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  1. Cant imagine three from Scunny will be allowed?
  2. Any idea on replacement?
  3. phillipsr

    Favourite Rider of All Time

    Martin Goodwin & Jason Crump not often you would get them partnered together
  4. Josh Auty it is then
  5. Howarth dislocated shoulder... who's in next
  6. Got two tickets for sale if anyone is interested or knows anyone who is
  7. phillipsr

    NL Pairs August 25th

    Was going to come over but dont think ill bother with all these withdrawls
  8. Its been fun I have to be honest and helped what was turning into a pretty boring day... Ill have to be careful though or he will hit me with his frame
  9. Judging by your reading of everything Speedway I feel pretty ok with that as you have proved time and time again you have no clue about anything.. Just a sad bitter old man who likes to threaten people from behind a screen, when in reality you would cower behind people, Its quite funny really
  10. For an old man you are very aggressive.. if it doesnt bother you why do you comment every time? Theres not a lot that does go through your mind so im not surprised those two things pop in
  11. Its like talking to a 5 year old.. i don't hate Auty i just think he's a very average rider. You tried to argue he isn't because he is good at Scunthorpe which is stupid. I pointed out there are a lot of very average riders who were good at one track doesn't mean they are good riders. Then you start spouting rubbish about home track advantage etc!! No wonder you are the forum clown who no one listens to
  12. Not what i said at all!!! Maybe you need to have a little think about how stupid you sound constantly on here
  13. Being good at one track doesnt make you talented.. The sport is littered with pretty poor riders who were good at one track
  14. phillipsr

    Cook, Vissing and Kennett banned.

    Because there both absolute idiots.. hope that helps

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