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  1. chunky

    Tough times for football clubs

    Should be safe - like your Lions... Blackburn could go down; four matches left, including Coventry, Leeds, and Leicester.
  2. chunky

    Tough times for football clubs

    It seems that more Scottish football clubs were happy to share their stadiums with speedway than South of the border. One of the few I know is Halifax, and of course, they have been out of the EFL for a while now...
  3. And he took was worse than Grubmuller. I always felt that he had potential, though...
  4. Funny thing is, I didn't mention him, as he was around longer. So, I just checked the stats, and Grubmuller actually has better figures than Funk! Didn't realise that...
  5. That must be true; it says so on Wikipedia!!!
  6. I did get to see his compatriot Walter Grubmuller at Plough Lane.
  7. Thing that depresses me - and it's not just with speedway tracks - is the things that have been introduced in my lifetime, and are already obsolete! VCR's, pagers, 8-tracks, teasmades... As far as tracks, off the top of my head, we have Weymouth, Newport, Arena Essex, Milton Keynes (Groveway), Milton Keynes (Elfield Park), Canterbury, Paisley, Reading, Somerset, Camarthen, Boston, Castleford, Doncaster, Cowdenbeath, Linlithgow, Ellesmere Port... None of those existed before I was born. That's without tracks like Bristol Eastville, Scunthorpe Quibell Park and Ashbyville, Berwick Berrington Lough etc...
  8. Shut up, Norman! My first one was Wimbledon v Southampton. Both dead... Bob's first one was Newport v Long Eaton. Both dead... Salty's first one was Cradley v Newport. Both dead... HertsRacer's first one was Yarmouth v Norwich. Both dead... Arnie's first one was Reading v Eastbourne. Both dead... Sadly, I see a theme here... Oh, and checking the riders from your match, pretty sure Tommy Sweetman is still with us.
  9. As far as I know, Peter is still alive.
  10. So, Monday, 5 October, 1970, at Tilehurst for a Challenge Match. Jessup won from Sims, Hammond fell, and Vernam packed up. Reading beat Eastbourne 45-33.
  11. So, Monday, 5 October, 1970, at Tilehurst, for a Challenge Match. Jessup won from Sims, Hammond fell, and Vernam packed up. Reading beat Eastbourne 45-33...
  12. That's impressive... Who are they?
  13. And you posted this on October 23, 2019, in reply to Gustix's identical question! "13th June 1964, Southern League match . Newport 52- Long Eaton 25. Heat 1 Alby Golden, Jon Erskine, Ken Adams, John Mills Time 68.4 secs. Alby broke the track record in this heat." To answer your question, Jon was born on 9 February, 1942, so he's 82. Ken died in 1998, John in 2003 (he was only 60), and Alby in 2004.. As far as I know, my first match was Wimbledon v Southampton on August 13, 1962. Briggo won from Ronnie Moore, Cyril Brine and Dick Bradley. Briggo is still with us. Cyril died in 1988, Ronnie in 2018, and Dick in 2022. Strangely enough, from that meeting, Reg Luckhurst, Bjorn Knutson, and Bob Andrews are all still with us. And here is your comment (on a different thread) from January 29, 2021. "I reckon some of us posters are posting less-maybe old age (say it ain't so). Here's one-we all recall our first meeting, how many of those riders are still with us? Here's mine- Newport 13.6.1964 versus Long Eaton. Newport riders:- Alby Golden (RIP), Jon Erskine, Dick Bradley, Geoff Penniket, Peter Vandenberg (RIP), Vic White, Ray Harris (RIP). Thus 4 Wasp riders are still with us- the grand-daddy is Dick Bradley at 96 and the second oldest World finalist still with us -a fine gent!! Re the visitors- Ken Adams (RIP), John Mills (RIP), Ray Wilson, Norman Storer, Ron Sharp (RIP), Howard Cole -then known as Kid Bodie, K.Vale (RIP)-thus 3 Archers are still with us." Seems like Dick is the only one we've lost since then...
  14. Dammit! I thought I'd mentioned Edwin Youngs... Read the article, Bob...

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