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  1. Mark

    Cardiff 2020

    Flagrag is right. Please call it off. Then we can start loudly moaning hotels wont refund and ticket money hasn't been paid back. We need something to waste a few hours while locked away in our two bed semi
  2. Are they riding bikes or have I dropped into a golf chat line ?
  3. So true but millions use Ryanair as they are cheap and fly to places other firms don't. Plenty who moaned about the Wetherspoon boss not paying his staff and vowed never to use his pubs again will be back in them as soon as bars open.
  4. Law says a cash refund must be made. Ryanair continually stretch the boundaries.
  5. the measurables are changing every day.
  6. They could but wont. Will 2m distancing be required come August. No one knows. Leave decision as late as possible. Government said they hoped schools can reopen June 1st. Not 100% but a very hopeful reality. Look what trouble that caused.
  7. No way the Government can say what can happen in August without knowing the R rate in July. Its vital.
  8. Riders do not have the other leagues to pay in 2020 but in 2021 they could be back. It would be hard to a rider to have onbly 4 rides each week and remain in top form. A few bad meetings and the pay scale goes very wrong.
  9. Mark

    Cardiff 2020

    Sure it was no't with glee and accept your position . Policy is decided by the government and that is changing most days Its a moving target but newspapers and internet are full of rubbish.
  10. Mark

    Cardiff 2020

    You might be right. You might be wrong. No one knows. What the Stadium employee says means sweet FA doesn't it. I'm getting iritated reading opinion of this sort as it has no susbstance. Pure guesswork and just alarmist for some people.
  11. Any practice matches announced yet ? Can start from 28/05/20.
  12. Mark

    Cardiff 2020

    If its closed for business the hotel has cancelled your reservation so you will get a 100% refund. Same as Easy Jet cancelling a flight as that is also full money back. Assume you don't mean the hotel has gone bust ? You will be in trouble getting money back if they have closed for ever. But in that case speak with your bank to get a refund under the terms of your debit card.
  13. Mark

    Cardiff 2020

    Hotels do not have to refund. Not there fault the GP is cancelled.
  14. Mark

    Cardiff 2020

    Fair. June 1st due to be next crucial date on lock down. Know a lot more on 2 weeks.
  15. Mark

    Cardiff 2020

    Weird no decision but it must be insurance. Has the Welsh government definitely said no crowds at sporting events. No expert on Welsh football but do they get a crowd worth talking about at matches

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