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    Really sad to hear of his death this morning. It was only a couple of months ago that I was listening to him on Just a Minute, and it was incredible that he was still chairing the programme at 96. A brilliant and simple programme it never fails to raise a few chuckles and shorten a car journey. RIP Nicholas Parsons, a voice you could never forget. Edit: just watched a documentary on BBC4 tonight about his lifelong interest in clocks and particularly Marie Antoinette's watch. A touch of calm classic educational TV that was made three years ago.
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    It’s laughable - then read the Admission Details Page! It includes VIP Option which has various extras including: PARKING (doesn’t say where exactly but I think we can all guess where that will be) PIT WALK CENTRE VISIT further down is an item listed as OTHER RACE DAY OPPORTUNITIES which includes - Visit to the Centre Green £5 for 2 Heats. If if they are deadly SERIOUS about Health & Safety I believe these two items should also be scrapped as I can’t think of anything more dangerous than walking through the Pits with trucks, bikes, tractors etc. etc. moving about - you just can’t be too careful!
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    VPN set the location to london and bingo you can watch it.
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    How is that working out in France ??? The corrupt EU is doomed to fail ...
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    Kevin Jolly’s Bank Statement
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    think theyre looking for a young aussie who can "double-up",that is doubling up as a painter and decorator at the chateaux on non racedays!
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    I paid my first visit to both between Christmas and New Year. I had a nice long chat with Bert Harkins at the museum, my wife and son weren't impressed by the amount of time I was taking so I was hurried along so that we could visit the rest of the park! All in all it's a most enjoyable day out (I got some great pictures of the lions as well)
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    Appears that the parking restrictions do only affect the BB holders not the free loading hangers on who get to park within the showground almost as if there saying BB holders or there drivers are dangerous drivers now.
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    So is the mystery over? Poole up to silly games before season started; Newcastle acted with great integrity and Eastbourne once they knew what had been done played a straight bat and tried not to spill the beans, forcing a statement from Poole to fess up??? Or is there another theory?
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    Oh i get it now. Good things - EU policy. Bad things - Internal policy.
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    Must think we are all complete mugs !!!!!!
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    And there you have it: complete nonsense.
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    Indeed. This incedent ended Billy's meeting and season there and then. There is still some doubt, however, whether Billy broke his wrist in the resulting crash or on Finn's head when they exchanged notes in the pits afterwards .....
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    The story going round when he first rode for Poole was, He rode in a Grasstrack meeting in the afternoon and came off, landing in a cowpat....He then rode a Speedway meeting in the evening wearing the same unwashed leathers....hence the name “Smelly Smith”
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    I take my hat off to people who can remember what happened on the 3rd bend between riders at Cradley in 1964, I cannot even remember what I had for tea.
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    I’m close enough to the track that any night would be fine for me. In fact a weeknight would be best for my social life as I’d be able to attend every meeting rather than picking and choosing weekend meetings depending on what other plans I have, the weekend is always busier when it comes to other things to do. I know plenty of others who travelled from further afield and the switch to midweek was the death knell for them attending however. Ideally we want to race on the best night for business to make sure any comeback remains viable.
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    Nah, you can’t use the old pills joke when I’ve just used it on another thread. You have to be original. . Anyway , I don’t have a medicine cabinet but rang 111 this morning as I still feeing awful after nearly two weeks. They sent my details and symptoms to the Girl in Boots and said if I go and see her later she’ll see me in a private room and give me something that makes me feel better(!) ,so that’s something to look forward to.
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    Yes, but it is a journalist. Sure you can find journalists in any country with different views. Even if you happen to be a far right nutcase you will probably be able to find a journalist or ‘scientist’ who will write stuff you like....Blupanther does
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    Is that everyone in Peckham?
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    Rye have a proven track record of running in the second tier and not going under. The trouble started when we stepped up. With all due respect, Plymouth have tried and failed in the second division before.
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    Sounds like Gordon Kennett may have a spin at Arlington on a Weslake upright engine with the old GK red and black colours, bike sorted by Gordon and Steve Weatherly. Great to see the master have a few laps again if it can be sorted..
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    You cant just say one rider isnt as good as another as a basis for your argument. Is Kurtz as good as Doyle or Pedersen ...................no Is Kildemand as good as Batchelor or Holder..........no Your statement was that Belle Vue had easily the best top 5.....................they dont Of course Jordan Stewart isnt as good as the any of the Aces top 5................but thats not the discussion............. I would be confident after the first set of averages that Swindons top 5 will have a higher average than Belle Vues Belle Vue have a good solid 1-7 with no big names and without doubt the best number 6 in the league
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    Its a bang average Belle Vue team... no number one in there at all..
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    Beat me to it, how much does advertising on the TV cost, got that for free
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    Good to see some TV news coverage of Speedway tonight, even though it was local (Look North BBC), covering Nicki Pedersens introduction to the fans at Owlerton last night. This is what the man brings and it shows how important having riders like him in Britain is.

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