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  1. jeffster

    Wolverhampton 2020

    Wont be Nicholls, as BSPA website announces him as signing as having signed for fellow Monday night track Kent Kings **EDIT - Of course, it is possible, as Kent will have to change racenight now
  2. jeffster

    Swindon Robins 2020

    Yes, he has, but will be sharing the #1 duties with Nicki Pedersen.... Not like you to not tell the full story, Phil, especially as its on your employers website..... https://www.speedwaygp.com/news/article/7929/doyles-danish-deal Aussie ace Jason Doyle is on his way to Denmark for 2020 after joining Holsted’s squad. The Newcastle-born racer is set to share the No.1 berth with triple world champion Nicki Pedersen and will only race a limited number of fixtures. Doyle has already agreed terms with Vastervik in the Swedish Elitserien and has made no secret that he’s keen to stay with Swindon in the UK. He has also been heavily linked to Polish side Czestochowa. A busy schedule suits the 2017 world champion and he’s looking forward to playing a part for the Danish Tigers. He said: “I am excited to announce I have signed a contract with Holsted Tigers in the Danish Super League. I will not be racing the full season in Denmark but just a few matches. “I am super happy to have the opportunity to race for one of Denmark’s prestigious speedway clubs. See you all in 2020! It’s going to be a great year!” He will indeed race on Wednesdays in Denmark, but its not going to be every week, even more so when you consider that Holsted raced 10 fixtures last year prior to the Danish Play Offs, so Jason will probably have 5 or so matches for Holsted...
  3. jeffster

    MACEC cup

    Did you fly to Bucharest, and then take the train to Braila ?
  4. jeffster

    Swindon 2020

    That wasnt the case ! You state yourself that Zach lost confidence, and decided to step away from speedway for this year. Lampart had his permission to ride here revoked by his Polish club, Motor Lublin, due to his poor form for them, and was more often than not, reduced to a role of spectator in Poland, with Robert Lambert appearing regularly instead of him. therefore, neither rider was "sacked" as you put it !
  5. jeffster

    Berwick, Sheffield and Kent.

    No, this guy :
  6. jeffster

    Berwick, Sheffield and Kent.

    Thats it, thank you
  7. jeffster

    Berwick, Sheffield and Kent.

    Berwick have rode at Berrington Lough before its miles from anywhere, in a place called Ancroft. They had an air ambulance in attendance, as the place is so remote. in 1991, Berwick joined the top division, signing Kelvin Tatum from Coventry, Richard Knight from Kings Lynn and Jimmy Nilsen from Swindon. The then promoter, a Liverpudlian called Terry, whose surname I cant recall, later served a prison sentence for fraud IIRC.
  8. jeffster


    Orion is spot on, your post is a brain dead one, to put it mildly ! I am no fan of the Poole promotion at all, but it looks like Mr. Ford is cutting his cloth, accordingly....Would you prefer it if Poole simply closed down ?! All teams can only beat what the opposition puts in front of them..... Swindon rode brilliantly over two legs, to trounce Ipswich, they won the final in some style....It certain wasnt boring on the terraces ! Of course, your opinion would have been different had Belle Vue won the title, and maybe there is more than a touch of Sauvignon Sour Grapes in your post, as Swindon beat Belle Vue in the cup final too. In every sport, in every season, there will be successful teams and not so successful teams, and you quite possibly dont understand the cyclical nature of sport.
  9. jeffster

    Tai Woffinden book at £8.99

    I bought it on the kindle app for my phone, £6.47, the first chapter tells you it isnt going to be full of "I am better than everyone else" In answer to your question, depends how keen you are read the book
  10. It was Brits in U15, the lady immediately to my right and I had our backs doused with beer from the drunk lads behind me ! I think there were from south Wales judging by their accent, but not entirely sure !
  11. I always buy from "See Tickets" well in advance
  12. jeffster

    Tai Woffinden book at £8.99

    Adonis is talking bullocks, but then, looking at his avatar of Yaxley_Lennon, what can you expect ?! Its a good read, and definitely not full of "I am better than everyone else" ! My advice would be buy it, see what you think, you can always sell it on Ebay, Gumtrre, etc....
  13. £50 ?! I paid £19 last year, £20 last night, and £20 for next year earlier this morning, in block U15 on level 6 in the upper tiers. That block is positioned just as the riders exit the 4th bend.
  14. Emailed the club, and it appears small bags / rucksacks are allowed : From: SGP, sekretariat <sekretariat@speedway-prague.cz> Sent: 05 June 2019 12:23 To: Jeff Povey Subject: Re: Položky, které nejsou povoleny pro Marketa pro Speedway Grand Prix / Items not allowed into Marketa for Speedway Grand Prix Hello Jeff, small rucksack (for pens, programme etc) will be allowed. The ban applies to large backpacks and suitcases. Best regards, Eliška Rybenská Stadion Markéta - sekretariát SGP a MLT Auto klub Markéta při PSK Olymp Praha U Vojtěšky 11, 162 01 Praha 6
  15. Thought this deserved its own topic, rather than being buried in the thread about the meeting itself : http://www.speedway-prague.cz/zakaz-vstupu-s/ (The above is in Czech, English and German) Mos of the stuff is common sense, such as weapons, drugs, etc. But also it says that no bags or rucksacks are allowed, which I can see a lot of people failing inadvertently foul of...

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