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  1. Mark

    Cardiff 2022

    You got in and saw the game. It worked.
  2. Mark

    Cardiff 2022

    Saves money, saves paper, saves the enviroment with no waste to tidy and more secure as you can't lose your ticket. Stops petty theft at the stadium.
  3. Second time Zengi has been knocked off today. That crash was horrible. Bellego may have broken a collarbone as he was having it checked. Holta should get a red for causing the crash with a stupid move.
  4. I've no confidence travel without quarantine on both legs of the trip will be possible until mid summer. Maybe if the person is vaccinated will make it possible.
  5. Mark


    6 man teams likely.
  6. Whether a speedway meeting goes ahead is not important. They can be rescheduled.
  7. Mark

    E Winner Div 1 2021 fixtures

    Two fixtures Saturday and two Monday would maximise crowds and TV viewers.
  8. If practice is made compulsory but Poland still schedule fixtures on Friday night what happens
  9. Wet track. Got it. I'll wait for one of those in 2021.
  10. Smiling at the contradiction of what you say. One thing that is certain. The first rider gets a much better track than rider 5,6 and 7. Timed practise is worthless as the track is not the same for every rider. Just my opinion of course.
  11. You are right. What I think is my opinion. You do not answer the points I made. Practise is worthless if it is proven the last pick can win a GP. Justify practise on that statistic. How can the track be the same for all 16 riders if there is no grade after each rider ?
  12. Practise and draw number is proven as worthless. GP won by the last draw pick etc. How can practise be level without a track grade before each rider does his timed lap. Its a waste of time.
  13. Instead of losing the train money maybe there is league racing that weekend ?

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