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  1. adonis

    Cradley Heathens 2019

    Lazarus Wallinger , at deaths door for the long trek to Plymouth on Friday . fit as a flea less than 48 hours later ,
  2. adonis

    Cradley Heathens 2019

    dangerous SIngs ?, they haven't signed Wallinger have they ? agree with Whitmore ,
  3. Imperial Echoes mate , the Coldstream guards played it , as they marched towards Hong Kong harbour to board a ship , after the official handing back of Hong kong to the Chinese
  4. I think BMR anre involved with the kart people . I did hear that the speedway was going to be an extension to the kart track , but that was back in silly season , however as they say ,theres no smoke
  5. Proper music for ending the evening , May each day , and it has to be the proper Andy Williams version ,not the bloody awful one Sandhu changed it to
  6. well they are Dope engines ,so it was a genuine mistake
  7. adonis

    Warsaw 2019

    Happy with that ,well done Lambert
  8. maybe they should set a minimum qualifying time , don't reach the time ,your place in the meeting is taken by a reserve , should make a few get their priorities right .
  9. adonis

    Leicester v BV Colts May 18th

    ok , either way he didn't set the hotel on fire , jury is still out with me TBH , I have met Joe a couple of times , and I'm not sure if his behaviour or the sudden availablity of Bickley was the root of his demise
  10. adonis

    Disabled & Enablers.

    are you disabled or are you the enabler ? are both of you speedway fans ?
  11. adonis

    KENT 2019

    Oh dear .I have had Rotator cuff injury for over a year , still hurts and my shoulder and arm are weak as a kitten , hope the lad can afford some physio , because thats the only cure ,
  12. adonis

    Leicester v BV Colts May 18th

    no he didn't . he had a sneaky cigarette inth room an it set the alarm off
  13. adonis

    Stoke vs Kent.

    unfortunately for the Stoke fans ,that'sa not likely to happen any time soon , they need to clear out at least 3 riders and replace them with people who can score at least what their share of the team average is ,but don't hold your breath , shame because now things trtack and stadium wise are loomking up somewhat ,it may be a bit more attractive to proven point scorers
  14. adonis

    Where are they now?

    wouldn't know ,haven't bought the star for years , anything in there I would already have read on the net days before

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