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    From a Wolves perspective, a bitterly disappointing night. Nothing more to say other than congratulations and well done to the Robins ( we are not like Poole/Shovlar) . May the best team in the final win be it Robins or Witches.
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    Your a glory hunter Team is winning and you can come on here an be all high and mighty......Poole get knocked out by the leagues weakest team and you throw your dummy out. So what if you go every week!!!! I hope the Poole promotion read your crap and are glad that if they do drop down you wont go............. And your not a fan of lower league racing ...............wobblers!!........well i hate to tell you this......Ipswich had 6 riders who ride in the lower league and those wobblers smashed your team in the second leg because you had prima donnas like Kurtz and Holder being shown up............................so glad we had wobblers rather than Aussie tarts Poole have 4 riders who ride top league only.....Ipswich 1....Swindon 3 and Wolves 2.........perhaps you need to sign a few more of those lower league wobblers ...you might actually win something!!
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    And you say you're Poole through and through!?! Back supporting Swindon next season if we do drop down to the Championship then ay? Us REAL fans will follow our club through the good times and the (potentially) not so good
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    P155 poor camera work (or production) last night Majority of starts were missed, trying to get arty-farty views, too much follow the leader close-ups Was it a crew not versed in speedway as it was a rearranged date?
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    So, presented with a totally unacceptable situation, we're supposed to meekly change channels and keep quiet? No. It doesn't work that way. Anyway, this isn't about the TV audience, it's about those who were relieved of nearly £20 on the night to watch a fiasco. When something is deeply wrong you do the sport a disservice by simply ignoring it. Those responsible have to be told quite firmly that this is NOT acceptable. We've had too many people either 'switching off' - for good or giving up attending live matches while those who are driving them away go unchallenged. There are 22 days left in the speedway season. Plenty of time to run four meetings without imposing last night's rip-off on increasingly disillusioned customers. If you spend a whjole season hyping up the play-offs to the detriment of the main season you HAVE to deliver, even if it takes six postponements before you get a usable track. I've seen 49 speedway Octobers so far and while you do get the odd run of bad weather I've seen plenty of clear months. I've even happily paid my money to watch speedway in November, once even for a challenge match! Forcing a farce through for TV is far more damaging than calling it off. We have people constantly banging on about the sport being ruined by bad decision making yet we're supposed to just shrug our shoulders and turn away from last night? Forcing meetings through on unfit tracks was all very well when speedway was cheap. It isn't now.
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    Call yourself a fan...your a joke of a supporter.....only interested when your team is winning....pathetic
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    To be honest that meeting should not of been on and hand on heart Wolves were very unlucky.The track conditions made it a real leveller for us,and despite the riders putting on a great show it was a poor spectacle game over now but Wolves will keep battling tonight.
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    So, all season long we're told to wait for the play-offs, it's all about qualifying for the play-offs, get your fixtures finished in time fpr the play-offs, risk your track's season finishing ridiculously early if you don't qualify for the play-offs, the play-offs are all, they're wonderful - and they're coming soon! Only two weeks to the play-offs. You change the team round, find new riders, and.....qualify for the PLAY-OFFS! Then you get tonight. And they expect you to pay nearly £20.......
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    The scoring system used at the moment works well. Is it broken ? Why change it ?
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    Not sure if posted elsewhere but I just spotted this article on the BBC News website, https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-suffolk-49975499 Got to admire the lad's spirit and determination, hopefully he fulfills his ambitions, although I bet his Mum's not looking forward to him riding again, she must have been through the mill with worry.
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    Feel sorry for Wolves, given normal track conditions they would have been much more competitive last night but it is what it is unfortunately for them. Swindon deserve credit for doing their job though. Those people moaning about the track and the racing had the choice to turn off as soon as they saw how wet the circuit was once the broadcast began so don’t really understand why you would watch it and then whinge. I do agree however that these meetings should be scheduled early in September and the whole thing over and done with long before now. I appreciate recent Octobers have been decent weather wise but with damper, shorter and cooler days compared to 4-5 weeks ago I think you run the risk of encountering problems the longer things drag on. I just hope both legs of the final have good weather as the rain has affected both semis (although not the Ipswich leg where Poole crumbled).
