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  1. BL65

    Your club's all-time top team

    On the basis of their whole careers, Cradley Heath followers might wish to chose 7 from Bruce Penhall, Erik Gundersen, Jan O. Pedersen, Alan Hunt, Anders Michanek, Bob Andrews, John Boulger, Jack Biggs, Greg Hancock, Billy Hamill, Bobby Schwartz, Simon Wigg and Lance King. Maybe consideration might also be given to Colin Pratt, Bob Andrews, Bernt Persson, Chum Taylor, Alan Grahame and Phil Collins. For his Provincial League exploits Ivor Brown deserves a mention too. Who knows what Steve Bastable might have gone on to achieve but for his injury at Leicester and his falling out with Dan McCormick, culminating in a transfer away from Dudley Wood.
  2. BL65

    Your club's all-time top team

    Looking at all-time careers I find it difficult to choose between Norman Hunter, Colin Pratt, Jack Biggs and Bob Andrews.
  3. BL65

    How Many...

    Perhaps we should start again with the question being along the lines of 'How many nations/countries/sovereign states/kingdoms/realms/territories/provinces/principalities/duchies have been represented in British (league) racing over the years?' I am surprised there has been no reference to Rugby Union's Six Nations tournament, involving France, Italy, Ireland, UK1, UK2 and UK3, with the players born in the latter three 'areas' of England, Scotland and Wales having passports describing their nationality as British.
  4. BL65

    How Many...

    Yes, Saunders from Guernsey and Bisson from Jersey. John Fitzpatrick (Stoke, Southampton, West Ham, Rayleigh, Yarmouth, Ipswich, New Cross, Middlesbrough) was born in Guernsey, as was Stan Mauger (Coventry). I believe that Andrew Tully (Edinburgh and Scunthorpe) was from the Isle of Man. An added piece of trivia - Ivan Mauger's grandparents were from Guernsey.
  5. BL65

    How Many...

    Northern Ireland, Guernsey and Jersey, although the latter two are British Crown dependencies rather than 'nations'.
  6. BL65

    Tomasz Gollob

    Doctors specialising in pain management can sometimes achieve excellent outcomes for their patients. I endured excruciating non-stop pain from nerve damage for 4 years until I had a spinal cord stimulator implant in 2006, followed by a replacement upgrade implant in 2012, courtesy of the U.S. company St. Jude Medical/Advanced Neuromodulation Systems (ANS). Prior to receiving the implanted device I had been prescribed numerous strong painkillers, including Gabapentin and Pregabalin, none of which were of benefit. I was fortunate as the implant immediately had a positive effect, reducing the level of pain in my legs and feet by about 50% on a bad day and much more than that on good days. Following the replacement in 2012 the level of pain is hardly noticeable most of the time and when it is present it is bearable. The implant programs can be altered remotely by the patient, in order to modify the frequency, intensity and areas requiring stimulation. ANS is now part of Abbott Laboratories, with a Swiss subsidiary, ANS Suisse AG. Tomasz will be in good hands if he is to receive treatment from this company or another with similar expertise. He has significantly more severe medical issues than me and the nature of the surgery will undoubtedly be highly complex and more advanced than for a straightforward stimulator implant, but I wish him well and hope for a rapid improvement in his condition following his forthcoming treatment.
  7. I can find no reference to sidecar matches in Newcastle 1968 programmes either, which makes me wonder if Bill Bridgett was the driving force, particularly taking into account his grass track connections.
  8. In his Newport programme notes for the meeting on 12th July, Bill Bridgett provided news of a forthcoming sidecar attraction, a league match against Nelson. The notes indicated that this would be Newport's first home fixture in the new league and it would take place in the second half of the meeting on 26th July. However, the programme for 26th July did not include sidecars and I have found no further reference to sidecar events in subsequent Newport programmes in 1968. Bill Bridgett, more commonly associated with Wolverhampton, prepared the programme notes for 26th July following the tragic death of Eddie Glennon in a car crash on his way home from the previous week's Great Britain v Soviet Union test match at Somerton Park.
  9. Wolves 37 Newport 11 Ht 1: Crisp 2 Pinfold 3 Price 0 Paskin 1 80.4 5-1 5-1 Ht 2: Artus 3 Hancocks 2 Candlin 1 Cerleck 0 79.4 5-1 10-2 Ht 3: Crisp 1 Bache 3 Price 2 Hook 0 82.6 4-2 14-4 Ht 4: Pinfold 3 Hancocks 1 Paskin 2 Cerleck 0 81.0 4-2 18-6 Ht 5: Artus 3 Bache 2 Candlin 1 Hook 0 80.4 5-1 23-7 Ht 6: Crisp 1 Hancocks 3 Price 2 Hook (replaced Cerleck) 0 82.6 4-2 27-9 Ht 7: Pinfold 3 Artus 2 Paskin 1 Candlin 0 79.0 5-1 32-10 Ht 8: (Nominated) Pinfold 3 Artus 2 Paskin 0 Price 1 77.0 5-1 37-11 Wolves Lawson Crisp 2' 1 1 4+1 Paul Pinfold 3 3 3 3 12 Alan Artus 3 3 2' 2' 10 +2 Graham Hancocks 2' 1 3 6+1 Stan Bache 3 2' 5+1 Newport R Price 0 2 2 1 5 Paskin (replaced B Turnell) 1 2 1 0 4 Mervyn Candlin (replaced D Adams) 1 1 0 2 Cerleck (sp?) replaced R Bodenham) 0 0 0 Hook (replaced K Roberts) 0 0 0 0
  10. BL65

