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  1. Triple.H.

    Poole 2018

    Call the mods Call the mods stevehone has broken the no sensible post rule
  2. Team Riding is almost non existent nowadays. Though there is a British rider who is very good at it when required. The much maligned Ben Barker
  3. Looks like they need Len Silver running training schools in Slovenia. He wouldn' let you race unless you could lay it down.
  4. Triple.H.

    Characters of the sixties

    3 times in a meeting is a bit better than good.
  5. Triple.H.

    Cardiff Accommodation

    bookaccommodation@cardiff.ac.uk put speedway in subject they will let you know if any rooms available failing that closer to the time someone may have a spare room at uni that they can let you have Swindon supporters club are running a coach leaving from the county ground, admittedly its not overnight accommodation but it will get you back near home
  6. Triple.H.


    Good to see Jarek Hampel back and on the gas.
  7. what you know about speedway can be written on the back of a postage stamp with a marker pen
  8. Triple.H.

    2018 Warsaw Gp

    i didnt know that, but i would say never say never. I've seen a fair few riders over the years be carried out and sat on their bike in the aim of winning the ultimate title. IMO the series should provide they're own Dr for the whole series who's word is final when it comes down to if a rider is fit enough to race or not.
  9. Triple.H.

    2018 Warsaw Gp

    Vaculik is a speedway rider. Unless his ankle is well and truly cattle trucked I reckon he will line up for the 1st GP.
  10. Fairplay but you also have to take into consideration the different types of rain. Also as those of us over 21 know youthful exuberance can easily make you do things you later regret
  11. Triple.H.

    S.C.B. Track Licences

    Someone may have thrown that fag packet away Being serious doesn' t Peter Oakes post on here ? He used to compile the yearbooks and when it boils down to it probably has shedloads of info and stats in his head nevermind what he has stored in books etc
  12. Triple.H.

    Swindon Stadium

    Stadium didnt get shut down but there was a case at Mildenhall a few years ago that if my memory is correct affected times stadium could be used and a sound barrier had to be built
  13. Triple.H.

    New Godden Engine

    Great pic Steve
  14. Triple.H.

    Swindon Stadium

  15. Triple.H.

    Poole 2018

    Wow you're all heart aren't you. Doesnt matter if he was married or not, everyone reacts to these things differently. Maybe its an Australian thing as i seem to remember Ryan Sullivan having access problems with his son and his riding also went off the boil. I just hope he gets the issues sorted and back to his best.
  16. Triple.H.


    It' gone very quiet at the moment Steve. But the news does seem to come in fits and starts.
  17. Triple.H.


    4 year old article
  18. Triple.H.

    No TV deal?

    Mine turned up on Thursday morning as usual Which considering if you mention snow in a weather forecast in Oxford mass panic ensues I think is rather good service by the parties involved, espescially my postman who turns up day in day out no matter what the weather is like
  19. Triple.H.

    Len Silver - Last Of A Dying Breed

    but i bet you would love to be able to visit Exeter again
  20. Let' start a campaign to get it repeated on BBC4 when they'e not showing anything else. At least we can record it. I do know this will never happen
  21. Triple.H.

    Poole 2018

    purveyor of sausage rolls
  22. Triple.H.

    Kent 2018

    That' the thing with Len Silver he shows loyalty to his riders when many others would make changes. At NL level that' s surely a benefit as you don' t know when a fall/ remounted rider is going to suddenly come good.
  23. Triple.H.

    King Cinder

    Thought it all got wiped donkeys years ago. Best hope is if someone ever recorded it on its original TV slot. Or if it was ever repeated on another channel. Highly unlikely to find a copy but stranger things have happened

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