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  1. adonis

    Is Nobody bothered ?

    having put his money where his mouth is , I hope it all works out for him and the sport in general
  2. adonis

    Leicester Lions 2019

    Wish you would have said this earlier before they dropped down ,you obviously know more about running a succesful team and making a profit than Damian Bates , there's absolutely no doubt if you had offered to cover the losses with YOUR money , Leicester would still be in the top League , as it is ,unfortunately bates seems to think therers a better chance of keeping speedway running at leicester ,with HIS money in a lower league ,
  3. adonis

    Is Nobody bothered ?

    The same people on other threads or media ,are suggesting a Bernie ecclestone / Barry Hearn type ,takes the whole sport over
  4. adonis

    Leicester Lions 2019

    the crowd will increase IMHO , loads walked away when the Lions set off on Hemsleys EGO trip , and some of them will return ,with regular racing , different teams and competitions .and a much better chance of success ,most Lions fans should be looking forward to next season ,
  5. adonis

    Blair Scott on Jeremy Kyle

    I have called you a snitch because that is what you are , now if you want to claim that means i agree with anything , crack on ,
  6. adonis

    Blair Scott on Jeremy Kyle

    snitching on your neighbour for growing a bit of weed you would crap your pants if you ever got on the wrong side of a real drug dealer .
  7. adonis

    Blair Scott on Jeremy Kyle

    if you did you more than likely wouldn't be posting on here because you'd be dead
  8. adonis

    Outstanding Fixture

    dead right their JJ , or idiots thats' why I dont argue with you , C an't see whata right in front in of your face
  9. adonis

    Outstanding Fixture

    so what , whether it was trophy or league it was still a wasted sunday , and from what i heard from people who were actually there , it's you who is attempting to misrepresent the facts ,
  10. adonis

    St Austell

    oh right , this was the rugby club I believe ? so actually if there was a budding promotion the site could well be still viable
  11. adonis

    St Austell

    and of course if it's true . why did the potential promotion leave it at that , their main objector proved to be a fake the council would have had to re-consider .
  12. adonis

    Outstanding Fixture

    At least 1 Sunday got wasted when birmingham refused to ride
  13. adonis


    is someone going to make kevlar suits then ? they will be better than the polyester ones currently in use , they will be a sod to decorate ,but that will be far outweighed by the protection Kevlar will offer
  14. adonis

    St Austell

    The Bodmin application got rejected because the national trust complained it would spoil peoples enjoyment of Lanhydroc house about 2 miles away , cant really see how it could TBH because the house and gardens closes at 4.30 ,
  15. adonis


    Mick Horton always had a Coventry Speedway stand there , but i think that was all part of his plan to run off with some money and close another club down !!

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