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  1. Hampel took a long time to get his form back after a bad leg break. Good to se him riding well again but probably there are too many Poles in the GP for a wild card.
  2. Prem Pawlicki will score lower £40 Lindgren will score higher £40
  3. Why can't those who don't want to watch and enjoy just switch off the TV. I'm lost why anyone could be upset about money coming into the sport, riders getting paid to race, a good crowd and those who enjoy watching having a nice time.
  4. If he is back within three months he has done well. Horsens the aim ?
  5. He has multiple fractures, metalwork to hold those together and needed a skin graft. That would be a cattle trucked ankle.
  6. Leicester Lions 2018

    Hans remains a very reliable top heat leader. If I were a team manager he would be the first rider on my short list to sign. But Sargeant remains a huge disappointment. He doesn't get any better and still goes through the tapes quite a bit.
  7. great meeting with some very good passing
  8. Who is the big chap wearing a bandana ? Is he auditioning for the World wrestling federation
  9. Thank you Tarkens. Huge crowd again.
  10. Press the button in the middle of the picture to see the highlights.
  11. Nicki Pedersen looks a sharp as a needle and with fast equipment.
  12. Iversen should get a ride now that Vaculik has broken his ankle. Must be a doubt he would be fit for Prague in 6 weeks