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  1. phillipsr

    Speedway GP Qualifiers.

    Best case Lambert Fricke Another Newbie Worst Case - Any of Ljung, Harris Cook Smoli none would challenge top 10 and all failed at that level before
  2. £100 - Emil more £100 - Madsen more
  3. phillipsr

    Scunthorpe 2019

    Considering Mellish is seriously injured this post is pretty disgusting
  4. Godfrey actions spoilt it for me... constantly badgering a ref doesn't help, holds up the meeting and generally makes him look like an idiot
  5. Lindgren £100 more Bartek - £50 more Lambert - £50 More
  6. phillipsr

    Speedway GP Qualifiers.

    Yeah 100% agree these arent the riders id pick just who i think will be.. good point on Lambert i had it in my head Abensberg, DE was Denmark.. so yes id imagine it would go the other way
  7. - Darcy Ward would never of been senior world champion - Tracks like Newcastle can produce good racing just need good riders
  8. Good to know that... ill do a few tracks over the season.. just a water please
  9. Actively involved in the laughing stock British Speedway has become... i think its fair to question his credentials
  10. Dont reply then. Not that hard
  11. a man who nearly destroyed Newcastle speedway, treated riders like c**p calling me an a**hole. Just brilliant Haven't heard from you for a while. It was nice!!! .. A racist old idiot doesn't like me!! What will i do. Thought you were leaving the forum or was that just bluster so people would beg you to stay.. no one cared
  12. Not enough to bother attending though. Like so many others
  13. Noticed a recent trend on Twitter of unpopular opinions thought id start the Speedway version - Greg Hancock is actually a bit of an a##hole - Chris Harris isn't that exciting to watch on a bike.. awful style What have people got
  14. Matter of opinion that I've never been a fan and wouldn't open my curtains if he was riding in my back garden, He certainly doesn't get me to a meeting

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