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    New poster talking about Gavan loving Poole shock horror. Another multi alias.
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    I've said before when I moved into my house opposite a school I knew I would have cars and people in the street for about 15 minutes in a morning and afternoon but it would be quiet at other times especially weekends and evenings plus it's a newish school so very unlikely anything else will be built there in my lifetime.I would never complain to the school about it because I knew what would happen. You get idiots parking illegally and I even had one park on my drive because he thought no one was in!!!!! He hasn't done it since. Lol. You have to weigh things up when you move somewhere
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    Top post put perfectly and I hope Buster reads this -and I hope those who go on about positivity and glasses half full and time to move on realise how let down some fans feel by the actions of two riders and the promotion the only man I think who came out of that night with any credit was Gavin Cainey who stood up and said enough is enough and walked away . 2018 is a massive season for speedway and Kings Lynn more so -another season like last season and there won’t be much left to talk about -As for Brundle we shall see hopefully he will be allowed to try and bring in new ideas but as others have found out it’s not that simple .
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    You insinuated that he had been given a ban ! Best of luck Gavan..
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    I reckon you got it in one !!!
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    A Good analysis Steve Roberts from speedway's point of view. The reason Sky put speedway on TV was for none of the reasons you put forward of course. They wanted more people to sign up for their subscription services and increase their income. But would any of us have refused to have speedway on TV though? But did we make the most of putting our league sport in the shop window alongside the GPs and SWC? It has taken us many seasons to realise that it's important to have a good crowd at televised meetings and take actions to make this happen. Of course, this season we have a much bigger problem. With fixed racing nights, any televised meetings are inevitably competing with other live meetings impacting the attendance of several meetings not just one. Another need for fixture planning (err, what's that)?
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    Probably because Bacon is at least likely to improve whilst Boxall isn’t.
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    last season I downloaded the Goldvod.TV add on to Kodi (instructions are online) and purchased viewing subscription code on e bay and viewed all televised Polish speedway meetings which included all divisions and all individual meetings. Goldvod TV offer live streaming in SD for poor internet connections or in HD which is perfect when viewing on television. I have recently subscribed for this coming season but before doing so I sent Goldvod.TV an e mail to confirm that the relevant sports channels would be available for 2018 and they replied within a day confirming the "zuzel" sports channels are available. I subscribed and received the viewing code within 10 minutes on ebay and was viewing Polish sports channels in HD a few minutes later. I have recently been watching the repeat of last seasons Extra League matches on nSport+ which they have been screening early evenings during the last week or so as well as doing a 15 minute program regarding this years line ups and interviews with individual riders..... so at present Goldvod TV assured me that the speedway sports channels......nSport, Eleven Sport and PolSat sport are available to stream for the 2018 season for those wishing to go the whole hog there is a Polish TV shop in Rugby that will supply the hot bird dish and decoder box for about £60 plus fitting for about £40. they are also the UK distributors for Canal+ viewing cards......prices vary as to the content required more or less like Sky but much more cheaper. website is TEHWIZ.co.uk I hope this information has been some help to those wanting a feast of Polish speedway at weekends
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    There has been complaints I've seen in the Echo about Poole in the past and considering we've been going since 1948 you should of thought of that when moving in.
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    It's sad really when you consider that they knew what was there when they were purchasing the place isn't it!
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    I'm sure gavan will soon be talking about his beloved poole team again soon.
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    Thing is, with the close proximity of the houses you only need one noise complaint, and that could end speedway.
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    Seen it a good few times and also have it on DVD, but still watched it again tonite....
