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  1. adonis

    Rev Limiters

    Makes no difference how many sppedway names are on there , if the whole organisiation treats the sport like something it trod in ...
  2. adonis

    Rev Limiters

    as far as I'm aware titanium valves cannot be reground , once the stems have stretched that's the end of them ,single use at 3 times the cost , titanium conrods allow more revs becuase they are light once again 3 times the cost for minimal gain , titanium rockers lighter less mechanical weight more revs at 3 times the cost . so we have these peter johns titanium engines that weigh the same as a bag of crisps , that cost a fortune muted by a rev limiter , IMHO a dangerous expensive and uneccesary piece of equipment , forced on speedway by a govenring body ,that knows little or nothing about speedway and cares even less ,as long as it's sure it's bleeding every last penny out of it . rather like the E.U. is doing to the UK
  3. adonis

    Rev Limiters

    or alternatively ,chop the one of the valve rockers off so that only one inlet and one exhaust works
  4. adonis

    Oxford Speedway

    I wenty to Oxfford loads of times . dont rememebr ever going in the "Complex " so it's definitlely not essential as long as theres access to the toilets
  5. adonis

    KENT 2019

    I wonder if a saturday might attract a few lakeside and even rye house supporters
  6. adonis

    KENT 2019

    with todays technology you can sit on the beach witha bag of chips and watch the GPs , on the other hand Kent is too far a stretch for many away supporters on a Monday ,
  7. This percieved reduction in quality amounts to about half a dozen foreign riders ,who have chosen not to ride here anymore , there has been no orchestrated dumbing down as far as i can see , just spreading out the the top riders to try and keep a level playing field .
  8. sorry but I'll have to whoosh you on that because it went stright over your head . Ave another read
  9. If you were to standadrise engines , the fans on the terraces would definitely notice a difference , just take a look at Moto2 ,standardised engines, and racing that far outstrips Moto GP or F1
  10. Semi pro speedway at semi pro admission just would not work , Gospeed and the BSPA would still expect professional fees to run it ,and after they have had their pound of flesh ,there wouldn't be enough left to rent a stadium with , unfortunately no form of motorcycle sport gets funded by local councils sports council etc ,unlike other minority sports , so Leicester Riders can happily play basketball in front of one man and his dog , because they dont have any bills to pay , we are paying them thorugh taxation
  11. adonis

    Rye House & Lydde

    American Dirt track track on the half mile or even mile tracks , is nothing like what you would see here , in the usa dirt track is one of the disciplines for the AMA championship so big names from all motorcylcle sports compete in amercian dirt track ..
  12. adonis

    Rye House & Lydde

    at least when the whole lot ceases the bikes wont go to waste like speedway bikes will , dirt track is a niche style of customisation of motorcycles in a similar vein to Cafe racers
  13. adonis

    Rye House & Lydde

    a mate of mine helped Peter Boast start short track uk , made all the number boards and visited various promoters , wound up in kings lynn hospital with broken ribs and a punctured lung after getting run over in the first meeting . never rode short track again ,
  14. adonis

    Rye House & Lydde

    yep seen the 16 lapper ,and have seen flat track ,short track, oval track , dirt track,track track or whatever it's called this week , the only comparison between the 2 , both go anticlockwise round a speedway track , I saw a round of the European flat track championship in belgium once .even the locals who are not the biggest speedway fans didn't like it ,

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