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  1. What rules say you can withold services and only recieve a 14 day ban?? Why do other riders serve 28 in this instance?
  2. Auty witheld his services (said he retired) then was allowed back in the team a week later when he should of been banned for 28days...
  3. The Auty situation last year was a disgrace another time where Scunthorpe were allowed to get away with ignoring rules
  4. Surely asking to be stood down is the same as witholding your services.. it also doesnt matter because its not what happened what happened was Godfrey tried to drop him to make Scunny stronger and it backfired
  5. Not sure what any of that has to do with Godfrey trying to cheat and dropping him when he isnt allowed to but its a great read
  6. Yeah the Scunny fans cant seem to see the bigger picture here
  7. It doesnt matter how many riders were lined up and if its a good thing to give them experience... dropping Phillips when he doesnt want to be dropped (sacking) isnt allowed at this stage of the season... i dont for 1 second buy that Godfrey is doing this to help Phillips... hes doing because Scunny’s season is fizzing out and he wants to win something.. i did see last week and again it doesnt matter Phillips doesnt want to be released so hes being ‘stood down’ (another word for sacked) that isnt allowed at this time of the year... i feel sorry for Phillps and he should probably remove himself but if i was him id stick two fingers up and Godfrey and just poodle around at the back not even trying
  8. So not the same scenario then... Phillips wants to keep riding and was dropped in an attempt to cheat and make Scunny stronger
  9. I agree some fans have been disgusting to Danny but thats not why he was dropped he was dropped in an attempt to benifit Scunny.. Id of fancied Rowe to score a point would of definately been closer to Bickley... 1 point would of meant a Scunny win
  10. Except dropping him had nothing to do with protecting him... it was to make Scunthorpe stronger which isnt allowed at this stage of the season Godfrey knows this better than most but still tried it... cheating or stupid i know which one i think it was
  11. Sayfutdinov - 100 more
  12. And then tried to drop him when he wasnt allowed to...
  13. Odd meeting... not sure how Worky didnt win to be honest they certainly looked the better team... not great racing until the last heat but what a last heat it was..
  14. Whats the weather like in Scunny as planning on travelling for this

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