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  1. Brilliant as it was I'm more in awe of the way a few top riders use the fence to drive them harder into the corners now. Think Jason Crump was the first I saw do it and it amazed me then and still does now.
  2. Clearly the weight of his balls helped with the grip
  3. Sporadic flat track events with no paying spectators but a couple of hundred riders paid £45 each to race at Peterborough the weekend and no riders wages to be paid out! It's no secret that most Speedway meetings make a loss. Add to that regular Speedway and flat track schools and at least you aren't running loss making events. I hope league Speedway does take place at Rye House again but it will need to be run by somebody willing to invest money rather than make a profit.
  4. Vince

    Swindon Stadium

    I thought for a newly laid section of track it held up brilliantly, at least as good as many tracks we see which have been 'settled' for years.
  5. Vince

    Swindon Stadium

    I imagine this topic will shortly be full of people admitting they were wrong and that the track changes made have worked out OK!
  6. Dave Aldana who was something of a legend due to being one of the stars of On Any Sunday (if you've not seen it get a copy if you've any interest in motorcycles other than Speedway. Very dated now but still the best motorcycle film ever made) an AMA Champion and also known over here for his Road Racing as part of the Transatlantic series has ridden flat track in the UK several times. Last appearance was at the MCN show at Peterborough last May and he did do the meeting at Oxford that you refer to I believe as well as at least one other. Really nice guy remembered for his skeleton leathers and still, in his mid 60's, a very decent rider. We've had other American Flat Track stars ride at DTRA meetings as well including another former Champion Chris Carr, Johnny Lewis and James Rispoli. 3 years ago we had former World Superbike Champion, Moto GP rider and current MotoGP commentator Colin Edwards racing my Yamaha at Peterborough as well. American Flat track is changing but like Speedway has a long way to go to be anything like as popular as it was decades ago. The changes are well received by some but much criticised by others as is the way with these things. The company doing the promotion did revive Nascar to a large extent so hopefully will have the same success in the long term. Anybody interested can watch the American Championship events live on https://www.fanschoice.tv/ and keep up with results via https://www.americanflattrack.com/ Keep an eye out for young Oliver Brindley who is a British lad working hard to make it at the highest level of the sport after learning the basics here. He rides in the singles class and so far has been right up there with the best of them this season. Unlucky to fall on the last corner while leading his semi final at Daytona he started on the back row for the final and worked his way up to 9th having been the fastest qualifier and winning his heat. he followed that up with a good fourth at the second round and now stands equal 5th in the Championship.
  7. Vince

    Darcy in Twitter rant

    I remember in the 60's if there weren't at least 5 passes in every heat, the meeting ran past 8.45 or one of the superstars shot off home without buying everybody a beer they used to refund double your entrance fee.....probably.
  8. I would say the exact opposite as 15 other riders also get 10 goes a season! In the one-off finals a single bad gate or a breakdown could see off some of the potential winners, that isn't the case now.
  9. Vince

    Keith Flint RIP

    All around motorcycle fan always seemed like a decent guy. Will be missed by quite a few teams and riders I think
  10. I think Both Barry and Martin have been around Speedway long enough to know how it works. I'd agree that they would probably end up powerless if they tried to change anything that might upset the old guard though.
  11. I would imagine anybody with an interest in keeping the sport alive.
  12. Vince

    Just One Race (or maybe two!)

    I was 11, Briggo was local to us and I'd met him a few times so as far as I was concerned Persson was the devil himself and a no hoper who knocked off the vice messiah (Mauger was the only true Messiah in my eyes) and robbed him of a certain title! In retrospect I will allow that it was a racing incident although Persson was mostly at fault and given that he finished 2nd in the meeting (if my memory is to be relied upon) was a long way from a no hoper and actually a very good but hard rider. Wembley was such a poor track to decide a World Championship that such passes were necessary I think. A Wembley final was a fantastic occasion though and we used to have two coaches go from our small village. Nowadays the village has doubled in size but you couldn't fill a mini bus with Speedway fans. Briggo had every chance of winning another title that night, he could usually pull it out at the big meetings but we'll never know.
  13. Vince

    Just One Race (or maybe two!)

    For me I think it would have been Eastbourne about 1977 and strangely it wasn't much of a race but the runaway winner was Gordon Kennett. The reason I remember it especially is it was the first time I'd ever seen a rider go four laps without shutting the throttle. I'd just got a Speedway bike and so was probably paying more attention than before and it really made me doubt my ability for the first time. Of course in later years I had no doubts about my ability, I became well aware I didn't have much of it! Other races I particularly remember are one with Christer Lofqvist passing Soren Sjosten (I think) third bend of the last lap after being a long way behind at Poole in the early 70's. Something Lofqvist was able to do often enough that it was widely assumed Mr Knott would put his hand in his pocket when it happened. Also Briggos crash at the Wembley World final when he lost his finger because the bike ended up a few feet from us. Hated Bernt Persson for years after but he turned out to be a really nice bloke.
  14. I can imagine the 2030 posts now "I remember when we had real men riding full size bikes and proper racing in 2019" Seriously I don't think reducing engine size will make much difference to the racing, if anything it would become more processional as they wouldn't be using throttle control to find grip. It would increase costs with smaller engines revving their nuts off.
  15. The track surface has changed a great deal the past few years at Kings Lynn, it used to be so grippy that plenty of decent riders really struggled to get turned. But those riders who could deal with it had lots of passing lines. It's a lot looser now and I think that is why the racing isn't as good. Whether the change is due to the track man, the shale available and/or the cost I have no idea but it's most definitely different.

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