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  1. I went to Prague on a weekend break. It is a gorgeous city especially around the main Old Square full of restaurants and bars. Its expensive in the square but go one road off the square to find prices two thirds cheaper. Pick pockets are everywhere and they have no shame. Keep your hand on your wallet. Apart from those pests its worth the visit.
  2. my lawn needs cutting, have you Pedersen's number ?
  3. cant read too much into training matches, riders will be testing and won't want to get injured before they start earning big Zloty
  4. How did the British public moan anonimously on every subject possible before the internet.
  5. Mark

    Wolves 2019

    What is the family business?
  6. Mark

    Wolves 2019

    I'm pleased Scott has got a team. A real 100% racer who tries his best every race. Scott will do well for Wolves.
  7. Starting times for matches on round 1 & 2 announced. See usual link given by R&R.
  8. Money is better in Torun's pocket than the fan pockets
  9. Grab the Britsh tourist money.
  10. Ticket sale On March 4, 2019, Klub Sportowy Toruń SA begins selling tickets for 2019 TORUN FIM SPEEDWAY GRAND PRIX OF POLAND - exclusively via the website: www.kstorun.kupbilety.pl. The fans who bought the tickets for the 2019 season are entitled to a discount of PLN 20 when purchasing a ticket for the Speedway Grand Prix. Those interested are invited to the club's headquarters in order to make a reservation. Detailed information at telephone number: 56 651 80 66. Ticket prices: 1.Strefa zielona / Green Zone: - Normal / Adult: PLN 160; - Reduction (up to 18 years of age) / Youth (up to 18 years): 90 PLN; 2. Blue Zone / Blue Zone : - Normal / Adult: PLN 210; 3.Strefa żółta / Yellow Zone: - Normal / Adult: PLN 130;
  11. Mark

    Poland Div 1 & 2

    At Lodz North verses South 24th March. North team: Rafał Okoniewski (Orzeł Łódź) Hans Andersen (Orzeł Łódź) Krystian Pieszczek (Zdunek Wybrzeże Gdańsk) Timo Lahti (Lokomotiv Daugavpils) Adrian Gała (Car Gwarant Start Gniezno) Dawid Wawrzyniak (Orzeł Łódź) Karol Żupiński (Zdunek Wybrzeże Gdańsk) Coach: Lech Kędziora Team South: Kacper Woryna (ROW Rybnik) Troy Batchelor (ROW Rybnik) Peter Ljung (Grupa Azoty Unia Tarnów) Grzegorz Walasek (Arged Malesa TŻ Ostrovia) Tomasz Gapiński (Arged Malesa TŻ Ostrovia) Mateusz Cierniak (Grupa Azoty Unia Tarnów) Robert Chmiel (ROW Rybnik) Coach: Piotr Żyto
  12. Dickie Head doesn't know what day it is.
  13. Pairs at Gniezno. Is this a good track for racing. It could be a good early season meeting with the top riders from League 1
  14. Phil Morris says he tries to make tracks with a known gate bias as even as possible. Is that by watering or ripping up the known bad gate ? Doesn't this render the process of each rider picking a start number a waste of time. That is assuming he does his job perfectly so all four gates are even. It then down to dropping the clutch first to lead.

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