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  1. He would be a wonderful signing in Div 1.
  2. Mark

    SON 2020

    . You have had a good year with trolling. Come back in 2021 with some more.
  3. Mark

    SON 2020

    Poland were below strength.
  4. Mark

    SON 2020

    It was cancelled due to Covid in May.
  5. Mark

    SON 2020

    Exactly. I was being sarcastic to the guy who wrote something not verty nice about Lambert. He is a superb rider for his age.
  6. Mark

    SON 2020

    That is your best one yet
  7. Mark

    SON 2020

    balls of steel Emil
  8. Mark

    SON 2020

    European Champion is a bottler. Let me think about that.
  9. Mark

    SON 2020

    How good does he think he is ?
  10. Mark

    SON 2020

    The huge majority of people watch sport because of the enjoyment it gives. You seem to get very little enjoyment. Why do you watch.
  11. Mark

    SON 2020

    do sportsmen get exemption ?
  12. Mark

    SON 2020

    its the constant moaning not just tonight. Every meeting is fixed in Poland favour, there is no passing, commentary is terrible or its poor to watch. Broken record needs taking off the turntable
  13. Mark

    SON 2020

    switch it off if its that bad
  14. Mark

    SON 2020

    The rain was planned by the Poles. Not fair.

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