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  1. So would Harris but people are going crazy over the fact its not him… only rider with an argument is Brennan How many times did Harris get an undeserved wild card into the series? Didnt he also get the No16 once without actually earning it.. no moral fibre that man!! Scumbag
  2. Some of the reactions on here are just brilliant!!! Imagine thinking Harris deserves another go at a GP!! Kelvin and Crump were making me want to throw up in heat 1 with the Harris love in!! He wouldn't score a point at Cardiff! Brennan can feel a little hard done by but his time will come and he will surely be No17 Good decision on Ellis and really the only logical choice despite some idiots on here.. people calling him a scumbag need to take a long look in the mirror
  3. phillipsr

    Team GB

    If only we still had Nicholls and Harris instead!!
  4. I dod think 2 and 4 was the shout BUT if they had done that and the Aussies still won they would of been hammered
  5. None of them are.. Bewley, Lambert and Woffinden are the clear top 3 right now what happens Monday will make no difference to that
  6. Will find out who is 4th best really.
  7. Lambert, Bewley and Woffinden all very good round Wroclaw… big question is can we get one more
  8. Well done Team GB, SON has been a good competition for us and nice to have a decent pool of riders now
  9. All praying GB were terrible so the “i told you so, ive been watching speedway for 87 years” comments could be made
  10. A lot of people looking stupid on here tonight… all the armchair experts must be gutted GB have done well
  11. phillipsr

    Newcastle now closed !!!

    Jesus!!! Everyone knew that team was woeful!! As for blaming Glasgow for the absolute farce that is Newcastle Speedway its laughable!! Grant deserves everything he is getting and more
  12. Also doesnt work on the sky Q app i had yo use my firestick
  13. Same way Poland were beaten by Finland and pushed by Germany last night. Wasnt a great night but were in the final and Woffinden and Bewley looked quick.. definitely have a chance Sat

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