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  1. cowboy cookie returns?

    Peterborough Panthers 2022

    This hasn't been tested yet however remember the other rule a few years ago around doubling up that prevented Scott Nicholls doubling up with Peterborough, he was prepared to go to court & once the BSPA realised he wasn't bluffing the rule was soon dropped.
  2. cowboy cookie returns?

    Peterborough Panthers 2022

    It makes no difference who holds a registration riders will ride where they want. They are self employed & their seasonal contact expires at the end of October unless they signed a multi year deal. The registration system only still exists as the promotors keep it going as goodwill, if it were ever tested in a court of law it wouldn't survive.
  3. cowboy cookie returns?

    Belle Vue v Peterborough Panthers - Grand Final

    Top class racing over both legs
  4. cowboy cookie returns?

    Poole Pirates 2021

    It can be done Ipswich rode at Coventry on the first weekend in November in 98.
  5. cowboy cookie returns?

    Why speedway is failing

    almost one man and his camera for ITV
  6. cowboy cookie returns?

    Why speedway is failing

    Speedway hasn't always been played out in front of sparse crowds with not atmosphere in the UK
  7. The rules could be changed in the interest of speedway, so don't rule anything out
  8. cowboy cookie returns?


    I don't think the Polish bubble will burst speedway in Poland has been successfully ran with huge crowds for decades, the sport has great foundations over there. That's what makes it so attractive to the big companies & TV companies. Success breed's success and the Polish governing body sure know how to run a professional sport.
  9. cowboy cookie returns?


    The latter sky deals weren't that great from memory. I think you any have to look at how Eurosport have marketed speedway to get an idea of the cost/value to them. While the clowns are in charge of the circus speedway in the UK is only heading in one direction.
  10. cowboy cookie returns?


    Sky realised that no matter how much money was thrown the was of the BSPA nothing would change. In fact the product got worse with each year sky was involved, not the fault of sky who gave the BSPA some big contacts. The BSPA squandered the opportunity with sky. As for Eurosport isn't it been given to them pretty much free of charge, so they have nothing to lose!
  11. cowboy cookie returns?


    The problem with the 5 year plans from the BSPL are two fold, firstly they never last more one year before being scrapped & fundamentally they are almost always very similar. The two big changes they made to turn the fortune of UK speedway didn't work the green helmet colour & numbering the home team 8-14 & the away team 1-7. Still there is always this year's big announcement to look forward too from the annual get together.
  12. cowboy cookie returns?


    The announcement of the 10 year plan has only got to be good news for speedway moving forward. At last some real vision. Hats off to the FIM & Discovery.
  13. cowboy cookie returns?

    BSPL launch brand new championships for 2022

    The rules around the rising star category are being changed to allow riders to double up between the British grand Prix championship & the British rising star championship. This late change has been made for the interest of speedway said the spokesperson from the one of the new approved BSPL media centres (caravans)
  14. cowboy cookie returns?


    Remember when Sky would show both semi finals at the same time now that was top notch coverage! Sadly the BSPA played a blinder and pissed that up! Now instead of selling their product to the TV companies the BSPA go around seeing who will take it free of charge......the BSPA a top notch marketing organisation!!
  15. cowboy cookie returns?

