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  1. adonis

    Swindon Stadium

    does it ever get used these days ?
  2. adonis

    Swindon Stadium

    they have moved the track the width of the old track about 30 feet ? just shows how desperate they are to fit as many rabbit hutches in as possible , this is just a guess from an old cynic ,but I sincerely hope I'm wrong , smaller track, Portakabin stadium , lifespan of 5 years , while they work on closing it and building more rabbit hutches over it. more than likely already have a plan for Stadium Avenue drawn up ,
  3. adonis

    2019 Dev League Regs

    far too simple . are you forgetting this is speedway we are talking about . some people will take every opportunity to cheat or use their position for spite , even when they have moved on having used the league as a stepping stone .
  4. adonis

    2019 Dev League Regs

    sounds like somebody is making rules up to suit themselves ,or more to the point to not suit somebody else ,,
  5. It wouldn't bother me if any ghost team didn't have a snowballs of finding a new home , Lets face it if Coventry bees can't .what chance has Milton keynes got , The idea of the league is to provide a stepping stone to a team place ,somewhere they are fortunate enough to have a track/Team , what does it matter If MK or anybody else runs a team and provides new riders for established teams , the MDL in it's glory days ,before it was mismanaged and mistreated having served it's purpose for some , was a production line ,the like of which I had never seen before and am unlikely to see again
  6. adonis

    2019 Odds for World Champion

    you have chucked £25 away then ,
  7. I'm sensing a renewed interest in speedway Kelvin , New Project to come ? . Veterans league maybe , I'll get your first rider signed up ..lol how about political league speedway . you run conservatives , I'll run ukip . find somebody and 7 hasbeens to run the LIb dems , and an idiot along with 7 other fools to run Labour , 4 team tournaments what do you reckon ?
  8. an entry in the guiness bokok of records , claimed over 100,000 for a league match at Bradford
  9. adonis


    I used to go roller skating at granby halls , saw status quo there, and an ideal home exhibition ,Peters and Lee appeared a couple of times during the day on a small stage , Sadly the whole place is now a car park for the Tigers rugby
  10. adonis


    found this prog when clearing my brother firends house
  11. This should be of interst to you ,gusters
  12. adonis

    Stoke 2019

    bet your socks the Police will be down first meeting ticketing people parked on the grass verge ,, I bet they are already rubbing their hands together
  13. adonis

    Keith Flint RIP

    A friend of mine started talking to him at mallory park ,he had no idea about his music career and couldn't understand why people were paying him so much attention , then he asked him why are these people staring and Keith said it will be because I'm a twisted firestarter , mate says he was a nice bloke , R.I.P Keith Flint .

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