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  1. Mark


    This is a good move for the sport and riders for exposure.
  2. I agree, only two points in the Championship this year and it went to the semi final of the last GP before we knew thhe winner. Why change something that does not need changing.
  3. Michelsen leaves Piraterna for Kumla.
  4. Wolves should sign Scott Nicholls as he's good around there. Hans Andersen will be on a low average after an injury hit year. He could he go back to Peterborough. Dan Bewley looked better as the season went on so he'll sign for BV again and can improve his average. Hope he stays fit.
  5. Most unlikely 10 pts wins the final as that would mean qualification for the semi with 4 or 5 points. Has 5 ever qualified ? Probably impossible. There have been GP's where the top point scorer does not win the Final but who cares. The GP series is won by total points not on the number of GP's a rider wins.
  6. "not bad for an inept manager" Its always all about Rosco.
  7. If they want a winner it can be given to the highest points scorer. Use the final only for point scoring toward the GP Title not as the winner.
  8. Mark

    Poole 2020

    Arguing over a distance of a couple of miles. This forum hits new depths.
  9. New management now in place so we would all hope GB race abroad in 2020.
  10. Mark

    Dohren speedway Germany

    How would Sam Ermo get Straightaway into the commentary ?
  11. After the SON this year it must be highly likely. The Poles will put a full fixture list either side of the GP.
  12. That is poor but it will be a terrific track for Extraleague matches.
  13. Can you tell me when will the dates be announced and Polish League fixtures.
  14. Has Zmarzlik ever had a really bad crash ? His style is riding on the edge of safety but I cannot remember him having a bad one. I hope that doesn't tempt fate but he puts his bike into the smallest of gaps.

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