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  1. Schedule for this years British Dirt track Championship 7/8th April 2018 Kings Lynn 19/20th May Peterborough (MCN Show) 9/10th June Redcar 7/8th July Greenfield TT (Lincs) 11/12th August Amman Valley 15/16th September Greenfield oval. Two other events are on the 5/6th May at Lelystad, Holland there is Hells Race which I think will icorporate a round of the Hooligan Championship 18th August at Arena Essex is the Dirt Quake event. New for 2018 is a change of sponsor with Dunlop becoming a headline sponsor and supplying the control tyres. There will also be a different format at some rounds with the Pro and Intermediate classes being mixed for qualifying and then moving onto finals which should mix things up a bit. All the Championship events are being run over two days because of the large increase of participants across all adult classes.
  2. Vince

    Advertise in Asda

    I think it's a valid point that modern bikes are more prone to spitting riders off even if I disagree with the reasons for it being like that.
  3. Vince

    Advertise in Asda

    Can't see that either to be honest, if upright engines were still used they would be tuned just like the laydowns, in fact the laydowns are apparently more forgiving. I can't say I have ridden a laydown fast enough to know in all honesty but the leading link forks appear far more stable.
  4. Vince

    Advertise in Asda

    Can't see it myself, at most you are talking about the difference between falling off at 50 instead of 55mph for arguments sake and it's not going to make any difference. IF there are more crashes these days and IF it is because of the bikes it is down to engines with light flywheels being less easy to ride in my opinion.
  5. Vince

    Advertise in Asda

    Completely disagree, the racing today is at least as good as it has been any time since I first went in about 1967. What has changed, not just for Speedway, is the huge variety of things people have the opportunity to do with their money these days. Like Aces51 I think the only way to grow the sport is to change the way people on the outside perceive it. It is mad, bad and dangerous so the authorities should be encouraging that side of the sport to be seen by the fans not trying to rule it out. Slowing bikes down wouldn't hurt the sport but neither is it going to bring in any new people through the gate. Preparing tracks for fair racing seems logical and personally I'm all in favour of it, however the big problem is that it is proven that a team winning at home on a 'trick' track attracts more fans than one losing on a great racing strip.
  6. Vince

    2018 Warsaw Gp

    Reckon you need to have another look as his wheel wasn't on the grass, doesn't even touch the white line.
  7. Vince

    2018 Warsaw Gp

    In this case I can't see a single thing Doyle could have done to avoid the accident, he was on a decent line and the bike is settled and stable. If anybody was at fault it was Pawlicki as he was the one changing line and who was into the back of Woffinden. However in truth I don't think he did anything wrong either it was a pure racing incident and a case where all 4 should be allowed in the re-run in my opinion. Front wheel going over the white line is just another technique in my opinion, one that some do better than others and is no more or less dangerous than running people wide when going for the dirt.
  8. Vince

    2018 Warsaw Gp

    I thought it started off pretty poorly but as the track deteriorated the racing improved and ended up with some very tough races which only this standard of rider can really do. Cook didn't have a good night but wasn't far off, it'll be a learning year for him and while I don't see Craig being the same talent we should remember Tai's first GP year. Doyle's race 1 exclusion reinforced the idea that sometimes you shouldn't have to exclude anybody for me.
  9. Vince


    I like the Star, to me it's been in a far better state than the sport for years. The improvements look good to me, on a purely personal level I would like more technical articles about the machines and tracks but realise most wouldn't. The balance at the moment is probably about right for the majority, few , if any, other minority sports get anything near as good as the Speedway Star. Can't understand the gripes about too much Grasstrack or overseas coverage, it's not like you can't just flip past those pages if you have no interest and those who do have an interest appreciate it.
  10. Vince

    Rye House 2018

    I was there a couple of weekends ago and have to say I didn't notice any problems with watching the practice from the stands. That's not to say that there won't be from some places but I suspect it's nowhere near as bad as people are imagining. Certainly there is no problem with it obstructing vision when riding.
  11. Vince

    How many fixtures run over Easter?

    And look at the weather
  12. Vince

    How many fixtures run over Easter?

