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  1. jeffster

    Warsaw 2019

    Not sure why anyone would use Travel Plus, or any "organised" tour, these days. The "DIY" route of flights, with accommodation booked through Travel Republic, Booking.com or AirBnB is so much cheaper...
  2. Re transport to / from Prague Airport, Uber is an option I sometimes use, works well, and cheaper than the previously mentioned rip off taxis. Pick Up point for Uber at the airport is the car park across a couple of zebra crossings from terminal 1, the terminal into which UK flights arrive at. Re Pickpockets, keep your wallet in your front pocket....Personally, never had a problem re pickpockets in 21 years of going to Czecho, for the Golden Helmet and Grand Prix.
  3. jeffster

    Where is SCB

    Fully agree to all of that ! Personally, I also think the sentence was very light, 2 years 8 months for his actions is nowhere near enough, in my opinion !
  4. Wonder if the new national stadium in Bratislava will be considered in a couple of years ? Bratislava is a great city to spend time in. https://spectator.sme.sk/c/20906724/slovakia-to-pay-more-for-its-ultra-modern-national-stadium.html Slovakia to pay more for its ultra-modern national stadium Bratislava will have one of most modern football stadiums in Europe and the state is ready to pay more, says PM Peter Pellegrini. Bratislava will soon have one of the most modern football stadiums in Europe, Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini said after visiting the construction site of the National Football Stadium (NFS) on September 4. He admitted that the state’s investments in this project could increase. This is partly because the construction costs will be higher than the original amount resulting from the tender. Ivan Kmotrík Senior, the head of the construction investor – National Football Stadium – admitted, as quoted by the TASR newswire, that the price has changed over time. This is a consequence of increased labour costs and new UEFA demands regarding lighting and certain parts of the stadium’s infrastructure, according to him. “It will be €7 million, perhaps €12 million more expensive. I’d be glad it if it weren’t more than five-six million,” said Kmotrík, according to TASR. Setting priorities and negotiating Whether the state will eventually pay more than expected when buying the stadium is a question of negotiations as well as priorities, the PM noted. “We must clearly determine whether we want the most up-to-date lighting and infrastructure possible, or if we’ll require something cheaper that lags behind the modern world,” Pellegrini said. He added that “if we are to build a stadium, it must be in such a way that all who come to it will admire it”. According to the PM, it also depends on what's left on the investor’s shoulders as a result of the increased investments and what the state can contribute. “We’re ready, I repeat ready to talk about it,” said Pellegrini, stressing that the decision must be transparent and that it's the right thing to do. In this regard, he argued that the cost of the stadium, with the technical parameters that it is supposed to have, will be one of the lowest in current conditions when calculating cost per seat (the capacity will be 22,500 seats). “In any case, the capital city deserves a modern football stadium,” he stressed, as cited by the newswire. Other potential use of the stadium Bratislava Mayor Ivo Nesrovnal agrees, pointing out that the new “Tehelné Pole” (meaning Brick-field, name of the area and the previous stadium) will allow Slovakia to host teams and hold big matches. The stadium will also become the site of great cultural events. “The background of the stadium can help create opportunities for developing congress tourism, which has huge potential,” Nesrovnal said, as quoted by the Sme daily. The new stadium should receive final commissioning approval by the end of the year or early 2019. Although it is possible that the first match will be played there as early as this year, regular matches should be played from the beginning of the spring during the current football season, TASR wrote. The new stadium is being built by STRABAG Pozemné a Inžinierske Staviteľstvo which, according to the contract with the investor – NFS – is supposed to complete the stadium within 76 weeks for €49.81 million ex-VAT (€59.77 million VAT-included). The state pledged to complete the construction and subsequently buy the non-commercial part of the stadium and to provide NFS with a contribution worth €27.2 million, which is due to be deducted from the purchase price. On the same day, the football pitch, which the investor built in the complex of the nearby athletic elementary school Kalinčiakova, was opened. Another similar football pitch will be built in the school premises by the investor, Sme reported.
  5. The one major flaw in this argument, is that, in both Sweden and Poland, a speedway track is just that, a speedway track, owned by the club, or leased from their local council, with the club being masters of their own destiny as far as usage of their stadium and track... In the UK, speedway teams, are, with the odd exception such as Kings Lynn, and the now defunct Rye House, tenants at a greyhound stadium, so have to fit around greyhound racing and other commitments at the stadium, coming second or third in the pecking order for race nights...
  6. jeffster

