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  1. Lambert £100 more Lindgren £100 more
  2. phillipsr

    Workington 2018 .

    Really because an entire thread on here says different.. i got a prediction wrong you embarrassed yourself even more than normal then had to snivel and grovel to a promotion... didnt even have the balls to stick up for yourself...
  3. phillipsr

    Workington 2018 .

    Given up grovelling now have you... did you cry and whimper enough they took you back
  4. phillipsr

    Workington 2018 .

    What a season this Workington team are having certainly proved me wrong..
  5. phillipsr

    Swedish GP 2018 Hallstavik

    Not just that they also say NKI should be instead when he has been pretty terrible everywhere and was very poor when replacing Vaculik
  6. £100 Laguta more £100 Lindgren more
  7. £100 Holder more £100 Hancock more
  8. Lakeside were good tonight but the home side had some dreadful luck
  9. phillipsr

    Team USA at the SoN

    Hes annoyed because his mate Becker couldnt ride... Greg is now and has always been a d**k
  10. phillipsr


    Birmingham, Cradley, Eastbourne
  11. phillipsr

    Rye House 2018

    Team looks awful after that re declaration.. full of riders on there way down or not good enough.. At least Poole wont finish bottom now
  12. Perfect result there... the future suddenly is looking bright
  13. How has Auty not been excluded there...
  14. Why cant you get this or are you being deliberately obtuse now??
  15. Is he not allowed to do that?? Could he not think this Silver was different to the last one.. ie a team moving in the right direction as opposed to one who had a great one off night?? Maybe hes matured a bit??

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