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  1. BL65

    Who will help with nationality?

    Andy Nicholl was from Blantyre, Scotland.
  2. BL65

    Göte Nordin now

    I saw Gote at his immaculate best in 1966 and 1967, when two successive wins in the Internationale at Wimbledon were achieved with sublime 15 point maximums against very high quality opposition.
  3. BL65

    Raich Carter's Soccer Star

    I used to buy Soccer Star each week in the late 1950s/early 1960s and still have some of them.
  4. BL65

    Coventry stadium revisited

    Steve Storm was Charlie New.
  5. BL65

    Weston Speedway

    There are likely to be several other dates, but grass track speedway was definitely held at: Halcon Corner, Taunton, Sunday, 9th September 1945 (first post war meeting, attendance 6,000) Sellick’s Green, Pitminster, Thursday, 6th June 1946 Halcon Corner, Taunton, Sunday, 21st July 1946 Ash Meadows, Taunton, Sunday, 22nd September 1947 & 29th September 1947 (attendance 8,500) Plans for 1948 were affected by petrol rationing and lack of a suitable field. The committee were looking for 14 to 20 acres within 4 miles of Taunton. Blindmoor Farm, Buckland St. Mary, Sunday, 29th May 1949 Walford Farm, Walford Cross, Sunday, 21st August 1949 (attendance 6,000) – The Lord’s Day Observance Society had lodged a protest regarding the Taunton Motor Club’s Sunday meetings. In any event, meetings were cancelled for the rest of the year due to problems with dust affecting riders’ visibility at the site. Grass speedway events in Taunton seem to have lapsed in the 1950s but the club announced that it was proposed to revive the events in 1962.
  6. BL65

    Weston Speedway

    It's incomplete, but see rideraverages2909 (speedwayresearcher.org.uk)
  7. BL65

    Weston Speedway

    I am not aware of the exact location of the venue in Weston, but in the 1930s the Taunton Motor Club staged grass track racing described as ‘speedway’ at a number of locations in Somerset. In 1936 Taunton MC staged meetings described as ‘speedway’ on the grass, with the second meeting being held at Shoreditch, Taunton Dene on 10th June. Taunton MC again ran ‘speedway’ meetings in 1937. The first meeting staged at Holway Hill, Taunton, on Thursday, 3rd June was reported as grass track speedway, with Ivan Kessell, the grass track and speedway rider from Cornwall competing. A meeting described as speedway was held on the grass at Bridgwater Rugby Club on Sunday, 13th June 1937, comprising a mix of motorcycle and cycle races. The following week, on 20th June 1937, a ‘speedway’ meeting was held on the grass at Halcon Corner, Taunton. In August 1937 the local vicar complained about the adverse effects on attendance at Sunday Schools in Taunton which Sunday afternoon speedway would have and the owner of land subsequently withdrew permission for a field to be used for the ‘speedway’. Halcon Corner was the venue for ‘speedway’ on grass in 1938 on 8th May, 19th June, 10th July, 14th August (specifically advertised as grass track speedway) and 18th September, which was the last event of the season, attracting 165 entries in the various classes. On 14th July grass track speedway at Taunton Road, Bridgwater was abandoned when rain made the course too slippery. The final Bridgwater meeting took place at Castle Park on 1st September. In a team event at Halcon Corner on 13th August 1939, Taunton met Holbeach and Spalding (from the Bell End track) in a grass speedway match, Taunton winning 71-36. Reg Beer, Mike Erskine, Ivan Kessell and Broncho Slade were the leading scorers for Taunton, with Ted English, Roy Duke, Alan Smith and Buster Yeomans riding for ‘The Tulips’. On 24th August more ‘speedway’ racing was staged on the cricket field at North Curry, Taunton as part of the annual fete.
  8. BL65

    Now here's a funny thing....

    On Sunday, 3rd September 1939 Holbeach & Spalding Tulips were due to meet The Dominions at Bell End, Holbeach on what had originally been a grass circuit, but by mid-1939 had been levelled to form what was a dirt-surfaced track. There are references to the circuit having cinders on the bends immediately after the war, but it is not clear if this was the case in 1939. Meetings staged at Bell End followed the format for speedway meetings, with individual events over 20 heats and team meetings regularly taking place, sometimes against teams from league clubs. The meeting against The Dominions was cancelled following declaration of war earlier in the day, but in defiance of a government ban on public assemblies impromptu races took place that afternoon, with around 400 spectators present. In the final race of the afternoon Alan Smith beat Buster Yeomans.
  9. BL65

    Now here's a funny thing....

    8th August 1964. It was not a pleasant day, some rain and thunderstorms locally. Very slow race times throughout the meeting.
  10. They are CMA. Alby dropped to 7.76 in the British League in 1965, with the rejuvenated Jack Biggs (9.05), Dick Bradley (8.23) and Peter Vandenberg (7.91) ahead of him. In 1966 he was on 5.35, behind Gote Nordin (10.53), Biggs (7.23), Jon Erskine (6.17) and Geoff Penniket (5.52). In the following final three seasons with Newport he averaged 6.29, 5.62 and 5.78 as a second string rider, with spells at reserve.
  11. In 1964 Alby Golden ended with a league average of 9.20, ahead of Vandenberg on 8.85 and Bradley on 8.23.
  12. That reminds me of Colin Pratt spending a few meetings at reserve for Hackney after a slow start to the season in 1965, but he kept the captaincy and eventually only missed out on finishing top of the averages by a narrow margin.
  13. I believe that John Dews topped the Sheffield averages in 1966, Doug Templeton did likewise for Edinburgh in 1960 and 1962, with Alby Golden top at Newport in 1964.
  14. Although not a massive away win, Bristol 41 Norwich 42 on 21st July 1939 was remarkable as the result in the match on the same track 4 weeks earlier was Bristol 63 Norwich 18, both National League Division 2 meetings.
  15. Another big turn-around occurred at Brandon in 1981. In a League Cup match in April Coventry beat Cradley Heath by 34 points, 65-31, but in the league fixture in August the result was a 26 point win for the Heathens, with the result being 26-52.

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