    Swindon 2019

    Twice ? I make it THREE times : Since Doyley became a Swindon asset, he has been loaned out to the following clubs : Birmingham in 2013 Leicester in both 2014 and 2015 Somerset in 2018
  7. Not even then, really... I havent missed attending a Czech Golden Helmet since 1997, and what used to happen was, after whatever meeting took place on the Saturday, there were four races of the Golden Helmet, for the qualifying groups. As far I am aware, the riders fed back that it was pointless and time consuming to just have one race each on the Saturday, and then have to clean bikes, etc, and then start all over again on the Sunday.
  8. Well yes, spot on...probably on both counts.... Of course they know the cost to stage a GP, they have staged the GP Challenge in the past, after all (As part of the Golden Helmet Weekend) The local council do financially support the Golden Helmet Weekend, so more than likely couldnt justify spending money on a GP as well. Whilst I respect the club's decision, I do think they are wrong, and dont fully understand the high regard that the city and track are held in. IF Pardubice ever "bit the bullet" and staged a GP, maybe they would be pleasantly surprised at the attendance. Pardubice is only an hour or so on the train from Prague of course, very easy to travel between the two cities. Maybe, just maybe, they could stage a GP on the Saturday of the Golden Helmet Weekend, it could easily be done, even if the Helmet weekend needs to be moved from its now traditional late September or early October slot. It is surely do-able, there just needs to be the will, which, at least for the time being, there isnt...
  9. Must be a doubt about Doyley, as Gary May said on TV last night, during the Kings Lynn V. Somerset match that Jason would return from injury a week tomorrow, August 8th, when the Rebels take on Wolves at the Oak Tree Arena...
  10. I have spoken to Petr Moravec a few times over the years about this, and the answer is the same every time - Pardubice dont want to host a GP, the club doesnt think it would make money, when you take into consideration the staging fee that has to be paid to BSI, etc. I happen to think that they are wrong, but we wont know until they try, and, as it stands currently, they dont want to try...
  11. There is no access to the speedway track whilst dog racing in taking place.... You do realise that the people looking after the dog track and speedway track are totally different ? Or, perhaps not, as greyhound racing doesnt take place at the Arena Essex raceway, as its used exclusively for motorsports. Orlov is also correct, the building of the nearby houses has placed a strain on the water mains within the area, greatly reducing the pressure. All that said, something should have been done, its not like yesterday / last night was a freak one day hot spell ! Reading Troy on twitter, he said that 16 people, the teams and team manager,s wanted remedial track work done, but the track man (who has probably never ridden a speedway bike !) wouldnt listen to them ! Shale Searcher is also bang on, watering needs to be done very late at night / in the early hours of the morning, otherwise water is burnt off by the sun and just evaporates. As an advert for speedway, last night was absymal, certainly glad I never wasted time, effort and money to make the 100 mile round trip from Bristol.
  12. A little over 29 hours to Cardiff... If you are going, pop along to a costume hire shop, and buy a mask....You will be frightening lots of people, not just kids, otherwise.... What about a Donald Trump mask ? He is a really popular bloke, just like you.....
  13. jeffster

    Swindon 2018

    Bien sûr, ce n'est pas, ne pouvait pas résister à jeter un "poisson" pour l'attraper de nombreux alias;)
  14. jeffster

    Swindon 2018

    Rumour has it that Toi Petite-Merde, a young French lad, and mate of Adam and David, is being looked at for the number seven birth. REMEMBER, you heard it here first....TOI PETITE-MERDE
  15. Probably "Danny Bird's Whiff Whiff" because he must be on something ... I am in two minds as to whether he is schizophrenic...

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