    Apart from crowd levels I think one of the things that actually was better in the 'good old days' was Speedway starting on Good Friday and finishing in mid September. March and October are too prone to bad weather for Speedway in my opinion and perhaps a shorter season would encourage clubs to have a more regular schedule.
  13. Vince

    Swindon Stadium

    Hasn't there just been a law bought in that prevents people complaining about something that was there before they were?
  14. Vince

    ALAN WHALE rip

    Good bloke all around, will be very much missed in the south.
  15. Vince

    Kim Nilsson owed a few bob

    The only time Sam was ever owed money it was only a small amount for a CL guest booking and I was told by everybody to just forget about it as it would cause him problems. Everybody except Tim Stone who said chase it up, I tried to contact the promoter several times with no luck so wrote to the SCB saying that it was a matter of principal and I would put it through the small claims court if I hadn't received the money in 30 days. Cheque in the post within the week! I do think riders don't chase money as they should because they fear that word will get around and they won't get rides in future. I would suggest the only promoters who wouldn't employ a rider because he asked for his due money wouldn't be worth riding for anyway. On the other hand you have riders who will sign for clubs who are known to pay late for extra points money over those who do pay on the nail, makes no sense to me but it happens. It is interesting that the promoters who are accused of being too tight with their money by the fans are often the ones who settle the wage bill.
  16. Vince

    No TV deal?

    Id disagree with that 100%, in my opinion the riding standard today is the highest I have seen since I first watched in the 60's. Modern day riders do things on the bike that their forebears couldn't have imagined doing, some of that is down to bikes and tracks but they still have to be the ones doing it. Not only the that but the commitment of the majority riders to each race is higher as well in my opinion.
  17. Vince

    No TV deal?

    Not much to do with deliveries and everything to do with panic buying if there are more than 3 snowflakes fall in an hour!!
  18. Vince

    Once A Jolly Swagman

    Something about Speedway along the lines of the flat track sections of On Any Sunday would make a fantastic documentary I always thought.
  19. Vince


    Trials tyres have been tubeless and run at even lower pressures for a while now. Different to speedway admittedly but they take some serious abuse
  20. Vince

    Bye bye Gate girls?

    The other day I heard a comedian say that 'nobody ever died of being offended' and I think in this day and age it is well worth remembering!
  21. Vince

    SCB and amatuer racing.

    The ACU have tried many times over the years to threaten riders with licences being revoked if they compete with other organisations, it even went as far as court with the AMCA back in the 70's. It's always been bluff and bull and they aren't allowed to do it. Unless a rider has already entered to ride elsewhere there is nothing that can be done to penalise them.
  22. Vince

    Speedway Noise

    I can't be bothered to look up the actual times but do remember when reading about the Mildenhall case thinking that the stock cars weren't helping the situation by continuing to make noise until the early hours, I was told at the time this was antagonising the neighbour deliberately because they hated him. If there is any truth in that then it is stupid beyond belief. No doubt that the new home owners should have been sent packing by the courts in the first case (and hopefully they would be under this new law) but nearly all motor sport venues should also recognise they do cause some degree of nuisance to some their neighbours and act responsibly by keeping it to acceptable hours.
  23. Vince

    Speedway Noise

    We had this with a near weekly petition about a mx practice track. Once we proved that they had complained when there was nobody on site one week none of the names on that petition could ever be taken into account again (which was nearly everybody) and we were granted 364 days planning permission. Asking some of the locals in the village shop one day after all this if the noise was really an issue it was said that most didn't mind but the bloke who organised it all was such a pain in the arse that they all signed to shut him up! It is a landmark new law that will do a lot for motorsport in general with places like Mallory Park and Brands Hatch having major problems with complainants.
  24. Vince

    Ditch the Family Tag??

    I agree on both counts but don't think the two types of marketing are compatible If you go to a Nitro Circus show there will be hundreds of young kids with their parents but the marketing is all about the thrills and spills which means it is still cool for the young adults. They do have the added advantage that the majority of the audience will do or have done a watered down version of what they do.
  25. Vince

    Ditch the Family Tag??

    I don't think being family friendly is a problem but don't believe it's the way to market the sport these days. If you look at the crowds for the X games or other extreme sports events they are no longer male dominated. Lets face it when you were 16 would you and your friends have been more likely to want to watch a nice family sport or something mad, bad and dangerous? Me too, if it's got two wheels and is racing I'll watch it and have done since I was a toddler. Strangely I have had motorcycles pretty much continuously since 1971 yet don't have a road bike licence and am still not bothered about getting one. For me motorcycles are for racing, preferably off road although I currently think the best racing on offer is BSB.

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