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    Coronavirus, whatever it is, has a 99.7 per cent survival rate, the average age of those who succumb to this is 83, and even then it’s people with serious underlying health conditions. Therefore, I have no fear of it. Why anyone would want to take an experimental gene therapy, the trials for which are still ongoing and won’t end for another two years, is beyond me...
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    Short term workers from the EU not coming over to pick daffs would be nothing to do with the ban on international travel and everything to do with leaving the EU then?
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    Pretty much spot on. In nearly every episode of that programme a fisherman would say something along the lines of 'Back in the day we used to be able to haul tons off this area, we could fill the boat within a couple of hours, not like that now' and fishermen everywhere will blame quotas, climate change, poor spawning years, the EU, bad weather, sea anglers, fish migration patterns, the French, the Spaniards, the Dutch and every other conceivable excuse except looking to their own actions. There's no denying that the rules governing them were crap and made their dangerous job more difficult but they didn't force them to target spawning fish, use techniques that capture whole shoals instead of just parts of them, hoover up 1000's of tonnes of sand eels, the main food source for numerous fish and sea bird species and sell them for fertiliser, continue to use illegal gill nets, continue to beam trawl when they know how much damage it does to the sea bed and to always push for maximum commercial yields of certain species rather than sustainable numbers. When the EU actually did do something right like increase the minimum landing size for bass the fishermen, instead of increasing their net mesh sizes to allow the smaller fish a chance to escape carried on using their old nets , landed fewer fish and chucked more undersized back dead. The programme also highlighted something that's common around all fishing communities - most - not all - of the families involved have been fishing for generations and feel like they own the seas and everyone else on the water should make way for them and it's their right to take as much as they want. If fishing is to have any future the fishermen sooner or later are going to have to realise they'll have to work with the EU to manage stocks. Unfortunately for them the fish don't recognise the arbitrary boundaries drawn on the seas and roam widely, There's not 'British fish' and 'EU fish'. There's also little point the UK catching fish in a sustainable way if the EU allows bigger catches, they have to move together. I can't see it happening though, they're far too short sighted. There'll always be a market for fish so there are opportunities for innovative fishermen who look at the long term picture. And they need to persuade consumers that there's more in the sea than just cod, haddock, mackerel and plaice.
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    You're clearly living in a fantasy land down in Dumnonia. Trade and services have been significantly if not massively disrupted and is already impacting the economy at a time it can least afford it. The Brexit fundamentalists would seemingly rather destroy the economy in pursuit of their fantasies rather than economic realities. But the rest of the population will learn a hard lesson and we'll soon see the UK moving back in line with the rest of Europe; just without any say in the matter now...
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    Read today that thousand of Daffs left to rot in Cornwall due to lack of EU workers. Fortunately however we have control of our borders .
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    This guy was spot on and wide awake last year...
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    Me too, don't think flu has actually gone away, however anyone with smalls, ie junior school age kids, must have noticed the cold and cough has stopped spreading so going forward it might be good to keep the sanitizer going as it obviously spreads via dirty hands
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    How can a work permit be given out when British riders with similar averages are still looking for jobs?
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    Had to smile when Boris has been saying it's not about dates but about data and then proceeds to give a time table based upon dates? At least now, however, we get some idea where we're going and the big question is whether people will adhere to the current guidelines during the interim?
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    Had a trip to the coast yesterday. First in quite a while and absolutely brilliant weather for February, with a surprisingly warm wind as well. As I said to my daughter we could come back in April or May and it would be colder. Anyway, as I hoped managed to see a group of Brent Geese, another similar sized group of Shelducks, some Turnstones and even a Turtle dove. No Redshanks or Oyster Catchers etc. But and this is sort of the point a group of about 100 small waders too far away to identify with my camera or cheap binoculars. But the call is familiar, but when I as often do, try to identify it on youtube videos etc, so far come up blank. I'd guess some sort of Plover (Golden Plover goups in their 100s were reported the day before, nearby) or Dunlin.....
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    '3 weeks to flatten the curve'. We're in week 48.
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    So when you said "poor show" that wasn't a dig? Nz's 2nd biggest export earner was tourism. However, that has been partly offset by cashed up kiwis returning home, and massively increased domestic tourism. So our economy has taken a hit, but because the virus has been -for now- effectively eliminated, it means the domestic economy can largely function unimpeded - sports events and concerts with no restrictions on attendance, hospitality industry open etc Very few kiwis would trade where we are right now i suspect.
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    It killed itself off by dredging the oceans of life long before that. After watching that fishing series on the BBC, it just confirmed to me that it's one of the most small-minded and short-sighted industries around. Best thing that could happen is for the government to buy out the trawlers, shut it down and re-develop the harbours...
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    For many years i was intrigued by how the entire German nation was persuaded to support and fight for the most evil tyrannical regime in history. Thanks to the spineless covid cult, that mystery is now solved...
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    So you think it great to develop young riders,then in the next sentence you are going to have to drop them to get a higher middle order man to strengthen the Team!
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    Might want it, but didn't get it in the EU......
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    A classic seasonal virus curve, everything should have been opened for Easter...
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    First to vaccinate, last out of lockdown. It's tyrannical bs all based on the PCR test which has now been completely demolished by the Lancet...
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