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  1. Tim G

    60 most difficult sports....

    Still show all the Top Rank shows so is still very big on the boxing.
  2. Tim G


    BT sport is being sold and it looks like DAZN are buying it which is app based, rumours in the press is the deal will go through shortly.
  3. Tim G


    I have done this but you don’t get the sport channels so not worth doing if you want it for the speedway.
  4. Tim G

    F 1 Today's race

    No, that’s for letting drivers know they are going to be lapped by quicker cars
  5. Tim G

    F 1 Today's race

    I don’t even really see the need for a virtual safety car let along using the actual safety car. As most tracks are divided into sectors couldn’t the cars race at full speed until they come to the sector that has the problem and be put on a limit of 30mph. This would allow the track to be cleared whilst not putting any marshals in danger. All drivers would be aware of the sector because the teams can tell them on the radio.
  6. Tim G

    Oxford Cheetahs 2022

    Hopefully not but the race night does worry me a bit. But I wouldn’t take the amount of chatter on a little known forum as a gauge of what the crowd levels will be.
  7. Tim G

    Oxford Cheetahs 2022

    I doubt many Oxford fans come on here or even know about the forum as the club has been shut for 14 years.
  8. Tim G

    Lakeside World Darts Championship

    I knew the BDO had folded but didn’t know about the WDF. Hopefully they have better luck next year.
  9. Tim G

    Lakeside World Darts Championship

    Didn’t even know they had a tournament on. I used to really enjoy going to the Lakeside, preferred it to the PDC events I have been too.
  10. Tim G


    True, but I doubt Sarah Storey would get into the top 100 popular sportsperson in the UK even though her sporting achievements are outstanding. Josh Taylor would be very well known in Scotland a bit like Jonathan Rea was in Northern Ireland who finished runner up a few years ago. He was not a name that the general public would have heard off.
  11. Tim G


    That is the way it has seemed for a few years now. On this year’s list I cannot work out how Tyson Fury got in over Josh Taylor who has won an undisputed world title which I believe has only been done five times.
  12. Thought exactly the same, he looked class and I thought he was destined for the top.
  13. Tim G

    Oxford Cheetahs 2022

    Good top two, happy with that to start with.
  14. Tim G

    European Union - In Or Out?

    Councils have been claiming about a lack of funding before this year, it’s not a new problem. We will miss the EU social fund, that is one point you are correct on. It’s tough to say if COVID or Brexit is to blame for all Labour shortages, in some areas like fruit picking and hospitality I would agree it’s Brexit but not in all instances. The way some companies acted during the pandemic has caused them problems now. It would be nice if you could make a post without throwing in accusations about people being racist because they voted Brexit or HGV drivers being thick or blaming people that voted Brexit on global warming. People that voted Brexit may have got things wrong, I wouldn’t vote for it again but they are not to blame for all that you try and blame them for.
  15. Tim G

    European Union - In Or Out?

    But those problems you quote were already there whilst we were in the EU. I didn’t realise poverty and social problems only started this year, thanks for pointing that out.

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