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    Honestly Paulco I don't think he is (anymore than usual anyway) as when Cookie was at Workington; pre-season the promotion budgeted that he would bring in an additional 60 bodies through the gate (not many really) with him being a local lad, average crowds did not increase whatsoever. Then Alan Hedley at Newcastle brought in Danny King and then boy wonder Robert Lambert for two seasons and neither of these added any additional bodies through the door and to be fair to Alan he spent a lot of cash on bringing these guys in and he even said; he just didn't know what else he could do as a promoter as there weren't many better second tier riders around than Lambert and he (Lambert) added nothing to the crowd numbers at all. So it doesn't go to say that bringing in a big hitting number 1 will bring in the crowds as both Newcastle and Worky can prove, however I would concede that they may retain the people (or the crowd) you currently have and mitigate against some fan drift. Again 2018 Workington did not have a recognised "big hitting" Number 1 but won the lot however even having a super successful team it didn't increase the crowd numbers in that great a level so it is a bit of a conundrum to say the least... Finally Jenga may have a point when he says (in his own way) a big hitting number 1 probably doesn't bring in new fans it just brings back the fair weather fans who drifted away from the sport and their support can only be seen as temporary I would suggest; but fair play to the Monarchs; Sam and Josh are entertaining and quality riders and their promotion are trying to do something to reduce fan drift by bringing in quality riders, however bringing in these big hitters does not guarantee success and as Workington can attest a successful team does not guarantee new fans coming through the door either... However I am looking forward to watching these riders next season as a committed fan like yourself (and others on here) and thank the Monarchs Promotion for what they are trying to do as I appreciate watching good riders who can do something a bit special on the track however I feel we are becoming part of a dying breed... Regards THJ
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    Fun fact .... if you block Shovvy, this thread is only 15 pages and makes a lot of sense. Bitter or what eh ?
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    The rain did make the meeting a bit of a leveller but in my opinion it was the expected result from my point of view In July Swindon lost by 6 at Wolves........and had Bellego and Ayres riding and no Musilek In April they lost by 2 at Wolves and had Lampart , Zach and Shanes riding So yes i firmly believed that Swindon could and would win last night Its funny when the Poole fans moan about bad weather.......seem to remember they were happy when they got to heat 10 against Belle Vue one year
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    The man is a troll ..and a laughing stock but its fun reading the crap he posts
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    It isn’t only in speedway, that is how sport works. Think you can win at tennis, snooker or darts for instance without winning the majority of points?
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    It says BSI (Paul Bellamy I presume) thinks 'it looks funny when a competitor wins the competition, but has fewer points than the speedway rider who took a lower place.'
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    If course you had no interest, you were already eliminated. If it's not Poole it's not speedway.
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    I'll never understand why these promoters continue to play dangerous games by having gaps in the fixtures in the Summer before making a mad dash to cram them all into September and October when the weather starts to turn for the worse.
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    I don't have an agenda against you; I have a distinct aversion to stupidity! Opinions don't matter - facts matter. Just because you think Tai "isn't committed to English speedway", you use that to devalue his ability and achievements. There is absolutely no correlation between the two, yet you continue YOUR agenda against a rider who has achieved far more than ANY OTHER BRITISH RIDER. I use FACTS, LOGIC, and REASON to show how good he is, and you counter that with an irrelevant opinion based on your dislike of him. How is that anything like an "agenda against you"? I don't feel that I am "above" you, but the facts I provide do far outweigh your opinion.
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    Tuesdays were always going to be poor crowds , that had nothing to do with who was riding at number 1
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    I remember Kent having built a team a few seasons ago and announced Luke Clifton among others in advance. When the agm happened and the points limit was lower than Len expected it meant that James Shanes was frozen out of the side as his average didn't quite fit. Had it not been announced in advance Clifton would have been quietly released Shanes signed with another 3.00 rider an potentially trophies at Kent before now.
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    Young Squire get a trial at Wembley
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    Steve Worrall for Lions, Jake Allen for Redcar

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