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  1. Mark

    Liam May for Lezno

    a referee would give you both a red card
  2. dislocated shoulder. that is if the google translet is right
  3. Mark

    Warsaw 2019

    Tai's move on lap 1 in Heat 4 was brutal on Laguta. Down firmly shut and Laguta given no room up the fence. I'm a big fan of Woffinden but I hope not to hear any bleating if any other rider does something similar to him.
  4. Mark

    Warsaw 2019

    What am I missing ! Lambert got to the semi final and Doyle had a broken rib.
  5. Mark

    Warsaw 2019

    Its who gets to the first or second bend first not the result that matters.
  6. Mark

    Warsaw 2019

    Who is a mathematician? How did the draw work for the riders. I know Zagar was fasted but 1st pick did him no good.
  7. Mark

    Warsaw 2019

    Our Polish friend will disappear if no one takes the bait. Ignore and he'll get bored.
  8. Lambert 200 more with SS. go hard or be knocked out the competition early.
  9. Mark

    Warsaw 2019

    Unless they grade after each rider there will never be identical conditions which makes timing pointless.
  10. Mark

    Warsaw 2019

    I said the same a few months ago.
  11. Mark

    Warsaw 2019

    Swindon have confirmed Doyle rides for them on Monday night so he should be there in Warsaw. He is one tough man.
  12. They should double the crowd.
  13. Mark

    Warsaw 2019

    Gates mean nothing unless the gate is proven as a shocking option with the rider 10 yards behind the rest when getting to the first bend. The gate stat that is important is who wins which is normally the fastest rider. If there was no passing we might as well have one lap races. I feel transponders and starting picks are pointless. If Woffy has the worst gate he'll still be beat most riders as he's got the quickest bike and rides it better than anyone else.
  14. I didn't read the posts, poor of me Forecast for Warsaw is not great. Hope for a sunny weekend for all travellers to all parts of Poland so they see some live speedway.

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