    What the fans say

    As taken from the Speedway GB website the years I have been an avid fan of Speedway, It was a family treat every Monday night going down to watch the Exeter Falcons. After moving away from my home town I lost track of the Speedway scene but the thought of the atmosphere and the smell and flying shale was still in my mind. I ended up starting to go to Belle Vue Aces and everything I remembered about my days at Exeter came flooding back even though I don't go every week it is still a thrill the next time I go back. Pete - Stockport From the first race it became obvious that, despite this being a testimonial, the riders meant business. As they jostled for position around the tight bends, every sinew straining to keep control of the sliding back wheels, the crowd roared on their favourite, struggling to be heard over the deep growl of the engines. The blur of sound and colour, as they passed only yards away, was replaced by the one sensation that, for me, made the whole experience real. The exhaust fumes from the methanol fuel forced their way up my nostrils and left an overpowering but not unpleasant lingering smell reminiscent of cooking oil. It was at this point that I felt a connection with my fellow spectators, as if I had just experienced some rite of passage, which no amount of armchair viewing could bestow upon me. Daren Cowen I went to my first Speedway meeting at Poole in 1979. It was generally thought by those who knew me best that it would not be "my cup of tea" at all, but how wrong they were! I absolutely loved it! I didn't understand about helmet colours and teams and so on, but I bought the Speedway Star and the Speedway Mail at the track, asked a few questions and I was hooked! From that time on, I went to meetings home and away as often as I could and four of us become regulars at our home track Poole and at Swindon in the Phil Crump era. So what makes it such an exciting sport? The smell of the methanol, the buzz when the bikes are roaring, friendly supporters, the Stadium atmosphere and the fact that Speedway is so unpredictable. Even the score card is important. Mary Speedway racing is the most exciting and breathtaking 1minute of action available. The emotions that occur from the build-up of the riders coming onto the track, to the final chequered flag is sometimes more than you can take! The air of awe from around the stadium is a phenomena that no other sport can bring. The sounds, the smell, the taste and the feeling in the air of the dust mixed together with the oil and fumes leads to nothing but memories that you will never forget! As a spectator, my heart pumps really fast and that feeling as the tapes fly up, is not comparable to anything in the world. The thrills of seeing 4 riders bumping and grinding into the first corner and the leader trying to get away is superb! Speedway is modern day hunting, where the leader will be chased by other riders trying to outwit them, out-manoeuvre them and ultimately push them to the limit of making a slight error upon which to capitalize on. A minute of speedway racing combines all emotions, reactions and fear for success. The sounds of the crescendo of the crowd cheering, the air-horns blowing and the announcer going crazy is one word! HEAVEN!!! David Hensby - Canada It's great to support your local and national team, lots of passion comes from that. The bravery and skill of the riders is special, as much as we might moan about the lack of passing or whatever, no way would the majority of fans have the guts to get out there and do what the riders are doing in the first place. No brakes, boarded circuits, racing centimetres from one another ............ scary but exciting to watch!! The camaraderie and banter of the fans is good, discussions maybe heated but they never turn to violence. The accessibility of the riders to the fans is unheard of in sport, there's no having a pint with Wayne Rooney in the bar after a match like you could with Scott Nicholls for instance. Same with referees, team managers and promoters, everyone is accessible if you want to talk to them. Theresa Carman Speedway is the best sport in the world - Speedway rules!!!!!!! Tracey Knights I Love Speedway! It was a trip on the train to Cradley Heath on July 18th 1970 that did it. My Dad and my brother took me to my first meeting to see the Swindon Robins race the Heathens. That wide eyed 10 year old boy was enthralled, from the moment the gleaming bikes lined up for the parade to the wind down lap of heat 13. It was the greatest thing I'd ever seen, or heard, or smelled. On the way home, I raced in my mind, me against Chris Bass or Bernie Persson or Martin Ashby. I was in a speedway world of my own. And now, almost 37 years later, I still am. The sport still enthralls me. After being slightly concerned that a 20 year wait for the return of our famous Brummies may diminish my interest in the sport, I'm now as enthusiastic as ever, if not more so. It's like being 16 again, when I chose to read Speedway Star from cover to cover, or paint another program board, rather than revise for my O levels or do my homework. Race days are now spent with the same excited, butterflies in the stomach feeling that I had way back then. And that's just brilliant. Our sport isn't the "beautiful game", even that game is as ugly as sin now, it isn't the sport of kings and it certainly isn't a noble art. What it is though, is a people's sport, a fans' sport, where the stars are within easy reach and the opposing fans approachable, where you can walk around your local stadium, have a pie, a pint, a chat, make new friends, relax

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