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  1. Smolinski has to have ambition and he will try very hard. Doubt he is good enough for top 10 but you cant hold anything agaunst him for effort and having ambition.
  2. 1. Madsen 2. Emil 3 Zmartzik Tai 6th or 7th.
  3. If you think the winner will be Tai, Zmartzik or Madsen how can Vaculick be in your top 3.
  4. Mark

    SEC 2020

  5. Mark

    Warsaw GP 16th May 2020

    A restaurant for 50,000 people. Service might be slow.
  6. Mark

    Ipswich 2020

    we will all see what happens very soon.
  7. Mark

    Ipswich 2020

    See what happens when the tapes go up. His equipment will be top Aussie dollar so that is an advantage Hancock was a one off. Name a few other riders who have kept to a high standard at that age. Name ther riders who have made a comeback at age 44.. I want him to do well but until he proves it then I will have doubts.
  8. Mark

    Ipswich 2020

    Hope my view is wrong but there will be little upside to a once great rider showing his skills have gone a long way downhill. I did say it is nice to see him back.
  9. Mark

    Ipswich 2020

    Crump was a gater in his prime. Not the most exciting . If he gating reflexes have gone backwards with age then he will probably struggle. It is good to have him back in UK racing but apart from putting a few bums on seats in the opening few weeks there is little upside.
  10. Polish league a huge class gulf from the UK. Doubt it would happen but if it did he would struggle to score points. I think he will struggle over here to achieve his average after so long without proper racing. He was a gater in his prime so if his reflexes are not as sharp he'll be in trouble.
  11. Mark

    SEC 2020

    This is correct. I read it would be a Polish track.
  12. Mark

    Warsaw GP 16th May 2020

    The system has been shown to be flawed. Smolinski rides, is anyone excited about that ?
  13. Mark

    Warsaw GP 16th May 2020

    Above the Euro champion. No chance. There is no logic to wildcards, how can anyone explain Lindback bar his Swedish passport
  14. Mark

    Warsaw GP 16th May 2020

    I feel sorry for the wild card who missed out. Michelsen, a very good exciting rider maybe missed out. Surely a rule change needed when an invited rider drops out. Not through injury.
  15. I hope his wife gets better. Hancock was a top class rider but rarely took any chances which made him mundane to watch. Gate and go.

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