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  1. Thanks and sorry it should have said sat/sun.
  2. When will we know if the Nice fixtures are Friday or Saturday. Anyone know ? Thanks
  3. https://wikitravel.org/en/Daugavpils try this
  4. Swc 2018

    No but why not try to look for a positive occasionally. There are good things in speedway.
  5. Swc 2018

    Christ Humph you are so boring. Have you anything positive to say about the sport.
  6. 2019 Sgp Qualifiers

    You are right but realistically how many do we really need for riders who might qualify for a GP series. Can't think of one rider who would qualify or enhance the GP series..
  7. Swc 2018

    It was, half the size of Leszno's stadium of course, but it was nearly a sell out. England had Tai in the team, World Champion at the time, so we had a very good chance of a medal.
  8. Swc 2018

    It was only a packed stadium because it was in Poland and they were going to win.
  9. Swc 2018

    One gripe with pairs is the heat winning team can be beaten by the team coming 2nd & 3rd. If you get an exclusion the heat is worthless as a spectacle. I'm unsure what the answer is but winning a heat is not always rewarded fully. Pairs will mainly take away the sight of a rider who is out of his depth being tailed off. Most heats should be competitive with the best two from each nation in every race. That is worth watching. I'm not worried about having a Brit in every race. In Leszno the Brit was 50 yards behind after one bend in most races. I got no fun watching that on TV.. I've little interest watching the Poles win the SWC every year for the next 10 years. That is the reality of there strength, it's a potential turn off for fans, so it's worth giving a new format a try. No jokers in pairs, is that right ?
  10. Swc 2018

    I can see your point but got to be doubtful any speedway nation will be anywhere near a football world cup final.
  11. Agm

    Not shooting the messenger but that is bonkers. We need money being put into the sport but if that happens, new promoter, they have no say on how things are run. Can you imagine football being run like that.
  12. Belle Vue 2018

    Why would anyone want the biggest moaner in speedway Batchelor. ?
  13. be good at Peterborough or Belle Vue.
  14. Agm

    If you have 42.5 points then build your team to that mark without restriction. The skill of the Manager is tested.
  15. Agm

    Find out for sure later today but Mon / Thurs seems more sensible. If UK races on Wednesday it rules out the Danes as there league is on that night. Why make riders make a choice, lets race when no one else does.