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  1. Don’t forget the ref from the 1st leg!!
  2. Tim G

    Cardiff 2018 21st July

    Sky bet offering 3/1 on Tai but 4/1 on a British winner!!
  3. Tim G


    Many a time I have paid £32 on the gate at a BSB event and have never felt that I have not had value for money. It is an excellent day out for the cash and I cannot always say that about speedway. Next week I am going to the Arenacross which again is fantastic value at £36. In our group we are taking a mum and her 11 year old who has never been to a motorcycle event. She wanted to show him motorbikes in the action as he quite enjoys the moto gp on tv. I know that taking him there he will have a great night as it is non stop entertainment for 3 hours. As living near Reading the closest track to me is Swindon and I know if we took them there the chance of her wanting to return is low due to the facilities at the stadium and the journey being a pain. The only speedway that I would take them to is Cardiff.
  4. Tim G

    Sky To Pull Out.

    You can use Sportsnation using kodi but there is apple and android apps that you can put on your phone/tablet. You can then stream it to your tv off them. The app is very easy to install and the instructions are on there website.
  5. Tim G

    Sky To Pull Out.

    If you use Sky and want BT Sport, groupon has a half price deal, It is £11.49 a month with 3 months free HD. Offer runs until 25/3. Sportnation HD is very good so if you choose to go down this route I would do the £26 for 6 months offer.
  6. Tim G

    Bt Sport

    If you use Sky and you want BT Sport there is a deal on groupon. It says £9 a month but when I linked it on the BT Sport site it came in at £11 a month on a 12 month contract with no set up fee. It also came with free HD for 3 months. Still happy with that as it is half price and BoxNation is also on BT Sport. I was informed of this offer by the cancellation department at Sky and I think it is still available for another week.
  7. Hopefully a Wolves win but I cannot see them getting 12 back
  8. It must be upsetting to be a Poole fan when all your out of form riders get injured for the playoffs. Every year I feel sorry for you, but luckily due to the generosity of your fellow promoters/doctors notes you reshuffle and your team becomes stronger.
  9. Tim G

    Poole Sign Lindback

    Lindback on a 7 is ridiculous, the way speedway is being run now makes horse racing look honest.

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