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  1. Well I do blame Boris and the Tory party, testing is a shambles and the new measures are a joke. Not there fault we got the virus but have been useless and lying ever since.
  2. Fair point but I don’t think fit is the correct word, panic and poor decisions seem more appropriate!! Anyway, hopefully the meeting goes ahea.
  3. Also allowing 20,000 fans at the F1 race. Italy had 10,000 fans at the last two Moto GP races.
  4. Moto GP have cameras on every grid slot and they are checked after every start. You now get a long lap penalty as the pit ride through was deemed to harsh.
  5. Fair enough, sorry I took it the wrong way.
  6. So because something is more popular and successful nobody can make a remark about it because a sport I enjoy unfortunately is not anymore.
  7. Very true, but many other forms of motorsport interest me but the ones that take the piss out of me for watching speedway are F1 fans!!
  8. I would say the Arenacross is a bit like Cardiff where you have your hardcore fans and the people going for an enjoyable night out, I wouldn’t be surprised if the splits about 50/50. Most people I know that go to Cardiff it is there only speedway meeting that year and I doubt very much they would want to go two days running. However, if you had a GP at Belle Vue two days running I am sure it would sell out both days so maybe it could work at different stadiums. Speedway doesn’t really sit well with fans from other motorsports which does surprise me as it’s a damn site more entertaining than formula one.
  9. You may not get the crowds that you think you will if you hold 2 rounds at a track on consecutive days. I have been going to the Arenacross for a few years and it used to be one night in six different uk arenas on a Saturday night which were all near full capacity and the atmosphere was very good. They then switched it to six rounds in three arenas running on a Friday and Saturday night. Now the arenas are less than half full with spectators and the event is nowhere near as enjoyable as it once was as it has a flat atmosphere. If you had a Cardiff GP on a Friday you would be lucky to get 15k and the Saturday crowd would probably be lower than it normally is. I expect most people that go to Cardiff do a 200 mile plus round trip and wouldn’t do that two days running.
  10. Thanks for the reply. I had it before but stopped it when it went to bitcoin. It’s an excellent service. I have stayed away from Facebook so might see if my old login still works (which I doubt)and have a look on the site.
  11. You can add it for £25 a month through Sky on a 31 day rolling contract so will only cost you £50. Log into your Sky account and you add the BT Sport package from your offers menu.
  12. Try using promo code BACKTOWIN and hopefully you will get June free.
  13. Mine took a couple of attempts to work and then the streams were all good

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