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    Like I've said before one of the best naturally talented speedway riders I've ever seen in my time! Yes he was made a scapegoat from 1984 onwards (the early 1984 incident at the King's Lynn V Poole meeting was blown out of all proportions!) but his lifestyle, attitude and punctuality particularly after his 1980 World title win were very poor which put him in a precarious position with officialdom and made him an easy target for disciplinary action. King's Lynn in the Cyril Crane era bent over backwards for Michael Lee until the end of 1982 by which time they were glad to sell him, their previous golden boy, to Poole. Michaels return to King's Lynn for short lived spells under the Martin Rogers promotion for stagnated parts of the 1985 and 86 seasons were again fraught by a complete lack of reliability due no doubt to an ever expanding drug problem. A lesser rider than Michael Lee would of not of been afforded the numerous chances Rogers gave him in 85 and 86, when even the laid back nature of the well spoken promotor was tested to the limit. A shame cause even at this stage in the mid 80's if Michael could of sorted himself out he looked still capable of returning to something near his previous best. I always wonder how Michael Lees career and indeed the history of Mildenhall speedway would of turned out if the plans for Mildenhall to step up in to the British league in 1983 with Michael as number 1 at his original training track stomping ground had gone through? - I believe King's Lynn objected cause Mildenhalls very close to Lynn and no doubt had it happened with Lee as the Fen Tigers No 1 quite a few Saddlebow Road regulars may of defected over to West Row. - Would this move have settled Michael down and possibly cemented Mildenhalls place as a top flight track? His last aborted comeback in 1991 saw Michael Lee as a pale shadow of his former self, while still competitive as a reserve, time and bad lifestyle choices had fully taken their toll by this stage. Even in 1991 his reputation went against him as he was picked for a random(!) alcohol and drugs test when he was a reserve in the 1991 Commonwealth final and was found to have traces of alcohol after apparently having a pint on route to the meeting when he thought he wouldn't be riding. Again like I said before, Michael Lees a nice bloke who went of the rails through drugs use and through having so much ability he didn't appreciate what he had, but its wrong to lay the blame entirely on officialdom for his downfall. Yes by 1984 onwards the authorities were out to get him but he had put himself in that position to be shot at.
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    The Govt needs to be held to account .They've had their 6 months grace now they need to be answerable to Parliament again.
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    Extremely disturbing and these rules an be made in at the stroke of a pen and enforced literally in a matter of minutes,the Coronavirus act 2020 is also up for renewal on the 30th,these all coming at a time when we're a country mile away from March while more and more extremely credible experts like Prof Carl Heneghan,Dr Michael Yeadon etc laying out evidence of only a "Secondary ripple" along with the dubious PCR test tallies being extremely flawed with False positives also studies finding natural T-Cell immunity of 20-50%, @MichaelYeadon3 openly accusing his ex associate Patrick Vallance of outright lying and challenging him to a debate Prof Heneghan did meet with Boris last week though and suggests him softening with more of a Sweden approach and maybe why no complete UK lockdown The only platform hosting the likes of the above and others is Talk Radio where Julia Hartley Brewer is confronting MPs who seem clueless. It's quite enlightening to listen to actually Apologies if covered previously
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    i think that's a little harsh on PC. I know he only ended with the one World Title, but he could/should have had one of Mauger's titles in 77, and one of Olsen's in 75.
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    Yep, looks like a pretty thumping rejection as well. So much for the Brexiteer claims about the EU crumbling - something else they've got wrong...
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    SUBSTITUTE Remainers for Brexiteer and you would be spot on
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    Just put this here. No doubt the Brextremist faction would be shouting from the roof tops about it if the vote had gone the other way https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-54316316
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    Up here in comets land we are due colour tv soon and some people have stopped pointing at the sky when an aircraft goes passed.
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    Having worked in industry most of my life our management were the same type of 'Public School Charlatans' now fronting the Vote Leave campaign re: Dominic Cummins holed up in his in-laws castle. One day you'll look around to see if they are supporting you but will be nowhere to be seen. They have a hidden agenda.
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    You didn’t even know what KBF meant. You said the F meant ‘fascist’. No comment on a peaceful granny getting beaten I see. You contribute nothing as usual...
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    So somebody whose business is almost entirely about transporting goods from the UK throughout Europe shouldn't be listened to when it comes to something such as, say for arguments sake, transporting goods from the UK to Europe? That is somebody with probably the most expertise on the subject available whose opinion is worth nothing because he voted differently to you. You have demonstrated many times that you don't even have the most basic understanding of how the haulage industry works whether national or international but you still think you know better than Andrew Baxter
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    It's funny though, how all these Brexiteer 'experts' are proved wrong time-and-time again...
