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  1. chunky

    Song Title Game

    Have You Seen Her? - Chi-Lites
  2. I know that lack of a crowd can affect sports like football and darts, where you are surrounded by the crowd and the noise. The adrenaline rush when it comes to motorsports - I believe - will largely negate that. Besides, the crowd doesn't have to be supporting you to make a difference; true competitors will raise their game in front of a hostile crowd too. You can benefit from any kind of atmosphere.
  3. chunky

    Song Title Game

    This Old Heart of Mine (is Weak for You) - Isley Brothers
  4. chunky

    Entertainers First/Surname game

    Terri Clark - singer
  5. chunky

    Song Title Game

    You Can Never Hold Back Spring - Tom Waits
  6. As I said, I am sure not every track could, but which ones, I don't know. 1) Where did I say that a partisan crowd doesn't make a difference? You mentioned some manoeuvres by ONE rider, and again, I think he would ride like that with or without a crowd. 2) We are talking about speedway, not football.
  7. Exactly. That's why I married a foreigner, and live in a foreign country,...
  8. chunky

    The Three Word Game

    and other nasty
  9. chunky

    Entertainers First/Surname game

    Steve Forrest - actor
  10. chunky

    Song Title Game

    You Never Can Tell - Chuck Berry
  11. chunky

    Song Title Game

    Tell Me Why - Beatles
  12. chunky

    Song Title Game

    Sorry, the title is "How Do You Do It?" Therefore, doesn't follow...
  13. chunky

    The Three Word Game

    hundreds and thousands
  14. chunky

    Song Title Game

    I Love How You Love Me - Paris Sisters

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