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  1. sidewinder

    Redcar V Edinburgh 14/6/24

    Should be a close meeting, if its on (excellent chance it will be). So many of the monarchs, go as well at Redcar, as they do at Armadale, (some better I think). A lot depends on Danny King will he be on it. I'm thinking last heat decider, probably going the way of the monarchs. Lets hope the weather plays ball and we get to find out.
  2. Didn't Dan Gilkes cop a nasty injury at Scunthorpe last year, seemed to be out of action, for quite a while.
  3. Can anyone say, if the new track team, are the same one's who prepared the track, before Terry.
  4. I think that whatever material had been on the track, was beginning to disappear, after that. Charles Wright was even struggling and trying to make changes after 2 races.
  5. I believe, it was the first meeting, for the new track curation team and judging by the * slickness* of the track, it was a long way from what the riders, are used to.
  6. Needs to be a marked improvement Dave, from the majority of the team. Unless that happens, all I can see, as you say, is a straight forward Scorpions win.
  7. sidewinder

    Redcar 2024

    Point taken, with regard to the injuries. I'm taking the positive view, that they will recover, well. Any way I don't expect Connor Coles not to have been snapped up.
  8. sidewinder

    Redcar 2024

    Team I would like to see at Redcar, next season. Hope I have got the averages right, with British reductions Danny King 8.41 Charles Wright 7.80 Thom Jorgensen 6.30 Connor Bailey 5.22 Jason Edwards 4.55 Jake Mulford 3.06 Connor Coles 2.63 Equals 37.97
  9. sidewinder

    Redcar 2024

    Would love Luke at Redcar, but from what I hear, he's going elsewhere.
  10. sidewinder

    Redcar 2024

    Hodder, allegedly, at Berwick. Harrison believed to be at Scunny.
  11. sidewinder

    Redcar 2024

    Thats a given
  12. For most of the meeting, it was as difficult, as I have seen it, in a long while. Do not no why that was.
  13. sidewinder

    KOC SF: Scunny v Redcar 29.09

    Agree Yerbs. Can only see, an easy Scorpions win. A stroll around the EWR for scunny. Bears might get 30, but leave second leg irrelevant.
  14. Quite agree, but also will there be enough eligible riders, available to cover, those who are missing.
  15. sidewinder

    Championship Pairs - Sep 1st

    Not arf, they will.

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