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  1. BL65

    The Name's NOT the Same...

    Starting in the latter part of the 1950s speedway sometimes used an S too many, hence Bjorn Knutson became Knutsson in programmes and magazines, Mike Broadbank was Broadbanks and Chris Julian was Julians for a long time.
  2. BL65

    The name's the same!

    In 1946 there was Jack White at Sheffield and Jack (D) White at New Cross. Peter Thompson at Bradford in 1956 and his namesake at Exeter in 1974. Richard Knight (King's Lynn) and Richard (R) Knight at Stoke in 1994. Rob Homer (Birmingham 1971) and Rob Homer (Stoke 1994). Ron Cooper (Cradley Heath mid-1960s) and Ron Cooper (Boston late-1970s). John McKinlay (Cradley Heath Juniors late-1980s) and his father John (Ken) McKinlay.
  3. BL65

    Harringay Memories

    The article in the link mentions that Danny Lee started his career as a junior rider at West Ham in 1936. He also competed in some second half races at the track in 1937.
  4. BL65

    Harringay Memories

    I have checked the programmes for 16 of the 20 meetings at Harringay in 1939 and have found no record of Danny Lee taking part. He did ride for Stoke, Belle Vue 2 (when they took over Stoke's remaining fixtures following their withdrawal from the league) and Southampton that year. He also made appearances for a Newmarket team (based at a Cambridge grass track), as well as taking part in individual meetings at Bell End (Holbeach) and leading Danny Lee's Team in a challenge match against Ron Clarke's Team at Cowley Stadium, Oxford, in November.
  5. BL65

    1985 Junior Results Barrow/Birmingham

    5th September Sheffield 36 (T Forward 11, J Young 9, M Hepworth 8, D Boocock 8) Cradley Heath 23 (J Bostin 8, P Taylor 8, P Fry 5, N Leaver 2) Halifax 21 (D Clay 10, G Whittaker 8, I Sutcliffe 3, S Quick 0) Wolverhampton 16 (C Cobby 8, A Butt 4, F Killeen 3, A Phillips 1)
  6. BL65

    10 favourite Welsh riders

    Dai was born in Bridgnorth, a town on the River Severn about 35 miles east of the Welsh border and 15 miles west of Wolverhampton.
  7. BL65

    10 favourite Welsh riders

    I have checked the source of the information and it is incorrect, thanks for highlighting it.
  8. BL65

    10 favourite Welsh riders

    I would add the following...… Freddie Williams, Eric Williams, Ian Williams, Ivor Hughes, Tom Oakley, Cyril Francis, Bob Hughes
  9. BL65

    10 favourite British riders

    He could also have mentioned the time he beat Ivan Mauger twice at Cradley Heath in 1970, in heats 11 and 13 of a league match. At that stage Ivan was riding in his 7th meeting of the season and had taken part in 26 races, winning 24, paid for a win behind Soren Sjosten in one race and failing to finish due to machine trouble in the other. A memorable performance by CP.
  10. BL65

    10 favourite British riders

    Brian Brett, Ron How, Bob Andrews, Colin Pratt, Roy Trigg, Ray Wilson, Terry Betts, Peter Craven, Ivor Hughes, Ron Mountford
  11. BL65

    10 Favourite Polish riders.

    Stefan Kwoczala, Andrzej Wyglenda, Antoni Woryna, Andrzej Pogorzelski, Stanislaw Tkocz, Pawel Waloszek, Mieczyslaw Polukard, Edmund Migos, Joachim Maj, Konstanty Pociejkowicz
  12. BL65

    10 favourite Swedish riders

    Tommy Bergqvist, Gote Nordin, Bjorn Knutson, Ove Fundin, Anders Michanek, Lars Jansson, Jan Simensen, Hasse Holmqvist, Olle Nygren, Leif Larsson
  13. BL65

    10 favourite New Zealand riders

    Ronnie Moore, Barry Briggs, Wayne Briggs, Bruce Cribb, Trevor Redmond, Bryce Subritzky, Graham Coombes, Goog Allan, Ron Johnston, Bill Andrew
  14. BL65

    10 favourite Australian riders

    Jack Scott, John Boulger, Jim Airey, Chum Taylor, Peter Moore, Jack Biggs, Peter Vandenberg, Graham Warren, Gordon Guasco, Charlie Monk
  15. BL65

    1948 season new applicants

    It was reported in December 1947 that Clapton was one of the tracks applying for a licence for 1948. Another former track at Nottingham was also hoping to re-open. Although Eastbourne relocated to Hastings for 1948 there had been a report that a new track would be constructed at Hampden Park, near Eastbourne railway station, with Arlington also to remain in operation as a member track of a suggested Sunday league. The proposed new track was to be 380 yards, with a capacity of 15,000. Three other new tracks hoping to operate in 1948 were Romford, Charlton and Mitcham. The Romford track, to be run by Tippy Atkinson, was proposed to be constructed at the football ground, with a capacity of 20,000.

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