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  1. Mark

    Polish Transfers 2019

    Very impressive video, that is a proper go at it. Did someone on here say Gdansk was a boring track ?
  2. Mark

    Polish Extraleague TV contract 2019-21

    It does seem a strange move to have league meetings before a GP. It could work if the GP was in Poland as, in case of injury, another rider could be found easily. But still strange.
  3. Mark

    Polish Transfers 2019

    Tai Woffinden officially renewed the contract with WTS Sparta Wroclaw. Woffinden is the current Individual World Champion, and in total has already won three championship titles (2013, 2015, 2018). Season 2019 will be its eighth in turn in Spartan colors. With Betard Sparta he won two silver medals of the Team Polish Championships (2015 and 2017), and after the end of the current season at PGE Ekstralidze, together with his teammates, he received the bronze medal of the DMP. In the 2018 season he appeared in 95 league runs, they will score 195 points and 17 bonuses (212 in total). This gave him an average of 2,232 and fifth on the PGE Ekstraliga classification list in 2019. It is worth noting that in the history of Spartan starts only once - in the debut season of 2012 - he went down with the midpoint point below "two". Average points of Taia Woffinden in the SPARTY colors: 2012 - 1.803 2013 - 2.471 2014 - 2.206 2015 - 2.415 2016 - 2.411 2017 - 2.064 2018 - 2.232
  4. Mark

    Polish Transfers 2019

    What riders have not got a ride yet R&R ? Any big names missing out.
  5. Mark

    Polish Extraleague TV contract 2019-21

    Nest of vipers. Practise not complusory for GP's and maybe practise is over rated as the track changes.
  6. Mark

    SBP best pairs 2018 live on Eurosport

    The Pairs won't be missed by many people. I love the Euro's and hope they expand as the press release says it will. Chorzow should get better with a few changes to the track.
  7. Who hasn't got a team yet ? Hans Anderson is one,
  8. 3 senior riders for me. its about entertainment.
  9. that would be great and with a full Polish program on Sunday after the Saturday qualifier. I'd make a trip to see those two meetings.
  10. Mark

    Polish Transfers 2019

    Nicki Pedersen joined Falubaz Zielona Góra and will race in this team in the new season. - I want to be in a good team that is fighting for high goals. The players with whom I will create a team in Zielona Góra may allow them to climb to the next level. Individually we are all great riders, but the next step will be to build a good relationship between us and the right atmosphere in the team - said Dane for falubaz.com. - Yes, to support yourself also in difficult moments. I rate this very well and look forward to joining the Zielona Góra team and being part of it in the 2019 season. I have always respected Falubaz, and especially your fans. I can also say that I felt respect from the club to my person. When I went to Zielona Góra for the last time it looked very good. When I came back to you as a player of another team, I was always treated well by both the club and the fans. I liked it here. That's one of the reasons I'm back in Falubaz today, "said Nicki Pedersen . The transfer of the Dane to the Zielona Góra club is enjoyed by the president of Falubaz, Adam Golińskiwho sees an extremely brave player in Pedersen. - Nicki Pedersen is a world speedway star. A charismatic and strong man. He is a born fighter. A strong personality in life and in a cinder machine park. Over the years, he fought for the highest sporting goals with a good result. To this day, rivals have to reckon with him and give him a lot of respect. We in Falubaz need just a player like Nicki. We want to fight for victories in every match of the 2019 season. For me, winning such a unique speedway rider is very important. I am convinced that he will feel well in Zielona Góra and nothing will prevent Nick from achieving very good results with our team - said the transfer to the owner of Falubaz. - Nicki is above all a great player who can serve as a model for the youth. The upbringing of the successors of the glories of the Zielona Góra cinder lies at our heart. He is a player who likes to share knowledge and our young riders will be able to watch him. We know what he likes when it comes to riding on the track, we know the competitor well. It will definitely be a positive character in the team - said Adam Skórnicki , Falubaz coach.
  11. Please stop this nonsense. Your guessing and so is FSP. Why waste the effort writing so much bull.
  12. Mark

    Warsaw 2019

    If you are handicapped then a travel company would be useful to use. But the vast majority of people aren't handicapped. Enjoy your tour of Warsaw.
  13. May 4th or 11th. Should be a good night if there are enough teams to give close racing.
  14. Russia get the SoN. The tournament is not run in one week in 2019 http://speedwaygp.com/news/article/7095/russia-to-stage-monster-energy
  15. Mark

    Warsaw 2019

    TPT are fair value when a GP is in the middle of nowhere as the transport to a forest in Sweden or Germany is priceless. But for anyone not to be confident enough to book Warsaw is mind boggling.

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