of moving to Saturday race night there are few, if any, suitable replacements. I wonder if it would have been easier to get a replacement for Tuesdays? They do a load of work on the track, and are met with a very wet winter, meaning, perhaps unsurprisingly, it hasn't dried out in time. Who'd be a promoter in a sport that is not a great money earner if not a loss maker?
  6. Sir Sidney

    Swindon Stadium

    Not determined until 18 April I think
  7. Sir Sidney

    Plymouth Gladiators 2024

    Did Richie pay the fine? If not the ban time will not expire will it?
  8. Sir Sidney

    Premiership Media Day

    The Sun has Search Results for "speedway" | Page 1 | The Sun 'They should pay us to FIGHT' - Three-time world champion blasts bosses but fans hit back at 'poison dwarf' | The Sun
  9. Sir Sidney

    Premiership Media Day

    And Tai's good point, about what gets the most views, is lost because of his delivery. We all know all the key promoters of the past encouraged their riders to put on a show, to encourage apparent controversy. However, in my view, his inability to hardly speak a sentence without swearing has become the talking point - rather than the launch of the season in a more professional way.
  10. Sir Sidney

    Premiership Media Day

    Well, I suspect most of us were taken to speedway by a parent or adult when we were not old enough to go on our own to start with. I'd suggest that is a fairly big market that Oxford, for example, have been very high profile about targeting, and where swearing will not be prevalent. Would any other youth or older potential supporters who may well swear themselves have been put off if the press conference hadn't involved swearing? I doubt it The sport is trying to relaunch its self over here, to be more professional, to appeal to the media and to gain more sponsors. On balance I suspect the number put off by a top rider swearing regularly on camera will exceed those who are attracted. If not, why don't the stars of all sports swear on camera as a matter of course?
  11. Sir Sidney

    Premiership Media Day

    Yes, we are talking about him when the idea was to launch the British season in a new and professional way. How many media outlets or sponsors would now be able to use that content? None I suspect.
  12. Sir Sidney

    Leicester TV

    https://www.leicesterlionstv.com/ It's up now
  13. Sir Sidney

    Peterborough Panthers 2023

    Keep the pressure up on the Council to enforce the Local Plan. If a new stadium is required then AEPG should pay for it. AEPG wants everyone to give up. Don't give up.
  14. Sir Sidney

    Swindon Robins 2024 team predictions

    If it ever turns out to be true, and that's a big 'if' given the history, then the good news would be that the proposed new site is closer to Swindon than might have been envisaged
  15. Sir Sidney

    The Tarasenko 5 point Rule.

    Given the star names are used to this procedure in Poland and GPS I doubt they will be the ones caught out

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