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  1. No job

    who is going to determine whether a rider is a,b,c,or d , either you use averages ,Kinda kicks your idea into touch , or the SCB categorise the riders , you cannot , even in a moment of madness believe that , that would be done fairly across the teams , Jake Knight to Eastie on a Cat ,D because he was born before or after Christmas day . In the best interests of speedway of course
  2. I think it should be as well as , rather than at the expense of , this is purely to kill off the best pairs cup , once that's dead and buried back to SWC
  3. Scott Nichorrs and Chris Hallis , ride for North Korea
  4. Coventry 2017

    Those pictures only really show the vandalism that Sandhu paid for . they show just how vindictive and callous he is when he doesn't get his own way ,
  5. If it's only the noise you are worried about , they could just put flick cards in the spokes
  6. so what are you going to do with all the lithium polymer and nickel hydride when the batteries start to fade after 3 years . I know Jaguar have invested millions into what exactly they can do with spent batteries , because Li-PO and NI have half lives as long as plutonium and uranium and are almost as dangerous ,, theres only so many mud huts that need a battery light ,then you start to stockpile
  7. The E. TT bikes can do 1 lap ,that's 37 miles or 30 speedway races , but the Mugen TT bikes cost a million quid each , and there's more ways to adjust an electric motor , than a normal engine , torque settings and speed control settings are infinitely variable ,
  8. Egon Muller had an electric bike , about 5 years ago , the only reason they would be any use to speedway is the lack of noise , electric vehicles are actually bigger polluters than petrol , but the Gov't thinks they are doing the green thing by forcing their use , nothing could be further from the truth ,
  9. Like the tt bikes , last 1 lap .so thats 37 speedway races , providing of course you have £1,000,000 to buy one with
  10. Coventry 2017

    In my case , they left 2 dead end roads , when we questioned it it was "emergency Access " for the school , din't fool any of us residents ,but worked a charm on the council
  11. Coventry 2017

    exactly what happened on the school field opposite my house , appllication for 280 houses rejected , revised to 150 accepted , built on half the site . 2 years later application for 280 house on the remaining land rejected , revised to 160 , accepted , so 310 built on land that was rejected for 280 .
  12. Lets hope the BSPA/SCB will tell Woffinden to go ride for Poland , the good thing about this series is we don't need Woffinden , so he can go book a holiday or some new tattoes while it's on
  13. Coventry 2017

    With a site as large as Brandon , and a proposal for 130 houses , does anybody believe the affordable housing ploy ?
  14. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    they will need them ,because BE have got half a dozen , and theirs a govt backed