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  1. make sure you take some good quality security ,because its a long walk back
  2. Who would you like to see .bottom 3 ? mine Woffinden 14, holder 15 . Doyle 16 .
  3. adonis

    Leicester Lions 2018

    The old boys club wanted Leicester in the Elite league and Hemsley wanted his massive ego polished , Bspa were desperate for the Sky money because they were 2 teams short on account of their attempts to close Coventry and Peterborough , The track was of course another balls up by Hemsley and his mad bitch wife . when you think back to what might have been without Hemsley its very sad . Leicester city's amazing run in football din't help matters either as , the uncommitted were more likely to buy a Leicester city shirt to parade about in than watch a poor team on a rubbish track , it's unlikely that the supporters Hemsley lost the club will ever return , lets just hope the dire straits the whole of speedway is in ,forces a radical new plan ,
  4. people who ride speedway for a living booking "breaks " haha it's not Mcdonalds you dont book 2 weeks off in the hope of getting some sunshine , because come septmeber you get 5 months off
  5. adonis

    Wheel Painting

    Powder coating
  6. adonis

    Birmingham Statement

    I have done so alone and in the face of every other comment on this thread. doesn't that speak volumes . ? it should . you are swimming against the tide .and so is Laurence Rogers . it's taken a long while but the cat is well and truly out of the bag now , and that in my opinion is a good thing for speedway and B.ham speedway especially
  7. adonis

    Brummies v Plymouth NL Wed 25th July

    I would like to see the rules changed a bit . for trophy only teams where possible they should be made up from people who cannot commit to a full season , there's a few lads who would want to keep their hand in .without having to ride twice a week ,
  8. adonis

    more investment for NSS

    I have a clear business plan , this time next year I'm going to be a millionaire . even if it fails it's still a clear plan
  9. adonis

    Birmingham Statement

    Come to think of it , a couple of riders have had 28 day bans for bringing the sport into disrepute , this must apply to rogers ,so lets have him banned .
  10. adonis

    Birmingham Statement

    same wherever he goes . fortunately he's running out of options .who will be next to be robbed and disgraced , anybody shakes hands with him better count their fingers afterwards and then check they still have their wallet
  11. adonis

    Birmingham Statement

    I think it's a shame that the Masons in their first year as promoters ,have unwittingly let Rogers get involved , I know he is a plausible Svengali but it doesn't take a great deal of investigation to uncover his long track record of disreputable behaviour .and a fledgling promotion can well do without the sort of controversy he creates .masked by the cheery chappie that everyone loves act . if only the speedway fraternity were a bit more vocal ,as a few on here have been ,we would have rid ourselves of him long since , sadly though ,he will just go to ground while this all blows over ,and then resurface whiter than white until the next time he fancies making up his own rules
  12. adonis

    Birmingham Statement

    only certain youngsters . if you are not one the his pets ,he will actively work against you . if you have been around the lower echelons of speedway for any length of time , you would not be one but surprised by his attempts to cheat and then Lie his way out when proven to be a cheat .. he's not to be applauded for anything ,
  13. adonis

    Buxton v Brummies NT Sun 8th July

    Thanks . so "it's in the glove box " was a pack of lies ,
  14. adonis

    Buxton v Brummies NT Sun 8th July

    where is it I couldn't see it

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