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On ‎8‎/‎2‎/‎2023 at 11:01 AM, Bear_Bottom said:
We are delighted to announce that with the help and support of Redcar Speedway and the BSPA a new date for the Stuart Robson Farewell Meeting sponsored by RMCS RACING has been announced for Saturday 30th September with a 5pm start time.
We had originally planned to run at the start of 2024, but after discussions have now agreed this new date.
Plans will now start again for the event, and we will be hoping as many Speedway fans as possible will come out and support a true British Speedway star who has had rotten luck getting this event on.
All current sponsors will be contacted next week.
If anyone is interested in some advertising or sponsorship for the meeting, please drop us an email at Robbos Farewell@hotmail.com



On ‎9‎/‎8‎/‎2023 at 11:53 PM, szkocjasid said:

Can Redcar use their track twice in a week? Since the KOC S/F (& possibly final) plus play-offs need to be arranged, I'm surprised this date was allowed. Hopefully for Robbo's sake it isn't cancelled again

With the KOC semi at Scunthorpe being on the 29th, the 30th was mentioned for the 2nd leg & even the "Head Honcho" Rob Godfrey could not back track on this date as it is a "collective" that makes the decisions.

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Next rider announced for the Stuart Robson Farewell Meeting sponsored by Rentruck is one of the busiest men around at the moment Jason Edwards
Edwards who has been a success story for the Redcar Bears in 2023 has agreed to rider for Robbo and is someone the home crowd will no doubt cheer on
“Jamie and Gavin speak so highly of Jason, and I’m delighted he has been able to join us.” said Robbo
“He has landed some nice guest bookings recently, and that shows that promoters are taking notice. He travels a long way for home matches, and the visit to Scunthorpe the day before has helped secure Jason. I’m looking forward to see how he gets on”.
Jason will be sponsored for the event by HARTBURN GARAGE with his tyre and fuel sponsored by ALLYSON AND COLIN POOLE
Jason will wear racejacket 15 and this is now available for bids by emailing robbosfarewell@hotmail.com


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Next rider announced for the Stuart Robson Farewell Meeting next Saturday 30th September at Redcar sponsored by Rentruck is LUKE HARRISON
Luke has been in the Redcar line up for the last few months of the season and has won the hearts of the local fans with his efforts in the reserve berth and Robbo wanted to give him a place in the line-up
“As everyone knows I like to help the young kids coming through, and Luke fits into that category perfectly. He was due to appear in my meeting in a previous attempt as part of the Young Lions demos on the 250cc, so it’s great to be able to add him into the main meeting.” Said Robbo
“I’m looking forward to seeing him and for him to use his home track knowledge and pick up some points off some more experienced riders.”
Luke will be sponsored for the meeting by MARK AND TRISH PHELPS, with his tyre sponsored by JUDITH AND GEOFF BAILEY and his fuel IN MEMORY OF GEORGE RICHARDSON
Luke will wear the number 16 racejacket and this is now available to bid on by emailing robbosfarewell@hotmail.com


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Next rider to be confirmed for the Stuart Robson Farewell Meeting is German SGP 2 star and Belle Vue Ace NORICK BLODORN
Norick has continued his progression with the current Champions in 2023, and has also had a taste of the SGP 2 arena suffering a nasty spill last weekend in Vojens, but is back riding and fit again
“I‘ve known about Norick a while now and he was in the line-up last year. I messaged Robbie Kessler who helps Norick and asked whether he would be able to join us, and I was delighted when he confirmed he could.” Said Robbo
“With Norick and Celina in the line-up we have one of the best young German riders around and also the best German female rider, and I’m sure they will be looking forward to taking each other on.”
Norick will be sponsored for the event by STAKEFORD TYRE SERVICES (STS) with his tyre sponsored by RUSSELL ARMSTRONG AND FAMILY and his fuel sponsored by MR AND MRS C
Norick will wear number 3 for the meeting and this racejacket is now available to be sponsored by emailing robbosfarewell@hotmail.com


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So we have decided that for next Saturday we will just be producing a small 8 page insert for the meeting with the line-ups for the event.

Over 2 previous runnings of the meeting, we have spent £2,000 on programmes and just felt the outlay is just too much this time around.

On the day we will have 2 options

£2 for the insert


£5 which will be the insert, and a copy of each of the 2 programmes we have had produced before. They will be collectors items as the meeting didn’t take place! It’s a way of trying to claw back some of the original outlay too.

We wanted to be up front with everyone and let you know the situation and the decision behind it.  It is only right to do that.

