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  1. There are also those who aren't happy with the way Covid has been dealt with but think that a world wide conspiracy run by the rich with the co-operation of nations who are completely opposed in every other aspect in many cases is bloody nonsense
  2. Damn shame nobody thought of that before lockdowns, could have protected the vulnerable and prevented all the deaths and hardship that has caused. If only somebody had realised that we weren't all equally vulnerable to death by covid!
  3. Problem with long covid is that up until that ONS study it had been up to people to report if they felt unwell and we all know just how many people talk about having the flu when it's really a cold!
  4. According to Sage between 1.9% and 2.3%. Meanwhile Professor Fergusons model confidently predicts it will be 75m in the UK by Xmas thus resolving the issues for supermarket supply chains.
  5. Very true, then the press kicked off and common sense disappeared.
  6. Vince

    Electric Speedway

    I've only ever seen it in video (On any Sunday has a section about it) however they don't slide like our Speedway bikes do. It can be done though.
  7. Insuring off road bikes is usually too expensive to be practical. A similar problem exists with tools which would often be covered while at home but not in a van which requires an additional, often separate cover. The price for tool and equipment cover isn't quite so outrageous though. Of course it would all be much cheaper if the Police actually followed up the thefts which are now at a ridiculous level. However the priority seems to be kids on electric scooters and name calling online if the different forces FB pages are to be believed. If off road bikes are recovered it is always by the public.
  8. Vince

    Electric Speedway

    I think with the noise issue dealt with you could easily match the tyres to the track and run on concrete or tarmac. So maybe large car parks or industrial sites, then you have urban all weather Speedway. On the subject of a temporary track though I did know a chap some years ago who produced furniture and was convinced that with some research he could produce a foam Supercross track that could go into trailers and be transported from site to site. He had raced for years so was well aware of all the issues that spring to mind so maybe it is possible. Imagine a couple of artics turning up to a city centre park and unloading a track which had disappeared by midnight.
  9. Given that age is what makes people particularly vulnerable to dying from Covid that seems a tad harsh!
  10. Vince

    Electric Speedway

    I've seen electric bikes racing on an oval, including one who would have finished on the rostrum in the pro class with the lap times he was doing. Speedway with a few 1 minute races is made for electric bikes if any racing is, current battery capabilities can very easily cope with that. The spectacle was almost exactly the same as normal flat track but the lack of noise definitely made it feel less exciting, whether you would get used to it and feel the same about the racing in the long term I'm not sure. However the prospect of motorcycle racing including Speedway taking place in inner city areas does appeal a great deal. As does the idea of being able to practice and train without complaints from neighbours. So much so that I am currently looking into the idea of getting an electric trials bike purely for the ability to ride at pretty much any time I want very locally.
  11. But if the vulnerable are vaccinated everything else should become unnecessary, we are told they will no longer die and that means there are far more health issues that need prioritising ahead of Covid. The unknowing transmission (apart from those just before they show symptoms) is open to debate as is mask wearing while tracing as applied in the UK has to be the right up there among the top governmental wastes of money of all time. My priority would be to get the waiting lists down for treatments that are far more likely to result in early death than covid closely followed by returning everything to normal so we can start paying for this mess.
  12. Both my parents died of cancer and talking to the specialist one day he told me that everybody will get cancer if they live long enough. Obviously there are factors that bring it on earlier for some and make it more aggressive for others but leading the most perfect lifestyle won't make it impossible to die of cancer.
  13. That's not the same thing though. As far as I can see nobody is suggesting that if you know you have Covid you just carry on as normal (smoking in enclosed spaces to use your analogy) you would then isolate until you are over it. Otherwise those who are most vulnerable are given the opportunity to isolate and the help to do so properly paid for by the majority, who are at little risk of being seriously ill and miniscule risk of dying getting on with their lives as normal.
  14. That huge open gate between the barriers suggest that it might be false news
  15. The irony of MP's telling the press not to scare people with covid figures is to be marvelled at, next we'll be expected to believe that Government advisors drive to test their eyesight! Tory MPs urge BBC to stop 'scaring viewers' with daily Covid figures (msn.com)
  16. Ivermectin Oral: Uses, Side Effects, Interactions, Pictures, Warnings & Dosing - WebMD Ivermectin: Side effects, dosage, uses, and more (medicalnewstoday.com) I've taken the mickey about the horses not catching Covid because of ivermectin but it doesn't mean it is only suitable or already in use for animals. It has been available for human use for a number of years it would seem and that being the case must have gone through the proper clinical trials. Whether it works on Covid I have no idea but the idea that it is as untested on humans as the vaccines is clearly not right.
  17. I don't subscribe to the conspiracy theories surrounding the vaccine and am in favour of it for the easily identifiable sections of society who are most at risk of dying from Covid, the older and ill people basically. However we have been told the vaccine doesn't prevent transmission, only protects those who have had it and doesn't prevent symptoms but only makes you less ill than you might otherwise have been. Therefore giving it to the younger sections of society (I would say anybody under 40) makes little sense. Giving it to healthy under 18's who do not die from Covid is absolutely criminal in my opinion and shouldn't even be considered. Why they are doing it I don't know and at the very least feeds the conspiracy theories and makes those of us who don't usually take notice look for some truth in them.
  18. I think there is a lot to be said for not expecting our young riders to match those from other countries at the same age. Generally speaking Polish, Danish and Swedish riders that I know of and maybe other countries too can have hours of bike time to every minute a British lad can get. Therefore experience wise they are bound to be behind age for age. To my way of thinking we need to be trying to produce decent league riders in higher numbers and from that will come the odd superstar, much like it's always been. Think how many thousands of kids go through MX where they can ride far more often and we only produce a couple of genuine World class riders each generation. Yet some expect 30 or 40 Speedway beginners who get to ride for 6 or 7 minutes once a fortnight to produce World Champions or they are considered failures. If you got 10 capable of riding in a professional league that would be an incredible success rate.
  19. Good point, but if they're positive it'll ruin their social life.
  20. I can confidently say that our horses have all had Ivermectin in the past year and none of them have shown any signs of Covid so you can't argue with that fact
  21. It's OK, all back to normal this morning on the World Service talking about climate change under the headline of 2020 being the highest temperature on record. Their American expert confidently stated that 'this pattern has been consistent for several years with temperatures rising every year, except for some years when it was cooler for some reason' The reporter also said that the temperature had risen 1.9 degrees in 2020 and the expert then said 'that is only in Europe and of course there are other factors such as El Nino but I'm not sure if 2020 was an El Nino year' Always good to have a real life scientific expert with all the data to hand explaining things
  22. Little bit of reality on the BBC news tonight, finally! While reporting that cases were steady at around 30,000 and deaths around the 100 mark they added that while it sounded bad a moderate flu outbreak can see daily deaths numbering 300 to 400.
  23. They also make up 2/3 of the population and given that the majority of those vaccinated are the elderly and vulnerable to dying of any cause and the nonsense that is the 28 days from test then it's a headline figure that doesn't tell the true story.
  24. Free antibody tests to measure Covid virus immunity (msn.com) Thought this was a good idea until I read the article and it is only being offered to those who test positive. Surely it would be of far more value to know just how many people have had covid without being ill or having tested positive as that would then give a realistic idea of just how dangerous Covid is. Problem 2 is that, as I understand it, the test could just be picking up the antibodies and not a current case of covid anyway. Every time something makes the headlines and you think it is a real step forward you read the article and realise it's more smoke and mirrors.

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