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  1. Dreadful track. Riders spaced out on a huge track.
  2. 50% crowd. NO way ! It looks packed.
  3. To come last in 10 from 26 finals would show a weakness when under max pressure or against the best. Sport is also played in the mind.
  4. better from Doyle, good to see How old is Holta. Guessing 45
  5. Why is the last heat not re-run. Blue had no chance from gate 4.
  6. What was Fast Fred doing in that heat. Messed up his partner in a huge way.
  7. He started taking the job serious which is the rise explained. Maybe a few hard crashes have dented him a bit. He came back well last season so no way can he be written off.
  8. Not to sure now. Doyle looks so out of form but he was like this early last season and finished strong.
  9. Could be a cracker tonight. I think the home team will just shade it by a couple of points.
  10. No chance of that, he will be out for a few weeks at a minimum. https://www.speedwaygp.com/news/article/8440/ljung-heads-home-after-lucky
  11. That was horrible. Hope Llung is OK. He's gone over the fence at great speed..

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