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  1. Why are the interviews in English but its Swedish TV ?
  2. Explains long delay. Only Ht1 completed. Hoping its not too serious.
  3. Caught me out to. Andersen at Reserve will win this for Dackarma
  4. Weather forecast and track expert
  5. Mark

    Torun 2018

    If Torun is fully booked stay in Bydgoszcz as it's much cheaper. R&R gave me some help when I was thinking of a similar trip. The two towns are not far apart by train, bus or taxi. www.booking.com is useful app for hotels read the hotel reviews and the grading scores
  6. Mark

    Rye House 2018

    BPSA have rejected a plan to allow Rye to keep racing. I've no knowledge what the plan is but it seems madness not to help the club if possible. If debts can be lowered and riders continue to earn a living that can only be good. Maybe the Rye managers will say what the plan was and why it was rejected.
  7. Looks wonderful. Lets see some great racing and replace Gorzow for a GP.
  8. Having an old man at reserve is madness. Klindt won Poole the fixture. Reserves should be fir up and comers.
  9. Credit the riders for trying so hard in the later heats. So hard to pass.
  10. I agree but he struggled on tight tracks with his hand in GPs. Found it easier on the big fast Polish tracks.
  11. good idea. I also like the idea of a rider picking his riding number. Maybe reverse order fastest to slowest get a choice. Doubt that it's much advantage bar not having number 1 when you ride all heats after watering.
  12. The rest of the facility looks top class but the racing is awful. It's been gate and go for all 6 heats
  13. Who built this dump. It looks to have a great design for spectators but is garbage for racing.

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