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    If only it was that simple !!.. An apology should be from the heart. you don't need someone to tell you he his sorry, you should be able to deduct how they feel that from their behaviour. Very few from Lynn came out with any credit from that Poole match, What a pity they didn't follow Poole's professional approach and conducted themselves in the right a proper way. I'm in no doubt who the main protagonists were, and yes I was pleased they were shown the door, Buster must take responsibility that day for a terrible prepared track. Don't forget, these loyal supporters had to stand about for over an hour waiting for that bloody tractor going round, That should never have happened.. After that fiasco, we then waited 3 weeks for another meeting,, Matches were called off on the strength of the weather forecast, when the night was actually rain free. The replacements were not of the quality one had hope for , but I understand the difficulty. These replacements became a problem when we had clashed meeting and they went missing, forcing us to ride half a team, Strange, it usual slipped their memory to inform their loyal fans of riders missing until they we had paid to get in. No one occasion, NPT was down to ride at No5, DWP then informed the forum , NPT was riding in Denmark with Porsing. Most of last year the supporters were kept in the dark, and treated like mushroom,,,, Non more so then those double headers. On both occasions we never had a full team for the first match, without adequate replacements or reserves to cover, any mishap would be catastrophic. Needless to say both second matches were an embarrassment, a pointless exercise. In that Wolves doubleheader 2nd meeting we attempted to compete with only 3 riders, we ran 8 heats with only one rider in and one without any rider at all. That's unforgivable.... We may have been offered a refund, but that was insulting . I felt offended by the offer. It would have been nice for someone to have seen the dire way the fans were treated and acknowledged the situation as it was. It would be nice to think it would never happen again, But as of yet, apart from bringing in Brundle, I don't see much change.. My one hope is that Brundle will be the Messiah, we desperately need....
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    Sorry about any problems you may have had and hope all sorts out ok for you but I will never understand why anyone would put this on a forum and share with strangers
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    MAYBE because you got exactly what it said on the tin which is more than be said for many speedway meetings these days!
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    Thanks once again for the data and an informed update. You may be amused to know that the budget for Screen Sport coverage in 1984-6 covered three cameramen (one of whom was the producer), one director, one vision mixer, occasionally a 'gofer'and one commentator, very occasionally backed-up by a pit interviewer or co-commentator. That budget? £1000 an hour....... A highlights show or something on the lines of my old news review - with suitably upgraded content and presenter (1984-6 budget about £100 a show excluding studio time) would have been a superb addition to the coverage, but not replacement as some here have been arguing for. The fact that certain promoters saw it as a threat and still seem to view any coverage similarly now and the inept failure to find a sponsor must be connected, don't you think?
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    Maybe the fans would be more forgiving toward Buster if he had said.... I'm sorry for the fact that I signed those 2 Aussie A Holes, and I had to show them who they were dealing with. Nobody takes the Pee out of me and gets away with it....... I have learned a valueable lesson and one I will do my utmost not to repeat.... I'm sorry to all the loyal supporters but hope you will forgive the mistake's I have made this season and join me in looking to the future. Haza, Webby, would that have done the trick ? or would Buster have had to wine and dine you then tried to get you into bed ?
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    ................and the preparation. One of my favourite tracks is Plymouth (which I believe is the smallest in the country) and no-one could reasonably say that the racing is better at Berwick, for example. While over a season in my view their is no comparison between Belle Vue & Redcar, I have seen some brilliant racing at STMP. If you can do it once, you can do it again.
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    Disagree, speedway in the UK has its issues but think it will continue for a good few more years yet....
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    who gazumped who and what riders ?
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    Objection sent, despite the attitude of some like D. Jones who, thankfully, is no relation.
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    This is from the Save Cov Speedway statement about the planning application. This could prove key and the group highlighted this section. Ongoing need? Us running would show ongoing need, wouldn't it?
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    Don't bother then, there are plenty of others that will. You won't be missed. This is nothing to do with Mick Horton he's just" an aside", it's a fight to save the Stadium.
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    Depends on exactly what he is prepared to do about it but it’s high time the BSPA were taken to task for some of the awful decisions they make. How on earth can it be right that riders like Morris, Cook, Masters, Schlein and Harris etc can ride Championship but Nicholls & Kennett cannot despite having Premiership Averages lower than the aforementioned. Either you stop riders with a Premiership Average in excess of 6.00 from riding Championship or scrap the rule entirely and allow all with the appropriate conversion.

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