At this point too, we would like to thank a sponsor who has asked to remain unnamed, who has helped subsidise some of cost of the printing of the insert. We are very grateful to them for their kind donation 

If anyone would like to help with the rest of the printing outlay then please email robbosfarewell@hotmail.com and we will be happy to hear from you

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Hi all. It is with regret that we have been informed today that Celina is not eligible to ride in the meeting this Saturday due to new Brexit rules regarding Visas.
In a call today the details were explained to us and it is obviously gutting for Celina, but also for us as we are now hunting for another rider to take part to fill the gap.
Hopefully someone somewhere will sprinkle a little bit of good luck our way over the next 5 days……if anyone has any prayer mats could you send them our way please 

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Next rider announced for the Stuart Robson Farewell Meeting is Edinburgh Monarch Jacob Hook
Hook who started the season with the Edinburgh Monarchs and move to Berwick mid season and recently bagged a paid 10 score in his last home meeting, the young aussie is keen to continue his progress on the tracks in the UK
“Jacob is an interesting rider in the line-up, and is certainly one that is really keen to ride on Saturday. As a home track he couldn’t really get 2 tracks as opposite as Edinburgh and Berwick, but note that he has already won a race around the Ecco Arena already this season, so is a track he can go well at.” said Robbo
Jacob is sponsored for the meeting by GRAVES PALLETS with his tyre sponsored IN MEMORY OF JOHN MORRIS and his fuel sponsored by SANDRA ROBERTSON BLACK
Jacob will wear racejacket number 11 and this is now available to sponsor by emailing robbosfarewell@hotmail.com

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So we have the main event 20 heats with semi and then Grand Final sponsored by Rentruck
Young Lions Speedway have 6 heats of races. 3 for the 125cc and 3 for the 250cc with a great prize for the Young Lions rider of the night sponsored by Kevin from Datatek (Electrical) Ltd
Upright Demonstration 4 races for those of you that miss the noise of the Jawas and Weslakes sponsored in memory of Darren Varney
For those riders that feel they want to show their talents there will be a wheelie competition with a very nice Tengtools Voucher for the winner which was sponsored by the Robbos Coventry Bees Fan Club
And another Tengtools voucher for Entertainer of the Night Award in memory of Caroline Parr kindly sponsored by Bears Team Manager Gavin Parr
Pre-meeting there will be the chance to get your autographs with the riders in the pits and afterwards if you have time hang around and have a drink with us in the bar on the first bend.
We can confirm that the meeting will be live streamed by Alex and the guys at Tapes Up with details of how to purchase the stream to be released very soon
Robbo deserves to have a good crowd for his dedication to British Speedway over the years, and even more so with the bad luck we have had in getting the meeting on.
If you haven’t been to a live meeting for a while, make it this one…..and bring a friend PLEASE 
Thanks to every sponsor we have had help us over the last 4 years……we are very very grateful

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I'm looking forward to attending the meeting on Saturday evening, going to be a great occassion to finish Stuart Robson's career, travelling up from Walsall.

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I hope there's a massive turnout on Saturday for Stuart, he has always been dedicated to British speedway and was nothing short of 100% entertainment. 

I have to say that it's a shame the lineup has turned out the way it has. The work of Stuart and all the trusty volunteers deserves better than a below average lineup in almost October. 

Is there any reason it couldn't be delayed until March/April again?

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Yesterday we asked for a bit of good luck to be sprinkled our way, and this morning it came true! We are delighted to announce Chris 'Bomber' Harris has agreed to ride for us on Saturday, and not only that Cruz ‘Bomber’ Harris #37 will also make an appearance

Bomber who is one of the most popular figures in the sport was in the line up throughout previous years events, but originally couldn’t ride this time around due to being in Poland. However last weekend things changed and Chris became free. After serious amounts of begging, this morning Chris confirmed his availability and will line-up for Robbo 

“It was last weekend when the new broke about Chris hanging up his GB Kevlars came out, and Martin made contact with Chris to enquire whether he would now be available. To be fair Chris has kept us up to date all the way through, and was waiting on the details of the Glasgow meeting that was due yesterday but was postponed. Once that meeting was confirmed as going ahead next Tuesday instead then a deal was struck and I’ll be honest it’s the best news we have had in a long time!.” Said Robbo

“He is a legend of the sport, and someone I have ridden with, and to still see him perform the moves he does shows he still has time left in him. I’m really honoured to have Bomber in the line-up, and it will also be great to see Cruz too having seen his first few laps at Leicester the other week. This has given the meeting a real boost.”

Chris will be sponsored for the meeting by the ROBBOS COVENTRY BEES FAN CLUB with his tyre sponsored by SANDRA ROBERTSON BLACK his fuel by EMMA AND NICOLE SWALES

Chris will be wearing racejacket number 4 and this is already secured by the sponsor from the previous event

amazing announcement will bring fans in and competitive rider.

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So the weather forecast that has been on our side l week drastically changed last night and now heavy rain is due right on the original start time of 5pm

After consultation with the riders and the Redcar promotion we have decided to move the start time to 2pm

we know this will not suit some people, but our hands are tied. If we don’t move the start time we would have to postpone the meeting

Can we ask that you all share this info as far and wide as possible and hopefully those of you who were thinking of staying home to watch the GP…..can now join us In the afternoon and watch it live later on!!

Thank you to everyone who has spent Friday morning changing plans - we won’t be beaten!!!!

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