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  1. Apologies if this has already been asked somewhere in this thread but will it possible to watch any of this season's Polish live speedway meetings legally this season in the UK and if so how and what does it cost? I don't want to buy a motorised satellite dish.
  2. This was approx 13.30. Told all cheaper tickets had sold out. I understand why they do this. I'm just saying that it's a short term policy. I wouldn't go again on the spur of the moment.
  3. They buy tickets off of punters at below face.
  4. My experience too. £50 as the 'walk up' price is too much. Last minute decision to go with my son. Luckily(?) I bought cheaper tickets from a tout instead. Short sighted pricing policy in my opinion that could/should deter those thinking of attending as a 'walk up' next year.
  5. I'm in the same boat, needing 2 tickets at short notice so interested in any advice provided. Also, is there any obvious place anyone with spare tickets would be found? Fan zone? Outside the Cardiff ticket office?
  6. jeff

    Rye House 2018

    Attendances haven't gone up at Rye House despite more big names being on show. I suspect that if they returned to the Championship the crowds would not fall so people aren't just going to watch Doyle, Lambert, Cook etc. If anything they make the racing more predictable as the top riders rarely make a mistake. If you could take up the sport on a relatively low cost, part time basis combined with it being easier to get a team place (remember 'Vultures' races?) more individuals may well be inclined to give it a go therefore increasing the supply of riders. How about appealing to existing moto-cross riders in the same way that grass track riders used to be encouraged to give it a go. Make clubs more like clubs so a longer term view is taken of riders' development. It's first and foremost a team sport for me.
  7. jeff

    Rye House 2018

    Time to give one big league another go. More fixtures. No doubling up/down. Part time riders.
  8. At the track now. Not raining and indications are that the weather will clear up. Half the car park is a lake, bring your amphibious vehicle if you have one.
  9. jeff

    Rye House 2018

    G'wan Steve, take it to the Courts to end this nonsense. I look forward to a rider being able to leave 'on a Kasprzak' at the end of their contract.
  10. jeff

    2017 Profit & Loss

    I'm sure that is right but based on what I saw at Rye House it is achieved by an endless downward spiral of spending as little as possible on facilities, the track and riders. The spectator experience gets worse and worse each year until you are left with just the hardcore supporters who will put up with anything - but who have a growing sense that they are being taken for mugs.
  11. jeff

    Bt Sport Coverage

    The BT deal works for those promoters and riders who have the vision and drive to capitalise on a broadcast meeting as an excellent opportunity to showcase sponsors. If they just sit back and don't make the effort then they would be out of pocket. I'm think BT are realistic in sort of saying that they are providing the platform but the sport needs to make an effort too, not just sit back and wait for a cheque.
  12. Well that's a first for me - refused admission to a speedway meeting! "I can't let you in unless you have the correct money as I have no change". With adult admission prices of £16 and £14 (seniors) it is entirely forseeable that more coins will be needed to be handed out as change that will be collected. First match I've missed at Rye this season. Unimpressed.
  13. jeff

    Swindon Stadium

    Surely a sound investment, what could possibly go wrong?
  14. Charlie's interview questions seem more mangled than ever. Makes an observation and pretends it's a question then follows it by finding a tenuous link to Darcy Ward.
  15. jeff

    Birmingham Brummies 2015

    Think this will make the team a bit 'top heavy'
  16. jeff

    Rye House 2015

    Found this http://www.teambmr.com/news/Team-BMR-Challenge-2014 Maybe it's about the go kart track?
  17. jeff

    Charlie Webster

    Dave Kitson The Secret Footballer in his book 'I Am The Secret Footballer' recounts a tale of when he was leaving Millwall's ground with a teammate and was approached by a 7 year old child who went up his teammate and said 'african american'. He then goes on to say "The point, though this is an extreme case, is that much of what a child learns comes directly from his or her parents. They are the closest influence and a guide to acceptable behaviour. This is why I struggle to accept the idea of footballers as role models. While I'm not condoning some of the things that players do, if your son or daughter is copying them, ask yourself why they're taking more notice of a Premier League footballer than they are of you.." When I read and thought about that in the context of Ched Evans it did make me wonder about the validity of barring him from returning to his previous employment/trade on the grounds that he should be 'made an example of' and because he is supposedly a 'role model'. Obviously an emotional response that rape is bad (as is war, murder etc ) is wholly understandable but unless I've missed it I'm not convinced that Charlie has made a well reasoned case for her resignation. was approached by a 7 year old child who went up his teammate and said 'african american'. Note The original post has been automatically changed to remove the offensive word, nonetheless I think you can work out what was said.
  18. Think you might want to edit your post SCB - 'traditionalists' may not approve!
  19. jeff

    Premier League Play Offs

    Thanks Screm. I read that on the BSPA website and assume that the teams finishing 5th and 6th go into different groups but then not sure whether 3rd and 4th are allocated or get to choose. Then 1st and 2nd get to choose. The wording in the BSPA note is a tad confusing because if the team finishing first gets to choose first before anything else is known then you aren't basing your choice on very much information. So I think it must be a bottom up thing (cue annoying Benny Hill music) i.e. 5th & 6th are in different groups, then 3rd chooses, then 4th, then 1st then 2nd.
  20. jeff

    Over Seas Riders

    But are there sufficient numbers of British lads to come through? When I started going to speedway in the late sixties, League 2 riders were plentiful. They included semi-veterans dropping down/coming out of retirement, grass track riders transferring across, many youngsters and even a policeman (John Hibben) having a go. I have read about the Collins brothers & Chris Morton developing their skills on farms, wasteland etc. But with the demise of grasstrack and much wider range of hobbies now on offer I wonder just why and how a 16 year old in 2014 is going to give it a go unless their speedway knowledgeable father or uncle etc sets them up.
  21. jeff

    Pirates 2014

    I nearly choked on my dinner just now when I opened today's Speedway Star and read Matt Ford's quotes: "If they choose to ban him on Friday or Saturday, they totally screw my team and my business. That needs to be taken into consideration. You're not just affecting the rider". "Anyone can guess what's going to happen to him, but no-one actually knows. Fingers crossed he gets away with it because obviously we need him desperately for the play-offs". I don't think Matt is grasping the bigger picture here - rules? right and wrong? morality? ethics?
  22. jeff

    The Future Of The Elite League

    Monday is the worst day of the week to schedule meetings for. First day back at work, kids back to school, bit tired and skint after the weekend. Even in the good old days few clubs elected to run on Mondays (Reading did though). Monday is only being suggested because it's the only remaining day available, no other country opted for Mondays and for good reason. It won't be viable. Guess what my favourite Boomtown Rats song is?
  23. jeff

    Rye V Newcastle 2nd August.

    Rye House Rockets ‏@RyeHouseFans 13m The meeting between the Rockets & Newcastle, scheduled for next Saturday, has been POSTPONED, due to a clash with the World Cup Final

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