    The Name's NOT the Same...

    Starting in the latter part of the 1950s speedway sometimes used an S too many, hence Bjorn Knutson became Knutsson in programmes and magazines, Mike Broadbank was Broadbanks and Chris Julian was Julians for a long time.
  11. BL65

    The name's the same!

    In 1946 there was Jack White at Sheffield and Jack (D) White at New Cross. Peter Thompson at Bradford in 1956 and his namesake at Exeter in 1974. Richard Knight (King's Lynn) and Richard (R) Knight at Stoke in 1994. Rob Homer (Birmingham 1971) and Rob Homer (Stoke 1994). Ron Cooper (Cradley Heath mid-1960s) and Ron Cooper (Boston late-1970s). John McKinlay (Cradley Heath Juniors late-1980s) and his father John (Ken) McKinlay.
  12. BL65

    Harringay Memories

    The article in the link mentions that Danny Lee started his career as a junior rider at West Ham in 1936. He also competed in some second half races at the track in 1937.
  13. BL65

    Harringay Memories

    I have checked the programmes for 16 of the 20 meetings at Harringay in 1939 and have found no record of Danny Lee taking part. He did ride for Stoke, Belle Vue 2 (when they took over Stoke's remaining fixtures following their withdrawal from the league) and Southampton that year. He also made appearances for a Newmarket team (based at a Cambridge grass track), as well as taking part in individual meetings at Bell End (Holbeach) and leading Danny Lee's Team in a challenge match against Ron Clarke's Team at Cowley Stadium, Oxford, in November.
  14. BL65

    1985 Junior Results Barrow/Birmingham

    5th September Sheffield 36 (T Forward 11, J Young 9, M Hepworth 8, D Boocock 8) Cradley Heath 23 (J Bostin 8, P Taylor 8, P Fry 5, N Leaver 2) Halifax 21 (D Clay 10, G Whittaker 8, I Sutcliffe 3, S Quick 0) Wolverhampton 16 (C Cobby 8, A Butt 4, F Killeen 3, A Phillips 1)
  15. BL65

    10 favourite Welsh riders

    Dai was born in Bridgnorth, a town on the River Severn about 35 miles east of the Welsh border and 15 miles west of Wolverhampton.

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