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  1. Thursday night speedway at swindon

    Really ? Odd that Colin went on record in the Speedway Star then, and that the Star printed it....
  2. Thursday night speedway at swindon

    Thoughts ? A certain south coast promoter ballsed it up ! Colin Pratt went on record in the Speedway Star to say that it was had been agreed with the ISL (International Speedway League, a body that formulates fixtures between the UK, Poland, Sweden and Denmark) that the UK would move to Monday and Thursday for racing at Elite League level... Hey Presto, at the next BSPA meeting, The Pirate one kicked up a fuss, and it became Monday and Wednesday ! Your thoughts on guests doesnt stack up, either - Dont forget that a speedway meeting needs TWO teams, so, should any of Swindon's opposition need a guest, they also have a bigger pool to pick from on Thursdays !
  3. 2018 Warsaw Gp

    Thanks for your reply. That explains why I couldnt find a start time, either *Have just had a reply from Czeztochowa : "Nie znamy jeszcze godziny zawodów" which means "We do not know the time of the competition yet"
  4. 2018 Warsaw Gp

    Can you please advise of the start time, as I cannot find it anywhere. despite having looked at 'Sportowefakty' and the 'PZM' Website. I am making my first trip to Poland for the Warsaw GP, so will hopefully go to Czestochowa on May 13th too
  5. Swc 2018

    WITH respect, Phil , you are playing both poacher and gamekeeper.... Maybe the FIM did jump the gun, through Armando Castagna....The thing is, the "Speedway Star", of which you are managing editor, published that story / interview with Armando ! You cant have it both ways ! You are course absolutely 100% correct when you state "SOIMETHING I learned in my profession decades ago is that if someone tells you something in confidence you do not betray that. If you do, a second chance is rarely forthcoming." SO....Dont say anything ! Dont tease, dripfeed, or anything like that, just stay quiet until the full facts are in the public domain ! Now, i realise that may not suit the journalist within you, but, as I said, you cant have it both ways !
  6. Swindon 2018

    Jon Cook normally has a hand in fixture compilation.....Swindon might get a well balanced fixture list for a change
  7. Swindon 2018

    I have a sneaking suspicion that the Gobey Boys may play "Hammer Time" and "Rocking Robin" quite a bit next season....
  8. Swindon 2018

    IF it was Clegg, he would be the fourth rider doubling up between Swindon and Lakeside next season....
  9. Swindon 2018

    LOL Mystic Meg you aint ! More like Septic Seb !!
  10. R.I.P Nigel 'NODDY' Fordham

    Awful News ! Our paths always used to cross in either Prague or Pardubice, more often than not both, around the time of the Czech Golden Helmet each year RIP Noddy
  11. Lakeside 2018

    Cracking team ! Would also hope that, riding at the Arena Essex raceway every week, Morris, Ellis and Waj will be pretty decent at Wolverhampton when Swindon are at Monmore Green.
  12. Swindon 2018

    I think you may be getting confused with Poole Cycle Speedway
  13. Poole 2018

    So, it was all bovine excretia about Poole signing Adam Ellis as an asset then..... http://www.swindonrobins.co/news.php?extend.3023
  14. Richard Wolff Passed Away Today

    Ah, thats the best case of mistaken identity ever, thanks Ghostwalker !
  15. Just found out on Facebook from Stephen Zetterwall that Czech rider Richard Wolff passed away earlier today. He had been ill since August. RIP Richard