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That's difficult to say, because Paradise Wildlife Park have been maintaining the Museum at their expense anyway. There were a lot of problems originally over sorting out the accounts - mainly due to everyone's local bank taking almost a year to actually set up the account! Now that has at last been sorted out, there will be proper accounting and cross-charging. I'll probably be able to answer your question better in a month or so.

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The money collected went towards part of the building costs and the fitting out and formed the original budget for the running costs - insurance, purchase of books, promotional material, some objects, etc., but, on its own, would not have been enough to provide the museum we have.


£70,000 was raised from donations; the building costs exceeded £120,000. The land was given free of charge.


I believe that the Speedway Museum should be really grateful to Pete Sampson for the donation of the land. Had we had to pay for it - there would definately be no Museum - land prices being what they are today. I would be obliged if you could advise whether or not the short fall has to be repaid to the Wild Life Park - or - is this extra £50,000 a philanthropic gift from Peter or some other source. As we have no income other than donations - how can the Museum repay this if it is a loan.

My reason for asking is, that whilst accepting that the Museum is physically part of the Wild Life Park - surely - the Museum must be, in a business sense, independant of the Wild Life Park. Do the Directors of the Museum have total freedom to do (within reason) whatever they wish with it - OR - do they have to seek permission from the Wild Life Park for any actions they wish to take.

In closing, may I ask if the Memorial Garden is still part of the Museum, this is important to me personally.

I am hoping to visit the Museum this year.


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The other question is whether the loan of the land is intended to be temporary or permanent. Is the museum a temporary exhibit or a feature of the Park in the eyes of Pete Sampson?

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The money for building and setting up the Museum was a gift. The Museum is independent in the sense it sets its own policy for acquisition, disposal, display, sales, etc. etc. and is run by independent Trustees and a working committee.


The land has been given on a 20 or 25 year lease - I can't quite remember which off hand. It has to have this (and also independence of action) to be able to qualify for accreditation as a Government recognised museum. Peter and Wild Life Park are fully behind seeking accreditation.


The Memorial Garden is part of the Wildlife Park and not part of the Museum and always has been - it was there years before the Museum was even thought of.

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