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  1. phillipsr

    Who are the Rising Stars?

    Drabik was at Wroclaw never at Leszno
  2. phillipsr


    Would suggest Workington would disagree...
  3. I think top 3 of Wroclaw is better than but those second strings look to up and down to me and id rather Hampel and Kubera than Chuganov and Bewley
  4. Lublin and Leszno for me i dont think Wroclaw look all that to be honest though ill admit i dont know much about there U21 riders
  5. Ah ok whats going on with Drabik then? If Bewley can start how he finished they look ok, otherwise it looks 3 great riders then a lot of average ones after
  6. Any word on who will be Wroclaw’s other polish senior or is it going to be Drabik?
  7. Good luck with that at Wolves, Leicester and many others... just because something works once doesn't make it a good idea and this definitely isn't one
  8. It will do to an extent as he has been pretty poor.. only have to look at the U19’s to see that but he looked good
  9. phillipsr

    SON 2020

    So your excuse is a load of rubbish then... theres no reason people couldnt of been contacted and refunded then
  10. phillipsr

    SON 2020

    WFH not a thing at BSI then....
  11. Hope the track improves.. i know the rain cant be helped but so far im reminded why i havent really missed speedway
  12. UK top 3 but not the world..
  13. phillipsr

    Taking the knee

    Theres a shock
  14. phillipsr

    Lambert to comeback stronger.?

    You asked for people opinions then cant handle it when there different to yours... you really are an idiot

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