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  1. Yet he wont shut up about how hard done by he is..
  2. phillipsr

    Newcastle 2020

    It was in response to some suggesting he should ride for the Gems team.. Simple really he shouldn't be in the NL anymore we need to avoid riders who aren't ever going to make it passed Reserve/Second String using the NL to prop themselves up, That league should be for improving youngsters
  3. phillipsr

    Newcastle 2020

    How many years has he been riding now? He shouldnt be in the NL
  4. phillipsr

    Prediction thread

    Don't disagree but so is Etheridge, ive seen Rowe at a couple of places but mainly Scunthorpe where he has always gone very well, id rather have Rowe but at the NSS Etheridge is very good..
  5. phillipsr

    Fantasy Team

    So seeing as there are 7 teams. What team would you create if you could only use one rider from each team and have to use a rider from where he will be positioned in that team (Ive made some assumptions below) i.e 1 = 1st in averages 2 = 5th in teams averages 3 = 3rd in teams averages 4 = 4th in teams averages 5 = 2nd in teams averages 6= 6th in teams averages 7 = 7th in teams averages Mine 1. Doyle (Swindon) 2. Andersen (Pboro) 3. Riss (Kings Lynn) 4. Lawson (Sheffield) 5. Holder ( Ipswich ) 6. Lidsey (Belle Vue) 7. Nicol (Wolves) i realise not all teams are complete and im playing loose with Holder but im bored
  6. phillipsr

    Newcastle 2020

    Should enter the CL team.. might have a chance
  7. phillipsr

    Prediction thread

    Doyle vs Kurtz = Doyle Batch vs Killer = Batch Jensen vs Wright = Jensen Ellis vs Bewley = Ellis Stewart vs Worrall = close.. depends if Worrall is over injuries Perks vs Lidsey = Lidsey Rowe vs Etheridge = Rowe everywhere else over than the NSS so not close really... dont get the fuss on this Belle Vue team at all
  8. phillipsr

    Prediction thread

    1. Swindon 2. Sheffield 3. Wolves (would of been top if they hadnt messed up) 4. Ipswich (If Holder signs) 5. Kings Lynn 6. Belle Vue 7. Peterborough (depends who they sign of they get it right could move up)
  9. phillipsr

    Predictions thread

    Really?? Its an awful team, who in your opinion is worse?
  10. phillipsr

    Peterborough Panthers 2020

    yet both stand the same chance of winning the league next year...
  11. phillipsr

    Peterborough Panthers 2020

    At best that team finishes 4th and bombs out of the play offs.. poor side
  12. phillipsr

    Peterborough Panthers 2020

    Considering how poor the Belle Vue line up is you have a lot to say.. id be more concerned about that team
  13. phillipsr

    Poole Pirates 2020

    Pavolaara lasy year for Leicester
  14. phillipsr

    Poole Pirates 2020

    How can that be judged? Kennedy has spent a year here and did ok? Kehler is older and never ridden here? so why is he a much better bet?
  15. phillipsr

    Poole Pirates 2020

    What about Zaine Kennedy? Is he still available/able to ride?

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