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  1. Mark

    Polish Extraleague TV contract 2019-21

    Don't dispute that but the riders are earning more money, all meetings now on Live TV for sponsorship exposure so Friday's are here to stay in the Extraleague. Let's embrace and find simple solutions.
  2. Mark

    Polish Extraleague TV contract 2019-21

    I've given an easy solution in reply to P.Rising's post on page 2 of this thread. It's not that hard to cover a Friday injury.
  3. Mark

    Polish Extraleague TV contract 2019-21

    But on many occasions a complete round of Sunday Extraleague fixtures has been cancelled because a GP was rained off the previous evening. The GP being raced on that Sunday. Its not all one way traffic.
  4. Anyone on here able to tell me the venue ? TIA
  5. http://www.polskizuzel.pl/terminarz-druzynowych-mistrzostw-ligi-2019/ http://www.polskizuzel.pl/terminarz-druzynowych-mistrzostw-ii-ligi-2019/ DIV 1/2 fixtures
  6. Mark

    Poland Div 1 & 2

    http://www.polskizuzel.pl/terminarz-druzynowych-mistrzostw-ligi-2019/ Fixtures 1 and 2 http://www.polskizuzel.pl/terminarz-druzynowych-mistrzostw-ii-ligi-2019/
  7. Its one meeting less than normal so doubtful there will be too many moans. Apart from those with season tickets already bought. There must be plans to run more fixtures as 6 days use for a stadium in 365 has to be a waste. Lodz's new stadium cost a fortune to build so they must want to get some money back in gate takings.
  8. TBC tomorrow but they start one week before the top division. Your schedule leaves no space for rain off's or SoN etc but maybe they will do it.
  9. One match per week needs 24 weekends to fit all the matches plus play off's and promotion play off weekends. Possible to do if teams ride two matches per week on some occasions.
  10. To fill the stadiums maybe they could have a knockout cup competition witb one invited team from League 2 ? Won't happen of course but it's a terrible waste to have only 6 home fixtures in 365 days. Big loss for the riders too.
  11. Yesterday evening a long-awaited decision was made regarding the final shape of the Nice 1st Speedway League. We would like to kindly inform you that in connection with the announcement of the wild card entitling them to participate in the DM I League in the 2019 season, the Presidium of PZM did not select any offer.
  12. Racers and Royals will post a link. He's on the job for these things. It won't be for a few months yet. Maybe June or July.
  13. Mark


    Mail a hotel as they can be exact on buses or taxi.. Maybe they offer a shuttle on GP weekend ? Denmark and Sweden are very expensive for everything.
  14. Mark


    Its probably because no one knows the answer. Plenty of people will reply if they can help. Maybe no one has been to Vojens
  15. Crumpy talks sence but maybe a bit lacking personality in the way he says it. Sounding like he is lying back in an armchair with a cold tin in his hand. Almost asleep.

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