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    I was only speaking about this yesterday with someone. Because of a trip I made to yugoslavia and didn’t know about the various problems between Serbs and Croats etc. But we didn’t go into any depth about the Irish problem or the famine etc at school. More a list of kings and queens and a bit about the plaque or Fire of London etc. No real attempt to put things in an international context. So it was a surprise that other countries had also burnt witches, or even were on the Crusades
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    Given that kids only receive a couple of hours a week of history, what do you think should be taught and what should be omitted? I remember learning about Communist China, the Vietnam War and the rise of Hitler for GCSE history, but nothing about British history, imperialism, the Royals and so on. Do you think British history should be prioritised over learning about communism, fascism and wars?
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    Gerald Sinstadt - Football commentator who knocked one out in a cinema
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    Seriously!! That's some ego. Well I'm one, and if that's true you need to get out more as I know loads, just as I know remainers well over the age of 60. Australia? I didn't mention the 1850's that's you just making it extreme. What I said was that in my opinion we need to pay more for food and stop farmers from paying the price for their products being used as loss leaders to make vast profits for supermarkets. It's easier to become more efficient if you can make enough money to invest, teetering on the brink of bankruptcy year after year doesn't allow for that. I never asked for farmers to become rich instead of the supermarkets just to allow small and medium farms to make enough profit to be worthwhile operations and I for one am willing to pay the prices needed for that to happen. That's your version because I didn't go into all the details you might have found on Google about the TIR system, rather I used my practical experience of the system as it was operated for many years with relatively few problems. There is no doubt a deal that allows easier transport would be better but claims that we'll be at a standstill because haulage can't operate a clearance system are absolutely ridiculous, we already do so with the rest of the world. Can't even remember commenting on the CO2 tests to be honest but if I did again it would have been about the practical not the theoretical.
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    I can't believe the event finished up at Manchester and not scunthorpe !
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    Trouble is they are lying gits - this is from their Twitter account days before the season started in June " Starting this Friday we will be bringing you live coverage of the Polish Extraleague through to the end of the season on Premier Sports and Freesports"
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    She's right though.I know of no one who's actually had it but do know 2 who topped themselves because of it.
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    Despite Steve's claims of empty shelves by Christmas being palpable nonsense, the Country really does need to seriously consider where it's food comes from. It should have done this years ago, the lorry driver's strike of 2000 quickly brought the country to it's knees and brought home how much we rely on imported food and how quickly we are in trouble when that supply chain goes wrong. We import a lot of food because we choose to not because we have to. Far more could be grown here; the range of different soil types, climates, and rainfall we have means a diverse range of crops can be grown. Olives are grown commercially in Kent, tea is grown in Cornwall and the Scottish Highlands, both niche markets of course but shows what can be grown here. Yet due to our colonial past, for centuries it has been easier and cheaper to let someone else grow a great deal of our food, even more so when we joined the EU. We never seem to learn that the supply can be interrupted. Two world wars, the 2000 strike have shown how dangerous it is to totally rely on other countries to feed us. Today we grow around 50 - 55% of our food and that percentage is slowly decreasing. The population keeps increasing yet the land to help feed them keeps decreasing - 26,000 hectares of farmland has gone in the last 10 years, turned over to housing, roads, new woodlands, golf courses etc etc. At present farmers and growers understandably grow what they think will make most profit, not necessarily what the country actually needs. Growers need to be encouraged to grow what we need and make it worth their while to do so. Only 8% of the gross value added to food goes to the growers, the ones who do most of the work. That has to change. More land needs to be turned over to food production, one way would be to switch cattle to being grass fed as much as possible. A fifth of cropland is used to grow animal feed; That could grow a hell of a lot of veg! It would mean big changes to the way we grow and use the countryside and plenty will no doubt grumble. We will never be self sufficient, but 75-80% is achievable. Covid and Brexit should be concentrating minds at Defra and the government over the issue of food supply but neither fill me with confidence. Much easier to plan these things carefully rather then cobble something together in a crisis.
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    Where did you get that from ? All our orders from Tesco are delivered in full, plenty of fresh home grown vegetables in the farm shop, fresh eggs from a chap down the road with his own chickens. No rationing at all . People are starting the usual lunacy buying stuff up for Christmas but that happens every year.

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