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  1. Tim G

    Moto Gp, 2 And 3

    I watched the Moto GP race at Becketts/Chapel corners and the interesting thing about Quartararo was how late he got on the power, it was about six bike lengths later than some riders. The BT commentators have said before how he rolls through the corners and this must protect his tyres. Dixon did really well and said he had grip issues on Sunday, sounds like he is on the bike again at Aragon as Vierge has turned down the ride. Will be fun to see what Vinales can do on the Aprillia at Aragon.
  2. Tim G


    Also DAZN have just upped the monthly price from £1.99 to £7.99 a month and they don’t have much content at the moment. If they got PL rights you would probably be looking at £20 a month.
  3. Tim G

    Moto Gp, 2 And 3

    Vinales got what he deserved from Yamaha so will we see him on an Aprillia before the end of the season? Big weekend at Silverstone for Dixon making his Moto GP debut. Hopefully a young British rider like Vickers or Skinner will replace him in Moto 2 for the weekend.
  4. Tim G

    Moto Gp, 2 And 3

    Good to hear that Silverstone has record ticket sales for the GP. Hopefully Dixon will get a ride on the Petronas bike as I can’t see a way back for Vinales at Yamaha after his disgusting actions.
  5. Tim G

    Moto Gp, 2 And 3

    Will Vinales manage to last the season on Yamaha after today’s announcement? Hopefully Cal gets the works ride this weekend.
  6. Tim G

    Moto Gp, 2 And 3

    Not yet but I will try and catch it later. It makes me feel old as I remember watching him race on a 125cc before he moved through the classes. All you can say is the man had a stunning career and really help put Moto GP on the map. I would think the Sam Marino round will be very emotional.
  7. Tim G

    Moto Gp, 2 And 3

    Rossi retires so we were both wrong, maybe his team has signed Vinales.
  8. Tim G

    Moto Gp, 2 And 3

    I doubt it will be this weekend as a press conference is being arranged in Saudi Arabia at the palace about the team but has no confirmed date. I agree with you that I think he will be riding so that means Bezzecchi off to Petronas is a possibility.
  9. Tim G

    European Union - In Or Out?

    I think you will are too busy blaming people that voted Brexit for those problems and ignoring that pretty much sums up most people these days. When it comes down to it people will generally look after themselves first. I am yet to meet a union representative who hasn’t done well out of their position, admittedly dealing with quite often clueless management they deserve there little perks.
  10. Tim G

    Moto Gp, 2 And 3

    Crutchlow replacing Morbidelli for Austrian and UK rounds. Will do well to get in the top 10 on that bike. Dani Pedrosa also on a wildcard at the Austrian round.
  11. Tim G

    European Union - In Or Out?

    I think it is a huge but. If the problem persists of food shortages once the pingdemic is over then you could say it is down to HGV driver shortage. As I previously stated where I work my shift is 20% down due to isolation rules and if this is across the country it’s a huge problem.
  12. Tim G

    European Union - In Or Out?

    I did know about that but that is still not the cause of the current problem. I doubt many HGV drivers have left the country in the last 23 days due to them not having there status sorted. However, I would agree that it may stop quite a few coming over to the UK to help with the shortage of drivers in the future.
  13. Tim G

    European Union - In Or Out?

    You are completely wrong, it’s due to staff shortages due to isolation. If it’s due to a lack of HGV drivers why have supermarkets not had stock issues for the last seven months? You can blame Brexit for numerous problems but not this.
  14. Tim G

    European Union - In Or Out?

    If anyone believes what you have stated here it is absolute twaddle. Where I work we are losing people all the time and my shift alone has lost 20% off our workforce due to isolation. Another one of our depots lost 6 people on one day this week. So nothing to do with Brexit but all down to a useless app on people’s phones.

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