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  1. BL65

    Characters of the sixties

    Characters noted for their hard-riding style also include Chris Blewett (particularly at Exeter) and Chris Julian. Roy Trigg and Chris Julian exchanged blows following one of Chris's forceful rides at Exeter in 1968 and they were team mates at the time!
  2. BL65

    Ivan Mauger's 1969 season

    My programme records Mauger breaking the tapes, being replaced by Ken Eyre, who was also excluded and replaced by Bill Powell.
  3. BL65

    Ivan Mauger on British tracks?

    According to the Speedway Star report match races were definitely staged on 12th July 1975.
  4. BL65

    Ivan Mauger on British tracks?

    Ivan beat Jim McMillan 3-0 at Berwick on the night of the Bordernapolis meeting, 12th July 1975, before a crowd of 4,600. He beat Peter Collins 2-1 at Ellesmere Port on 15th July 1975, when the attendance was double the normal figure. Ivan's appearance at Canterbury was on 22nd June 1974, the night of the meeting against Bradford.
  5. BL65

    Ivan Mauger on British tracks?

    I agree that it was Ivan Mauger at Bradford on August 3, 1957.
  6. BL65

    Ivan Mauger on British tracks?

    The match race against Autrey at the Festival of Paisley meeting on 14th May 1975 can be added to the list.
  7. BL65

    Ivan Mauger on British tracks?

    Thanks, I didn't know whether he actually rode in the Farewell to Scotland meeting, so that makes 48 (so far).
  8. BL65

    Ivan Mauger on British tracks?

    Aldershot, Ballymena, Barrow, Belle Vue Hyde Road, Birmingham Perry Barr, Bristol Eastville, Coatbridge, Coventry, Cradley Heath, Eastbourne, Edinburgh Old Meadowbank, Exeter, Glasgow White City, Glasgow Hampden Park, Glasgow Blantyre Stadium, Hackney, Halifax, Hull, Ipswich, King’s Lynn, Leicester, Liverpool, Long Eaton, Middlesbrough, Newcastle, New Cross, Newport, Norwich, Oxford, Poole, Rayleigh, Reading Tilehurst, Reading Smallmead, Rye House 1 (1957 track), St Austell, Sheffield, Southampton, Stoke Hanley, Sunderland, Swindon, Wembley, West Ham, Weymouth, White City, Wimbledon, Wolverhampton, Workington 47 tracks listed, can anyone add to these?
  9. BL65

    Oldest Survivng World Finalists

    I think there is a case for Per Olof Soderman ahead of Dick Bradley. Peo was ahead on World Final appearances by 4 to 2, with both also making a final as reserve. Peo also finished in the top six in 5 European Finals and scored 10 points in the 1963 World Team Cup Final, when he was part of Sweden's winning team.
  10. BL65


    I am too modest to reveal my total.
  11. Some further information. In response to criticism about the Yarmouth match events in a local sporting newspaper, Dick Wise commented in the Cradley Heath programme on 24th June that the Yarmouth pit marshall should have queried the team alterations when they were handed to him and not half way through the match. He went on to say that although it had been reported in the press that Control Board action will be forthcoming, even to the extent of a match re-run, Cradley Heath had received no communication from the Control Board regarding the matter. The next mention of the matter came in the Cradley Heath programme for the Midland Cup match against Coventry on 7th August, when Les Marshall responded to criticisms by Coventry manager Charles Ochiltree. Marshall stated "With regard to the use of Alan Hunt as a reserve, I would point out that the Control Board was satisfied with the explanation of this incident and that Mr. Ochiltree's comments amount to a criticism of the Board". This implies that Cradley Heath were eventually required to explain the circumstances of Hunt's inclusion at reserve at Yarmouth, with the explanation being accepted and no action taken.
  12. BL65

    Hard Riders Of The Past Any Thoughts?

    Sandor Levai, Chris Julian, Jimmy Squibb, Chris Blewett, Clive Featherby
  13. Cradley needed to score 30.5 at Yarmouth to pip Coventry for top spot and actually scored 39. If Hunt had ridden in the team he would have replaced Harry Bastable, as he did in the meeting the previous evening. In fact, in heats 8 and 11 at Yarmouth Hunt did replace Bastable as a reserve substitution. This means that Hunt scored 6 points in his two reserve rides. Yarmouth won the meeting anyway, so deducting Hunt's 6 points would have made no difference to that outcome. Taking Hunt's scores out of the two reserve rides would have turned heat 4 from 3-3 to 5-1 and heat 13 from 1-5 to 3-3. The amended score would have been 49-35 and Cradley would still have secured enough race points to top the table. This may well not have been the actual reasoning at the time, but it does show that the impact was not as great as at first sight.
  14. Some further background to this one. The Speedway World 14th June 1950 refers to the Yarmouth protest over the rules being broken by Alan Hunt taking a reserve position in the meeting. The report states that Cradley manager, Dick Wise, was not present when Hunt entered the side, owing to car trouble on the way from Cradley. Presumably, if the team manager had been present then he would have known the rules and would have changed the riding order to accommodate Hunt in the team. Afterwards Wise remarked that Hunt had only taken what probably seemed a wise course, as he had been injured the previous night. This suggests that Hunt himself decided to ride at reserve, in the absence of direction from the team manager. I suppose if Dick had been present then it could be said that Hunt would have taken a 'Wise' course and ridden in the team instead!
  15. Looking further at this, the Yarmouth programme notes by Ernie Wedon, the Yarmouth manager, on 13th June include the following: "Cradley owe the winning of the Kemsley (Southern) Shield to Alan Hunt, and while we were all pleased to see the Cradley 'Flyer' in action, we should have preferred to have seen him start his rides as a full team member and not as a reserve. To bring their 'Star' in as reserve was against the rules, as he had scored more than 50 per cent. of possible points in his last six matches. A report has been sent to the Control Board and there may be repercussions." The result stood, however.

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