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  1. Mark

    Poland fixtures 2020

    ZG are away not home, you know if that makes a big difference to traveling. .
  2. Mark

    Poland fixtures 2020

    When do League 1 and 2 get announced ?
  3. Mark

    Poland fixtures 2020

    Fixtures on this https://speedwayekstraliga.pl/pge-ekstraliga-2020-pelny-terminarz/
  4. Mark

    Poland fixtures 2020

    You are 1 day early.
  5. Last year someone posted the figure is under 4000 from capacity of around 11,000.
  6. How do many stadiums justify the cost. How many match days would the top Polish GP tracks have per year. Wroclaw and Torun must have a maximum of 15 days from 365. I would want to use a stadium more often to create income.
  7. With just 6 teams its 5 home fixtures in a season. That is hardly getting the best out of a stadium that is there 365 days and its also hard to keep fans interested. More home fixtures creates income to pay riders. Not something that could be done in 2020 but maybe 2021.
  8. Would it make sence to merge Div 1 and 2 as riders would get a lot more fixtures. It would only be 10 more matches to fit into the normal League 1 fixture list.
  9. Mark

    Sheffield 2020

    Woffy has been dirty when younger and Zagar tried to fence Pedersen when riding for Gorzow. That was the heat of the season with the pair dicing over four laps. Zagar won that race. Have you seen Doyle, Zmarzik, Madsen, Lindgren in the GP's. They take no prisoner.
  10. Mark

    Sheffield 2020

    A stupid comment. Watch the GP's and Euro's and you'll see ruthless riding each week. He is no worse than any other rider.
  11. Hancock making a return at Rybnik which may mean his wife is getting over her illness.
  12. Mark


    Like 1 as it would give riders some security. Unless genuine injury means changes have to be made for 7 riders its a good idea. And 2 is good but would it be restraint of trade for overseas riders or stop them taking employment half way through a season when injury strikes ?.
  13. Kasper Woryna and Maruesz Czczepaniak both ride with Rybnik. Robert Lambert also signed with a few other riders like Lebedevs. Hans Andersen stays with Lodz
  14. Mark

    2020 FIM Calendar

    Any venues or dates for the Euro Championship 2020 in the pipeline.
  15. Bewley at Wroclaw. I hope the guy does well. A huge leap for him.

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