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  1. adonis

    Brandon Update

    The old car factory at ryton would have been Ideal , but at the time SOME people ,still trusted Sandhu to come good on his promises
  2. adonis

    Brandon Update

    I think they did sometime back , but back then B.E still thought their plans were going to be a walk in the park , since then Communication with them seems to have withered ..
  3. adonis

    Brandon Update

    That piece of land is already earmarked ,in fact they may have already started to build a new technology park , as an industrial site it has connectioins within yards to the M6 M69 and M1 , it must be worth a fortune for that alone ,
  4. adonis

    Brandon Update

    They have and they got turned down , thats down to the clout of the applicant , Brandon Estates area whole different league , Like I said in a earlier post , if a big money developer wants (needs if they want to build on brandon without protest ) they get , I would imagine B.E have the legal dept that would deal with a few complaints or a tardy council in an instant , anyway your'e about to see what they can do , because despite all the protestations and claims of govt. directives ,they will overthrow the lot and build on Brandon , better to try and get them to build a new place , before they force their way ,and build on brandon
  5. adonis

    Brandon Update

    Sandhu owned the garden centre as well ,he applied for permission to build a hotel but that got turned down , just like all his permission for the stadium site . so maybe he or his nonexistent partner sold that to brandon estates as well
  6. adonis

    Brandon Update

    A track with limited facilities is probably the best that should be hoped for now , and elswhere than Brandon as well , far too much time and effort has been wasted locking horns with Brandon Estates , If there is to be a future for the Bees , then it needs a shrewd negotiator to convince Brandon Estates that it is to their benefit to compromise and finance a new smaller project , and that will free up Brandon for their ultimate goal . one thing s for sure .they are not going to be bullied by a few Govt directives as they have already shown . and the fires and Gipsy incursions will continue until theres nothing left , as it is .a property developer has far more clout than anybody ,and where a site may be rejected on enquiry from Individuals , it won't be rejected so easliy by a comapany with massive finance , Most people would agree property companies do as they please and always get what they want , if they wanted a speedway stadium because they needed one ,they would get it .
  7. adonis

    Brandon Update

    I think you missed the point a bit . it's not me who Is RIGHT
  8. adonis

    Brandon Update

    Anybody who expected this to happen and thinks it's another nail in the coffin , You're wrong . YOU HAVE BEEN TOLD .
  9. adonis

    Brandon Update

    I'm sure it will come as a major surprise to some .not so much to others though , the Fire Brigade are at Brandon trying to put out a fire in the main stand
  10. adonis

    Where has my thread gone?

    Mike Bast had a brother called Ard , led to much merriment at grammar school . where they always address you Surname first , imagine the tittering as the morning register was read out !!
  11. adonis

    Tommy Knudsen

    Joe screen was the best wheelier of those times . no feet .or standing on the pushbar . continuing round the turn sometimes , on the theme of ridiculous refs decisions . I remember rick miller being the only rider in a race .and getting excluded for pulling wheelies , "not making a valid effort to race "
  12. adonis

    Tommy Knudsen

    I do . every time we went to Swindon after that .it was on loop showing on the video screens
  13. adonis

    Tai Woffinden book at £8.99

    Ahh but did I ,
  14. could it be .Len wanted to pay the points money out to Kent riders .and Ben Morley would have taken a big slice of it , would also explain another inclusion that I cannot fathom
  15. adonis

    Tai Woffinden book at £8.99

    It is however , better than any other toilet roll by far . It promises to show lesser toilet rolls the way to be the best at cleaning your arse . how to flush away more easily . but never actually does . best of all though , comes covered in loads of different patterns . thats why it's too expensive for the UK market , and only available in Poland ,

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