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  1. Ruthles Robert looked a bit tentative in his first race which is to be expected after injury. If he can win a race it will do him well for tomorrow.
  2. Red played for the fall. Professional fall off.
  3. Kildermand riding like a junior. A shame to se a once exciting rider hit this level. He has had plenty of crashes which may have left a dent in confidence.
  4. Lublin at an advantage with Lindback missing
  5. That is good to read as his wife may be feeling better. Be a hard job for GH as it might be his first meet of the season.
  6. Agree with you. We have rarely seen 2 GP's won by the same rider over the last 2 seasons as it's so tough to win a GP.. The talent spread is large But someone has to finish bottom.
  7. that rider went unbeaten at Wroclaw bar in one race when he came 2nd. 35 points from 36 the other two riders scored 11 points from 12 races
  8. Change your name to Oval Fundin.
  9. Weight on the bike should be even across 16 riders or a minimum weight. A bloke weighing 8 or 9 stone has a big advantage unless they change the rule..

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