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  1. Prices in most sports are more expensive for the season defining matches. Football and cricket always charge more for the end of season cup games. Its not right but speedway is not exclusive to price rises for the bigger matches.
  2. I like Woffinden, want him to win the Championship but Lindgren did nothing wrong in that semi final. Seen 50 worse incidents of a rider squeezing another in this GP series.
  3. Did you offer a bribe ? If not put a terrible review on trip advisor "unhelpful staff"
  4. Mark

    Swedish play-offs 2018

    maybe with Tuesday being a normal race night Dackarma felt they would get a huge home crowd Tuesday but not Wednesday. Guessing !
  5. Mark

    Swedish play-offs 2018

    I got slagged by some Poole fans for saying it was a good idea for Somerset to ride the first semi final leg at home. It went against tradition and didn't work out well. The obvious downside is if the home team ride below par as Somerset did. Upside if you ride well to get a big lead leaving the opposition a mountain to climb in the 2nd leg.
  6. Mark

    Swedish play-offs 2018

    Kildermand used to ride on the edge but he's had some bad crashes. Maybe its left a mark. I thought he would be a top GP rider but he has gone backwards in the last 18 months.
  7. Maybe to the seal the deal to book a room a hotel would have to provide 2 tickets. They can only say no.
  8. have you tried asking your hotel in Byd. A few quid may get someone to go to the track.
  9. Mark

    Swedish play-offs 2018

    good meeting but spoiled by the camera work. yet another director wanting a close up arty picture rather than showing all 4 riders in a close race.
  10. You are the 3rd Poole fan to point out my opinion was wrong. So what ! I am not anti Poole it was just an opinion. Well done to your team but only half time. Poole in the driving seat. I'd still take the first leg at home but you need the home team to fire. Tonight they didn't.
  11. Read the rest of the posts. Said Poole rode well and home team below par. I'm not anti Poole it was just an opinion !!!
  12. Read the rest of the posts. Said Poole rode well and home team below par. I'm not anti Poole it was just an opinion !!!
  13. 5 from 9 ? trying his butt off and is exciting to watch
  14. I would take an interval to stop Poole momentum. They are riding very well but some Somerset riders are below par.

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